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What is a call management system

A call management system (CMS) is a VoIP enabled service or software solution that can help your business meet its telephony goals. It can help organizations manage their inbound and outbound calls. Call management systems can be integrated with IVR and CATI software tools and automatic call distributors as well. Companies can route calls based on predefined criteria.

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See what question types are possible with a sample survey!

Why is a call management system important?

The average customer hangs up after 2 minutes, with the average hold time being 56 seconds. Dropped calls are lost business and a metric by which your customer experience is gauged. 

Call management systems can help manage large volumes of customers. CMS can allow businesses to offer more personalized caller experiences. It also helps boost the overall efficiency of your call handling process. With the right Automatic Call Distributor setup, your calls will be assigned to the most qualified agent available.

Deliver more with Voxco’s Call Management system

Inbound call management

Inbound call management

Easily manage incoming calls - whether they’re for surveys, support or sales. Route your callers via a comprehensive IVR software system capable of gathering insights via self-complete surveys. Customize your inbound call management system to route calls based on interviewer availability and qualification.

Outbound call management

Outbound call management

Make fresh calls to prospects, follow up on dropped calls and call requests or reach out to potential respondents to surveys. Powerful auto dialing capabilities allow you to maximize agent productivity. Voxco’s TCPA compliant dialer ensures that you never run afoul of regulations.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Gather customer data and metadata, as well as statistics about your agents to uncover insights into your customer experience as well as your operational performance.

Live call monitoring

Live call monitoring

Voxco’s omnichannel call management system allows your supervisors to easily monitor calls with varying degrees of interaction with agents and take charge whenever necessary. Track key metrics for agent performance like average talk time, average waiting time, number of calls answered and more.

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Voxco CATI

Powerful phone survey software with advanced telephony features for contact centers of call centers of all sizes

Voxco IVR

Automated interactive voice response survey software with auto call detector, advanced call routing system & manual TCPA compliance.

Voxco Dialer

Power, Predictive, Preview and Hybrid modes. Tailor your dialling method to each project.

Survey organizations around the world have maximized their phone survey ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of our CATI software.

Call management system implementations

Survey research

Survey research

Telephony based surveys using IVR and CATI survey software can be an incredible source for insights into what your customers really want from your brand. Call management systems help maintain high productivity levels for your surveys. Respondents can partake in self complete IVR surveys or in a live interview with an agent who guides them through the process.

Customer support call centers 1

Customer support call centers

Boost call center productivity for your support teams and improve customer experience. Reduce waiting times for customers and direct them to only agents who have the necessary qualifications and experience to deal with their concerns.



Improve sales teams performance with call management systems. Leverage a suite of coaching and observational tools to ensure that your sales agents are approaching the right customers in a manner that sets them up for success.

Voxco Call management system features

Sophisticated sample & call management

  • Set agent roles based on customizable criteria (e.g. agents who are high converters, or according to skill or experience)
  • Distribute callers using Automatic Call Distributors according to agent role or qualification(for example – based on language spoken, or their local region, etc.)
  • Prioritize which cases can be called
  • Customizable agent quotas & quota weighting which can be changed on the fly
  • Quota smoothing rules to rebalance progress
  • Time slots – to maximize the possibility of reaching respondents for survey research
  • Time zone management (including adjustments for daylight savings time)
  • Sophisticated and customizable call-back rule management (based on last call outcome, sequence of last outcomes, and more such criteria)
  • Allow agents to Individually set call-back appointments
  • Easily modify calling rules at any time

Advanced survey and research design capabilities

  • All question types you need (single or multiple, alpha-numeric, open-ended questions, and more)
  • Custom question layout using templates or your own custom programming based on your requirements
  • Extensive logic functions (randomize questions and choices, nested rotations, etc.)
  • Dynamic question options (insert custom elements or text, choice exclusion, rotate items, etc.)
  • Sophisticated piping, branching, skipping (based on your customized logic)
  • Advanced computation functionality
  • Custom Validations & calculations to ensure better quality data
  • Programmable custom logic
  • Multilingual capabilities even within one survey or project (up to 99 languages)
  • Test and simulation mode to verify questionnaire feel and functionality

Better quality control and monitoring

  • Live audio monitoring – Supervisors and trainees can listen to calls for training or QA or coaching purposes
  • Record full or partial phone interviews – client compliance, open-ended answers, future training purposes and more
  • Play audio files to respondents (for example-  jingles, their own previous answers or commands, etc.)
  • Set custom recording commands
  • Whisper mode in monitoring to let a manager or supervisor speak with the agent in call without the caller hearing
  • Join mode for supervisors to enter a conversation with the agent and the caller in conference
  • Powerful and intuitive dashboards: get live statistics on lines, agents, projects
  • Fully customizable alerts on specific performance criteria which is key to your goals
  • Reporting capability on call metrics according to your information needs (Works with Voxco dialer and CATI Software)

Enhanced call efficiency

  • Automated dialing to reduce agent workload and improve productivity levels
  • Calling algorithm which can be easily customized for market or social research
  • Automatic call detection and coding of expected outcomes (answering machines/voicemail, busy tones, no answer, and more)
  • Can allow supervisors customize the balance between productivity & drop rate
  • Extended interview and calling capabilities (call conference, transfer out, recording and playback)
  • Compatible with multiple site setup for remote/ work at home agents
  • Call blending for outbound and inbound calls with Voxco IVR tools.
Voxco Call management

Why Voxco for your call management system requirements?

Omnichannel reach

Omnichannel reach

Blend data from calls, online feedback and face to face interactions to create a truly holistic picture about any topic important to you. Voxco can help you gather feedback and manage customer satisfaction across all channels.

Best in class support

Best in class support

Voxco’s premium support and service can help you set up your call management system or port your existing preferences onto our platform with minimal downtime.

Better analytics

Better analytics

Voxco’s powerful analytics software can help you analyze trends and patterns in your call behavior. Uncover insights that help improve organizational productivity.

Powerful dashboards

Powerful dashboards

Relay important information to key stakeholders with intuitive dashboards and powerful reporting capabilities. Create customizable reports which show the right information to the right person.

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See what question types are possible with a sample survey!

Call management system FAQs

It can be described as a service or software which helps businesses manage their call volume in an organized manner.

That depends on the purview of your CMS provider. Powerful call management systems can help balance inbound and outbound calls for maximum efficiency gains.

Platforms like Voxco include call management systems with their telephony solutions, not requiring any additional expense from the user.

Call management system FAQs
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