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Voxco Research Cloud survey software

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Voxco Research Cloud survey software

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Voxco Research Cloud survey software

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See how Global Brands around the world use Voxco

Voxco Research Cloud survey software

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Voxco Research Cloud survey software

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Voxco Research Cloud survey software
Voxco Research Cloud survey software

Knowledge Hub

What is survey software?

Survey software is a type of application that facilitates the designing, deploying, and analysis of surveys. It is a data collection tool that simplifies the process of obtaining feedback by providing organizations with survey tools that enable a frictionless surveying experience. 

Survey software can be used for a range of different purposes, including: 

Customer Feedback: Businesses today rely on customer feedback to provide a good customer experience and to remain competitive within their industry. Customer feedback surveys allow organizations to collect customer feedback regarding a specific goal. 

For instance, if a business wants to measure the levels of customer loyalty among their customer base, they can use the survey software to conduct a Net Promoter Score Survey. 

Employee Satisfaction: As the name suggests, employee satisfaction surveys allow businesses to collect feedback from their workforce to measure and analyze their satisfaction levels in regard to their workplace/organization. 

Such surveys are vital to ensure that employees remain happy because satisfied employees deliver the better output and are also more loyal to their organization.

Market Research: Survey software is commonly used to conduct market research surveys. These surveys are used by businesses to understand different aspects of their target market. This allows them to make customer-centric decisions such as setting the optimal price for their product based on customer feedback. 

Post-event Analysis: Post-event surveys are sent to attendees after an event to measure their satisfaction in regard to the event. This includes post-event surveys sent to attendees after online events such as a webinar or an online conference. 

Different survey software solutions have different feature sets and capabilities. Organizations should aim to select the best survey software based on which solution will best meet their needs and requirements. 

For example, if you require a survey solution that can collect feedback through multiple channels while storing it on a single integrated platform, you will require omnichannel survey software.

What are different types of survey software?

There are two major types of survey software, namely online survey software, and offline survey software. Let’s briefly explore the two: 

1. Online Survey Software 

Online survey software is a tool that allows you to collect actionable insights from survey data through the use of online surveys or forms. They usually take the form of email surveys, website surveys, and social media polls/surveys. 

Online survey software is slightly different from offline survey software which also allows respondents to fill out surveys and forms in the absence of a live internet connection. 

2. Offline Survey Software 

Offline survey software is a tool that facilitates conducting surveys even in the absence of an internet connection. Offline surveys often take the form of surveys conducted face-to-face or through the phone. 

Offline survey software can be more convenient for respondents as it gives them the ability to respond to surveys even without a live or stable internet connection while providing them with all the benefits that an online survey software would.

Features of a Survey Software

Following are some of the key features of survey software: 

1. Survey Templates

Survey software gives you access to pre-built survey templates that simplify the creation and designing of surveys. The software will have a survey template library with commonly used surveys such as the Net Promoter Score survey, Customer Effort Score survey, and Customer Satisfaction Score survey. 

Survey templates quicken the process of creating surveys as you can just select a survey template and customize it to your needs rather than creating a survey from scratch. 

2. Survey Builder

A survey builder is a survey tool that typically uses a drag-and-drop interface for many different tasks such as survey designing, question morphing, and survey previewing. Although it relies on other conditions to set how the survey behaves, the survey builder can create the function and front-end look of the survey. 

3. Multilingual Capabilities

When conducting research on a target audience that speaks multiple languages, it is integral to have a survey tool that has multilingual capabilities. The best survey software will allow you to conduct surveys around the world by simplifying the process of creating surveys in multiple languages, eliminating the need for you to hire translators to create your survey in different languages. 

4. Survey Logic

Survey logic is a feature that allows respondents to automatically skip sections of a survey that aren’t applicable to them. For instance, if a section of your survey is only applicable to respondents of a specific age demographic, those who don’t qualify as a part of this demographic will not be shown this section of the survey; it will be skipped. 

5. Data Analysis

Data analysis is another online survey tool that assists the surveying process. Different survey software has different data analysis capabilities that can range from showing basic summaries to conducting more advanced analysis such as cross-tabulation, weighting, and other multivariate statistical techniques. 

6. Multimedia Support

The best survey software allows you to incorporate multimedia into your survey. This includes media in the form of images, audio clips, and video clips. This is a useful survey tool that allows you to create interesting and interactive surveys that keep respondents engaged.

Why use survey software?

In order to remain competitive, businesses need to constantly collect feedback from their customers. This allows them to optimize their products and services to meet customer expectations. 

Survey software facilitates this data collection and analysis so that businesses can obtain actionable insights that help them improve the end-to-end customer journey. To understand the importance of survey software, let’s take a look at some of its key advantages: 

1. Professional Surveys: The best survey solutions facilitate the creation of professional surveys while simplifying the process of survey creation significantly. 

2. Access to Target Audience: A lot of survey solutions will have an existing network of respondents across different categories such as demography, geography, industry, and profession. When you use such a survey solution, you have access to their network of respondents which can be a huge advantage if you lack an existing pool of respondents.

3. Real-time Feedback: Another advantage is that survey software can analyze and extract insights in real-time, even when working with a complex combination of datasets. 

4. Survey Personalization: Although most survey software has a library of pre-built survey templates, these templates can be customized to meet your requirements. Additionally, the best survey software even allows organizations to brand their surveys. 

5. Cost-Effective: One of the most eminent benefits of survey software is that it is cost-effective and allows surveys to be replicated and distributed at a low cost. 

Additionally, compared to manual surveys, online surveys require a much smaller team of personnel, which further reduces costs.

How to use Survey Software?

Survey software can be used for multiple use cases according to the business requirements. Regular feedback is necessary for any business to stay ahead of its competitors. Here are a few use cases for survey software: 

1. Customer Experience 

Businesses need to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the products or services in order to generate recurring revenue. The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times more than retaining a customer. 

Using survey software to conduct customer experience surveys enables organizations to understand customer perceptions, graph their requirements and strategize to meet their requirements in real-time. 

2. Market Research

Market Research is a crucial part of any business as it provides insights into the competitive landscape, opportunities, and brand perception or makes strategic decisions like entering a new product or market easier. 

Conducting market research surveys using survey software on a regular basis helps organizations keep track of their brand, customer, and competition perception in real-time. 

3. Employee Experience

When employees love the work culture, they contribute more enthusiastically. Keeping a track of employee engagement, sentiment, and satisfaction by conducting regular employee experience surveys using survey software has become a requirement. 

Leaders can deep dive into employee performance and compare it with other metrics to ensure that the churn rate is controlled and the work culture is positive.