Close the Loop

Deliver the experience your customers crave

✓ Salvage detractors & activate promoters in real-time

✓ Close the experience gap

✓ Bring customer’s voice inside the organization

✓ Seamlessly integrate within Salesforce account

All that you need to Close the Loop -

Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Voxco online account


Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Salesforce account and administrative access

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What can you do with Close the Loop

Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Salvage Detractors

Create a case for detractors and initiate corrective actions to turn them into promoters.

Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Convert Passives into Promoters

Turn your passives into promoters by following up with them and resolving issues that affect their NPS®.
Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Activate Promoters

Follow up with promoters to keep them actively engaged and ensure a smooth experience.

Activate workflows without leaving the Voxco platform

Sync data between the Voxco platform and Salesforce account through a seamless onboarding experience

Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Close the experience gap

Trigger detractors’ NPS® responses with automated alerts created in Salesforce. Take immediate action that the client could appreciate.
Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Follow-up when a stage is updated

Send a survey to clients to better understand the reasons for updates that reach a pre-defined stage. Salesforce opportunity will be updated with the client’s feedback.

Closed-Loop Feedbanck

Automate Survey Distribution

Our survey automation capability allows you to set custom triggers that enable automated survey distribution and eliminate redundant manual work.

Customer reports

Get automated reports

Automatically get a report generated with NPS® data gathered from NPS® survey results and detailed feedback to bring the customer’s voice right inside the organization.

How it works

The inner loop focuses on “training employees” to deliver excellent experiences.

The outer loop focuses on “implementing structural improvements” based on the insights gathered when closing the inner loop.

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