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If your phone survey software is failing you, start the conversation with Voxco. Survey organizations around the world have maximized their phone survey ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of our CATI software.

Dynamic survey design tools

Our telephone survey design tool is nearly limitless. Easily create highly complex surveys with advanced question types and multiple conditions. Let interviewers switch between multiple languages. Then make survey changes on the go without stopping fieldwork. Define sophisticated calling rules to manage your sampling requirements. Voxco CATI phone survey software makes it easier to set up projects exactly the way you need them.

Integrated telephony system

Unlike most other computer-assisted telephone interviewing software, Voxco CATI can be seamlessly integrated with an entire own telephony system:

  • Voxco Dialer offers automated, manual, or hybrid dialing modes to maximize dialing productivity.
  • Optimize interviewing resources by blending inbound and outbound calls, and improve response rates by using Voxco IVR to handle returned calls.
  • For US clients looking to comply with new FCC regulation, Voxco TCPA Connect offers multiple manual dialing environment scenarios that can be tailored to specific needs.

Manage your telephony projects with a single, integrated phone survey system. Unparalleled efficiency.

Sophisticated fieldwork management tools

In feature comparisons, Voxco CATI software comes out on top. Maximize response rates with fieldwork tools like time zone management, interviewer roles, and smoothing functions. Create sophisticated sets of calling rules tailored to the reality of each study. Real-time productivity dashboards let you assess progress and detect problems in fieldwork, right down to individual interviewer productivity.

Multi-site and remote access flexibility

Reduce your call center’s costs by creating an optimal balance between site locations and home offices. Voxco CATI telephone survey software works across single and multiple call center sites.

With easy, secure remote access your interviewers, home field agents and outsourced interviewers can work from anywhere. Supervisors can safely access their management modules through remote connection.

Seamless multi-channel integration

Manage telephone surveys centrally, from a single platform that’s designed to optimize multi-mode studies. Increase respondent engagement with seamless integration of phone, online and offline survey channels. Maintain productivity with centralized survey data for efficient sample management and results analysis.

Software transition services that minimize downtime

Our team works during off-hours and transitions interviewers and projects in batches to minimize downtime. We’re intimately familiar with competing software, and have fine-tuned our data transfer and survey replication processes to ensure data integrity.

Over 25+ years, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations transition to Voxco CATI from their old providers. Let us help you switch to a better software!

I first bought Voxco CATI at an MR firm and then again when I founded Precision Opinion, where we have 500 seats. I’ve used other data collection software, but no other CATI system is as flexible or robust as Voxco CATI. That’s why we’ve been with Voxco for 15 years.

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