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Call Center Automation Software

Leverage best-in-class call center automation software to transform customer interactions into positive business outcomes. Improve workflow automation to provide seamless customer service with Voxco!

What is Call Center Automation Software?

A call center automation software is a technology used for automating the processes that a call center agent has to perform during a call with a customer. By coming in various forms such as interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distributor (ACD), call center monitors, etc., a call center automation software plays a pivotal role in improving the productivity of the call center. It also helps businesses to effectively manage customers over communication channels like email, phone, live chat, social media, and much more.  

Using a call center automation software can empower brands to market their products or services through outbound calls to their intended audience. By streamlining the tedious processes and making them less complicated, call center automation software can improve the efficiency of the agents. 

What are the types of Call Center Automation Software?

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Cloud-based call center automation software

In this type of call center automation software, the call center is hosted in the cloud which makes it easy to access from any location. As there’s no need to install or download this software, it is considered to be an affordable call center automation system.

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On-premise call center automation software

An on-premise call center automation software comes with a one-time license. Any business that invests in this call center automation software needs to keep its maintenance or upgrade in check. This software is considered to be the most expensive and is mainly preferred by professional call centers. 

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Uncovering the components of Call Center Automation Software

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACDs)

Automatic Call Distribution systems (also known as ACDs) are telephony systems dedicatedly tailored for answering and distributing incoming calls to specific agents within a call center. A contact center is authorized to predefine its distribution mechanism as well as protocols for obtaining the highest levels of productivity. Being an essential feature of call center automation software, ACDs work seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud/virtual call center solutions.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an automated telephony system that enables callers to access information related to their queries easily using a series of pre-recorded messages. Thus, the callers don’t have to speak with a live agent unless absolutely necessary. Using IVR empowers callers with a list of options and they can choose a relevant one by pressing the corresponding button on their phone’s keypad. It is generally used while conducting large-scale CATI surveys to boost agent productivity too. Some advanced IVR tools come up with functionalities like speech recognition which helps callers to answer questions while on the move. 

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Predictive Dialer

Considered to be one of the most essential components of a call center, a predictive dialer is an automated calling system designed especially for outbound calls. By automatically dialing numbers from a contact list, this dialer passes on the call to an agent once a connection gets established. Predictive dialers can be a good fit for seamlessly filtering out voicemails, busy tones, disconnected numbers, etc. 

Skill based Routing

Skill-based Routing

With skill-based routing, your call center automation software ensures that a caller is routed to the right agent who is most qualified to cater to their needs. It uses a set of customized rules for sending calls to specific agents.

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How Voxco can help you make the most of Call Center Automation Software?

Automated Workflow Management

Voxco's exceptional call center solutions offer advanced scheduling options that seamlessly forecast the workload and optimize the call routing to ensure maximum efficiency. The call routing is based on factors such as the agent’s call experience, customer requests, etc.

Integrated Telephony System

Voxco lets you integrate Voxco CATI/IVR and Cloud-dialer with the telephony system of your choice for maximizing the productivity of your call center software. Blend inbound and outbound calls and improve call resolution rates by using our automated, manual, or hybrid dialing modes.

Advanced IVR Setting

With Voxco's advanced IVR settings, it becomes easy for a call center automation software to streamline various tasks such as putting custom on-hold music, generating automatic recap emails, or providing an efficient self-service option.

Insightful Analytics

Voxco’s best-in-class analytics can empower the call center automation software to transform customer feedback into actionable insights. Draft a visual story through that data to understand your customers well. Dive deeper into our analytics software, here.

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Why use Voxco?


Extensive feature set

Voxco cloud-dialer, IVR, and CATI Software are power-packed with powerful and top-notch features such as call blending, flexible quotas, in-call routing, etc.


Higher productivity

By leveraging Voxco’s omnichannel platform, our clients have reported improvements in hourly talk times as well as overall project efficiency (by up to 52 minutes!).


Manual Dialing compliance

Use Voxco TCPA Connect for gaining access to a productivity-enhancing manual dialing environment. Know more about Voxco TCPA here!

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Voxco’s flexible and omnichannel contact center solutions allow you to scale up services to meet the rise in demand quickly.


Single vendor advantage

All you need is single support and licensing agreement with Voxco. So, there are no concerns about compatibility issues that may crop up with other telephonic systems.

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FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions

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Call Center automation software helps call centers optimize agent workload for better agent uptime and smooth customer experience. 

Yes, Call Center Automation Software is used by contact centers for efficient queue management and workload allotment. It forms a universal queue of tasks for all incoming queries. 

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