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What is Skip logic and branching?

Skip logic and branching is a powerful feature used for changing a question or page that respondents view after answering a particular question. By empowering respondents to skip questions or pages and moving on to another, this feature is also known as ‘branch logic’ or ‘conditional branching’. Depending on the rules that you predefine for the respondents, skip logic helps you offer them a custom path based on the answer options they choose. This exceptional survey feature lets you display relevant questions to the respondents while controlling the survey flow. 

Example of Skip logic and branching

A travel agency is conducting a survey to finalize their travel packages. Here’s the survey format: 

Survey question 05

Based on the answer given in this question, the next questions will pop up. For the 2nd and 3rd answer options, the respondents will get the following question:

Survey question 06

But in the first question, if the respondent answers the first option (i.e. ‘never’), the following question will be presented next:

Survey question 07

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Where is Skip logic and branching used?

Do you want your respondents to see irrelevant questions? Need a survey that can effortlessly tailor to your respondents’ needs? No matter if you’re gathering product feedback, or analyzing employee satisfaction, or planning a new launch, skip logic plays a crucial role in getting the right answers while saving your (and your respondents’) time! With the ability to change questions that a respondent will view after answering a specific question, skip logics help you simplify your surveys and makes them less confusing.

Using Skip logics can prove to be highly effective in case of new product launches. By delving deeper into the viewpoints of your target audience, it helps to know them better and makes the process of extracting insights more seamless. It also lets entrepreneurs create best-in-class employee satisfaction surveys to uncover every touchpoint in the employee journeys. While the experience of every employee is different from another, skip logic and branching helps to ask them the right set of questions. As it helps to gain actionable insights into the behavior and preferences of your target audience, it plays a crucial role in concept testing too.

What are the advantages of using Skip logic and branching?

Faster Survey Completion: While answering a survey, respondents hate to answer questions that are irrelevant to them. Using skip logic and branching, respondents get to answer relevant questions only. This boosts the survey completion time to a great extent. As there is a limited number of questions to answer, respondents do not get frustrated before finishing it. 

Better Personalized Experience: Leveraging skip logic and branching refines the survey structure and delivers a sense of personalization to the respondents. When respondents get to answer questions that resonate with them, they feel more valued and happily participate in the survey. So, using skip logic and branching helps to deliver a consistent personalized experience. 

Few Dropouts: With skip logic and branching, irrelevant questions get skipped and the respondents are redirected to the next relevant question. This helps to keep the respondents engaged by offering them what they like. As respondents answer the survey with full vigor, the survey dropout rate is immensely decreased. 

Insightful Data: With relevant questions being asked at every stage, the responses collected are highly accurate and can be used to uncover actionable insights that are ideal for business success.

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