Survey fieldwork tools

Voxco CATI phone survey software

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Boost field productivity with a more sophisticated system

Voxco Dialer provides many tools to help you manage and improve the quality of your interview process.

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Refined sample management tools

Almost unlimited strata and quotas.

Define sample strata by up to 5,000 criteria.

Sample smoothing function.

Set smoothing rules to rebalance uneven progress in your fieldwork, then shift interviewers to areas that need them most.

Easily set complex calling rules

complex calling algorithms enable you to define the sequence and priority in which categories of interview cases are to be called.

Time zone management.

Set calling rules based on 75 international time zones.

Schedule patterns that optimize response rates.

Use Calendar to set the project start, end, and major milestones. Shifts to schedule optimal call-back times based on call center hours. Time slots to define dialing patterns based on specific criteria.

Apply interviewer roles.

Set roles based on factors such as language, region, sample aspects, or success as a refusal converter. Assign interviewers one or more roles and dispatch interview cases based on role profiles.

Modify at any time.

Change call rules as needed without interrupting fieldwork.

Survey fieldwork tools

Built-in project productivity monitoring

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Live productivity dashboards.

Closely monitor the progress of your telephone survey project and make immediate interviewing and recruitment adjustments for study success.

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Built-in productivity reports.

Easily and quickly create productivity reports in a variety of dimensions pertaining to Operations and Productivity, Survey and Field Data, and Agent Monitoring.

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Customizable reports and views.

Use SQL to create custom views and progress reports from any data in your study. Voxco Dataview lets you create dashboards for end-users.

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Robust interviewer supervision tools

Visual screen monitoring.

Ensure that interviewers are completing the phone surveys as intended. Watch live and learn if any additional training is required or if interviewers seem to trip up on parts of the study.

Real-time messaging.

Take action immediately when an interviewer makes a mistake or is taking too long. Real-time messaging lets you instantly contact an individual interviewer to keep the interview moving as intended.

Audio monitoring and recording.

Integrate Voxco CATI with Voxco Dialer to unlock the power of live audio monitoring and programmable call recording. Record all or part of interviews per project requirements, and pause/play recording as desired.