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Turn every touchpoint into a positive customer experience using CX surveys. Leverage smart insights to anticipate & embrace customer trends. Create a compelling customer experience.

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Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required

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Intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your survey


A question type for every methodology


Reporting simplified with a centralized SQL database


Create beautiful surveys by using drag and drop functionality


Engage respondents anywhere & anytime and on any device

Create engaging customer experience surveys with ease using Voxco. Trusted by 450+ Global Brands across 40+ countries!

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Maximize NPS® Insights

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Save time & increase productivity

Dynamic dashboards bring data to life

Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

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Turn customer touchpoints into positive experiences using powerful logic-driven CX surveys.

Gather NPS® data at important touch-points along the customer journey Uncover key drivers behind customer loyalty Know how customers feel about each aspect of your services and offerings Predict customer behaviour accurately Powerful Analysis tools to help turn your detractors into promoters Enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction

Is customer retention becoming a problem? Want to understand your customer's pain points?


Voxco’s customer experience management software gathers insights using NPS® (Net Promoter Score® ) CSAT (Customer satisfaction) etc. to engage with your customers.

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Features - Empower your CX with Voxco

All the standard & advanced question types possible

Benchmark yourself against industry scores

Distribute CX surveys online to a wide range of respondents

Access survey data in real-time

Optimize around individual metrics

Track changes and improvements across services, products along the customer journey

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Omnichannel reach

Maximize respondent reach with comprehensive omnichannel CX surveys.

One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face customer experience surveys.

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Powerful dashboards

Dive deeper into data with dynamic dashboards & analytics.

Drag & drop functionality to create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance.

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Tailor-made hosting options depending on client needs.

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Turn every customer touchpoint into a positive experience using powerful logic-driven CX surveys

Want to get the most from your CX? Here’s how you can use NPS® Survey Software to get insights into customer behavior and turn negative feedback around.

What is Customer Experience Software?

Customer Experience Software is a cloud or on-premise solution that can be used to understand customer demands, preferences, pain points, and other determining factors. Knowledge about these factors can help teams to make necessary changes and improvements in the customer journey to provide an exceptional customer experience.

With dedicated customer experience (CX) software, CX professionals can analyze customer interactions across channels, get a single overview of customer satisfaction and develop informative customer profiles to provide relevant customer support. 

Customer Experience tools offer great functionalities to help you deliver a positive customer experience. 

What are the features of Customer Experience Software ?

A customer experience management software should be well equipped with powerful features to transform customer experience for your business. Here are some of the features that you should definitely look for before selecting your customer experience software :

Omnichannel customer experience platform

An omnichannel platform ensures that your customers have a seamless experience across all channels. The omnichannel customer experience software maintains the flow of information and remains consistent across all the communication channels. It ensures that customers have more channels to interact with you. It also saves from the mishaps of missing data during interaction with customers. This helps your service agents to provide a consistent experience to the customers. 

An omnichannel customer experience tool ensures that customers interact with the same service rep after changing communication channels. Also, it ensures that the data provided by the customer is passed onto the next service rep and the customer does not have to repeat themselves all over again.

Strong in-built analytical suite

Every CX software claims to create surveys and distribute it amongst your customers but collecting all the data is meaningless without data analysis. Coupled with analytical tools, a CX software can offer customer experience professionals an additional set of tools to convert customer data into meaningful insights. 

The most advanced customer experience management software offer live dashboard, custom reports, one-click summaries, quick cross tabs and advanced statistical analysis tools to conduct further analysis. With these, also make sure to check if there is a secure portal to share all the analysis within the relevant stakeholders. 

Responsive Surveys

Responsive Surveys

With the increasing use of mobiles to conduct all the transactions, it makes sense to optimize your surveys for mobile screens along with desktop. Most of the customer experience softwares offer this feature, so there is no requirement to tweak the customer experience survey design to fit the different screens. 

Responsive surveys help researchers collect customer experience data from multiple devices.

What is the importance of using the right CX software?

With every company competing on the basis of Customer Experience, you cannot settle for just a well-enough customer experience. Moreover, your company also needs to meet the requirements of the evolving market. For this reason, you need more than a system and tools that fit your company’s needs. 

You need Customer Experience tools that can keep up with the technological advancements and help you stay in the competition for the long run. 

You need Customer Experience tools that can transform your prospects into loyal customers and promoters. Your loyal customers bring more sales and brand advocacy. 

Your company requires customer experience tools that are appropriate for your business goals as well as perfect for the market landscape.

What is the importance of using the right CX software?

There are softwares offering a wide variety of customer experience tools. In order to optimize customer experience, you need tools that can help you gather and analyze customer insight on their experience and satisfaction. You can refer to the list of tools we have compiled that can help you

To conduct Customer experience Surveys – Experience and Satisfaction

Customer experience and satisfaction surveys provide qualitative and quantitative data that can uncover important information about how your customers feel. The best way to know if you are providing an excellent experience or not is by asking customers directly. Customer experience tools can be used to distribute engaging customer experience surveys to gather insights about specific issues. You can send a customer experience survey post-purchase, in the middle of using a service, after webinars, or after interaction with a service agent. You can build a CSAT (customer satisfaction) survey, NPS®  survey, or a CES (customer effort score) survey to gain actionable insight that can help you optimize the customer experience.

