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Tool to track & optimize
customer journeys.

Turn every touchpoint into a positive customer experience using CX surveys. Leverage smart insights to anticipate & embrace customer trends. Create a compelling customer experience.

customer experience tool

Trusted by the Top 50 Market Research firms & 450+ Global Brands in 40+ countries

Create engaging customer experience surveys with ease using Voxco. Trusted by 450+ Global Brands across 40+ countries!

CX/VoC customer experience survey

CX Insights from the Best Brands

See how Amazon, Uber and Apple enhance customer experience at scale

Explore Voxco Online Survey Features

See how Voxco Online Survey Software will be a perfect fit for all your needs!

Maximize NPS Insights

Level up your NPS Data insights analysis. Anticipate industry trends using NPS with our expert webinar

Data analysis and reporting made easy with CX Survey

Why use Voxco's Customer Experience Tool?

Save time & increase productivity

Dynamic dashboards bring data to life

Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

Secure portal to share key findings and results

Visual analytics in one click

survey data analytics customer experience tool

Turn customer touchpoints into positive experiences using powerful logic-driven CX surveys.

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Gather NPS data at important touch-points along the customer journey

Uncover key drivers behind customer loyalty

Know how customers feel about each aspect of your services and offerings

Predict customer behaviour accurately

Powerful Analysis tools to help turn your detractors into promoters

Enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction

Gather & Uncover Customer Insights with Voxco

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Is customer retention becoming a problem? Want to understand your customer's pain points?

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Voxco’s customer experience management software gathers insights using NPS (Net Promoter Score) CSAT (Customer satisfaction) etc. to engage with your customers.

Powerful Customer Experience Surveys with Custom Look & Feel

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Features - Empower your CX with Voxco

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All the standard & advanced question types possible

Benchmark yourself against industry scores

Distribute CX surveys online to a wide range of respondents

Access survey data in real-time

Optimize around individual metrics

Track changes and improvements across services, products along the customer journey

Why you should trust Voxco for CX!

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Maximize respondent reach with comprehensive omnichannel CX surveys.

One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face customer experience surveys.

Check out a responsive survey sample

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Tailor-made hosting options depending on client needs.

Need a SaaS plan or on-premise options for security or privacy reasons? We can do both.

customer experience

Dive deeper into data with dynamic dashboards & analytics.

Drag & drop functionality to create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance.

See Voxco Analytics dashboard

CX/VoC customer experience survey

Best-in-class Premium support, a call or click away

Exceptional support & call center guidance so that you can maximize your efficiency.

Turn every customer touchpoint into a positive experience using powerful logic-driven CX surveys

Want to get the most from your CX? Here's how you can use NPS Survey Software to get insights into customer behavior and turn negative feedback around.

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