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What are real-time dashboards in surveys?

A real-time dashboard is a visual representation of the live data coming from the survey responses. As the survey is live, with respondents still feeding their responses, real-time dashboards update based on the most current data available. 

Real-time dashboards help the researchers to dig out shifting trends and patterns in survey responses. It gives a live monitoring efficiency over the changes in data and its depictions. Live dashboards also make it easier to manage the survey responses. 

Most of the time, the respondent base is huge for your survey, and it becomes almost impossible to track the survey results. With the increase of big data field, capturing and analyzing data has become the key factor to many businesses. Whereas real-time dashboards help you with the same.

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Examples of real-time dashboards

Uses of real-time dashboards in surveys

Surveys are carried out on a basis of providing instant reports or results. Such a requirement can be found when it is a quiz survey or a live poll. The respondents are to be presented with their scores or poll results as the survey is live. In such cases, live dashboards serve the purpose by analyzing the data fed to the tool and showing the results impromptu. 

Along with that, customer feedback can be benefitted from real-time dashboards too. The managers can see the reports generated live from survey respondents and identify the changes and improvements beforehand.

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Advantages of real-time dashboards

  • You can get instant live analysis of survey data through which you can plan the business strategies beforehand. 
  • Sharing results is fast through a live dashboard so that you can build relationships with the participants and boost their survey participation. 
  • While conducting any research through surveys, you get early access to the data and its visual analysis depictions so that you identify study trend in real-time.
  • Real-time dashboards enable you to check your survey progress simultaneously as it is live. You can monitor the survey takers and abandoners.

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