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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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Identify promoters, detractors, and passives. Analyze market trends, benchmark factors for a good NPS, and track progress.

How does the NPS Dashboard Work

Voxco’s NPS dashboard pulls all the data from your survey and it in different charts- NPS score chart, Distribution chart, NPS Trend chart, and Sentiment Analysis chart

NPS Score Chart

View your NPS score and the percentage of promoters, detractors, and passives in one place. 

The NPS chart (donut graph) breaks up the total responses into each of the categories enabling you to see at a glance how well your product or business is performing.​ It only accepts responses that are complete.​

NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard
NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

Distribution Chart

Analyze the number of promoters, detractors, and passives.

Once the responses start rolling in, the distribution chart (bar graphs) shows the percentage of Detractors (red), Passives (blue) and Promoters (green). Under it, is the detailed response distribution for the 11 possible scores. ​

NPS Trend Chart

Track NPS score along with respective responses to detect general trends over time.​

In the NPS Trend chart, the left Y-axis depicts the NPS with a line and the right Y-axis depicts the responses with bars.​ The data would is displayed on a monthly timeframe.

NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard
NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

Sentiment Analysis Chart

See the top 20 responses automatically pulled into the dashboard and analyze sentiments.

The Sentiment Anlysis chart allows you to view the top 20 feedback responses collected from a survey. It also allows you to navigate to the Text Analysis dashboard for a thorough sentiment analysis with a single click.

Dynamic Reporting

Get a complete overview of your NPS in excel

You can easily download all the reports by simply clicking on the ‘Export’ button located at the top right corner of the NPS dashboard including the NPS score chart, the Distribution chart, NPS Trend, and the Sentiment Analysis chart (which displays overall sentiment, the total number of responses, number of negative responses, number of positive responses, and number of neutral responses).

NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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NPS Dashboard NPS Dashboard

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