To monitor social media activities of customers

Social Media monitoring gives you the ability to listen to what users are saying about your company, its products, and services. You can engage with the users, respond to negative feedback and learn from the insightful feedback. 

A customer experience platform can help you in social media monitoring to identify the customer’s preferred channel of communication. Knowing which channel is convenient for your customers you can optimize their experience on the digital channel. 

Using customer experience tools help you identify current market trends, customer perceptions and identify opportunity gaps that can benefit your brand. 

To develop a customer experience platform:

A customer Data Platform is a system that records customer data from different sources in a central place. The data is then available and accessible by other software or systems. CDP captures real-time data and builds centralized customer profiles. 

CDP collects and integrates data online as well as offline sources and converts the heterogeneous data into standardized data. Customer Data Platform collects data from sources that include: 

  • Customer’s browsing activity, website, or app activities
  • Transactional data like purchases, returns, etc.
  • Customer and company history like interaction with customer service, social media posts, chatbots, surveys, etc.
  • CRM and Data Management Platform

With the real-time data in the individual customer profiles, you can send customers offers, deals, or customize their journey according to their preferences.

How to improve customer experience with the latest tools?

A CX software can help organizations keep a track of customer preferences in real time. With a complete overview of customer journey, customer experience software provides organizations with an action plan to enhance customer experience. Here’s how you can use customer experience management software to improve customer experience: 

Improve Customer Engagement

You can integrate customer experience on your website or app to target those who are regular users of these platforms. With regular customer experience surveys, you can learn the pain points of the customers. With an improvement in app and website experience, the likelihood of customers returning to complete their customer journey also increases. 

You can ask customers about key touchpoints to figure out if customers have difficulty completing the touchpoint. For example, you can ask if they can find the correct product when they search for some product. Or, if they can find their preferred payment method. Website page loading also influences a user’s impression of the company. You can add customer experience surveys on your website and app to gain in-depth information about their experience on key touchpoints. 

Build customer journeys

Organizations can use customer experience software to monitor and examine major touchpoints in a customer journey that impact the customer experience. The customer experience platform equipped with analytics tools can help you keep track of your website traffic and help you understand key metrics like traffic rates, average time on page, traffic sources, bounce rates, etc. Analytics can also help you identify the gap in expected experience and delivered experience. You can use the insight to bridge the gap and improve customer experience.

With efficient customer journey mapping, your team can understand the customer pain points, their likes and dislikes along with their buying journey. With click mapping and funnel analysis, a CX software can help you identify the strategic opportunities to focus on. 

Collect Real-time customer feedback

Customer experience surveys can help customers to leave you comments whenever they want. You can create an always-present feedback form on your website or app that customers can use to share their thoughts with you whenever they want. 

These mediums allow your customers to contact you and share their opinion, suggestions, criticism, praise, or any other thoughts. This type of customer experience tool not only helps customers share the difficulties they face with your brand right away but also enables you to resolve the issue sooner. 

Customer feedback mediums as a part of a customer experience management software  are a simple and fast way to gather customer insight. These mediums are always present which means neither customers nor you have to wait for a customer experience survey to learn about customer experience.

Customer Experience Management Solutions by Voxco

Voxco omnichannel CX software can be used by organizations as a dedicated customer experience management software to reduce customer barriers and deliver seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Get holistic view of customers

Voxco allows organizations to track customer emotion and satisfaction across every customer interaction. With advanced reporting and real-time insight generations, teams can identify customer satisfaction by channel, persona or any other variable of choice. With proper segmentation, Voxco’s customer experience platform allows teams to target customers with relevant offers and content, thus improving customer engagement. With predictive NPS® analysis, teams can strategize to target unhappy customers and turn them into promoters with customer experience programs.

Measure Real Time Customer Experience Management

Voxco’s customer experience software tracks customer sentiments in real time with auto-triggering customer experience surveys. Whenever a customer interacts with the brand, an immediate short survey is triggered to reach the customer by their preferred mode of channel (phone, SMS or email). With such real time feedback collection, it becomes easy to track customer satisfaction, identify major customers at risk and strategize to improve personalized customer experience for them.

Improve Customer Experience with Voxco

Voxco’s customer experience software is equipped with a rich feature set for CX professionals to measure, monitor, analyze and strategize to enhance customer experience. Voxco makes it easy for teams to collect feedback with omnichannel customer experience survey distribution across phone, online and offline channels. The strong robust analytical suite allows teams to analyze and identify bottlenecks in customer buying journey at a granular level. With one click summaries, live dashboards and statistical analysis tools like (regression, anova, t-tests, cross tabs, pivot tables and more). With drag and drop survey builder, teams can build engaging and responsive customer experience surveys with more than 100+ question types to choose from. On top of it, Voxco provides multilingual global support if you face any issues during any step. 

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