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What is CSS customization?

Survey creators can customize their pages through available colors, themes, etc. options. Most of the online survey software provide the feature to customize the surveys with easily interactive UI features. Although, another way of customizing your survey according to your brand is through CSS manipulation.

CSS customization is a feature that enables you to make use of programming languages like HTML and CSS, that focus on the look and feel of the web pages, and personalize your survey accordingly. With hardcore editing in CSS, the survey creator can use colors and themes that were not in the default options as well. This helps them to create a survey which best represents the brand’s aesthetics to resemble in the survey. 

Most of the market researchers belonging to specific organizations make use of CSS customization in their surveys to deliberately match its colors, themes, background and other factors to those of the brands.

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Uses of CSS customization

When we talk about customizing the CSS, most of the survey platforms provide the easy to select from the available default colors and themes, various fonts, and styles. But that still limits the creativity of the survey creator to those default features. 

With CSS customization, you can actually open access to a whole lot of colors and themes there are, and make the survey look as personalized as possible. The more customized your survey is to resemble your brand; the more people are going to relate and connect to your brand through the surveys.

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Advantages of CSS customization

  • With utmost customization using CSS, it becomes easy for people to relate the survey to your brand and create a notion in them that their opinions are being considered by the brand itself. 
  • With direct CSS editing, you get more sharper and accurate surveys as possible. It creates a familiarity with the respondents to take the survey seriously. 
  • With better survey aesthetics and setup, respondents feel the need to answer your survey. Thus increasing the response rates.

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