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Significance of Question Library

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Surveys are an invaluable tool for collecting data, however, the effectiveness of your survey largely depends on the quality of your survey  questions. This is where a survey question library comes into play. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of a question library in survey success, understand what it is, and delve into its benefits.

What is a question library?

Sometimes, surveys are conducted frequently related to the same topic. There might be some questions that are asked every time a new survey is deployed. A question library acts as a personal library where you can add questions that are frequently used in the surveys. It acts as one place for all the important and repetitive questions.

You can choose questions from your own question library and include it in your surveys. This way, you don’t have to keep framing the same questions again and again.

Simply put, this survey feature is a repository of pre-designed survey questions which you can categorize, organize, and standardize to streamline the survey creation process. Instead of reinventing survey content with each new survey, you can draw questions from the library to save time and ensure consistency.

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Example of question library

Let’s say a company sells a product and conducts routine feedbacks with its customers. Every survey asks basic demographic questions like their name, gender, contact etc. In such cases, a question library can be maintained having all these frequently asked questions. It would look something like this:

Uses of a question library in surveys

Surveys that are conducted regularly, might have changes in questions here and there. But most of them remain the same. Example, you make it a practice to collect the name and email of respondents in every survey regardless of the research topic. In such a case, you can create a question library personalized for fixed demographic questions that you frequently need. 

This way, you don’t have to search for the same questions again and again, and avoid framing them all over again for all the surveys. Your question library possesses your personalized collection of regularly used questions.

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Advantages of having a question library

  • Question libraries help you to cut through the chase of framing the same questions every time you design a survey. This saves a lot of time, which can be utilized elsewhere. 
  • Multiple people can work on creating surveys. When you have predefined questions in your library, any other person can easily access the questions and get those frequently asked questions.
  • A generic question library like demographic one, can be used by any department to create their survey. This way, the use of question libraries is stretched over the organization, ultimately saving everyone’s time and efforts.

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Common challenges without a question library

Without a survey question library, creating a survey can be an error-prone process. Here are some challenges you might encounter. 

  • Questions across your survey campaigns may vary in format, style, and wording, leading to confusion for respondents and data inconsistencies. 
  • You will spend more time creating and revising questions for each new survey, decreasing productivity. 
  • A thoughtful library of survey questions can help ensure you don’t use biased questions. 
  • When you are working with a team, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent approach to survey design.

How to build your question library?

Here are three factors you need to consider when creating a survey question library.

1. Define question category: 

Start by categorizing your survey questions based on topics. This will help you organize the library and make it easier to locate specific questions.

2. Determine question types: 

Decide the types of questions you want to include in your library for survey questions to tailor the selection to your needs. 

3. Develop standardzied format: 

Establish guidelines for the format of your survey questions, including language style, response options, wording, etc. Maintain consistency in formatting to ensure data quality.

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By creating and maintaining a well-structured question library, you are streamlining the survey process and also elevating the quality of the data you gather. In this fast-paced world, where customer preference is frequently changing, a question library can help you launch survey faster and gather valuable insights.

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