Provide Quality Care with Patient Experience Software

Voxco enables you to gain a holistic view of patient experience so you can exceed patient expectations & drive retention and cost optimization with the AI-enabled Patient Experience Software. 

Innovative healthcare analytics

✓ Aligned physical & virtual health care 

✓ Extensive patient health data 

✓ Real-time patient intelligence

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Trusted by 500+ organizations in over 40 countries

Voxco has been empowering healthcare organizations to improve patient experience since 1976 with the leading Patient Experience Software.

Voxco for Healthcare Industry HEALTH INDUSTRY

Secure your Patient’s Journey

Go beyond patient surveys. Gain a complete understanding of what matters to your patent & make every interaction worthwhile. 

Voxco’s Patient Experience Software enables you to unlock the power of data & deliver patient-centered quality care while securing patients’ health data.

Have control over patient data

Voxco gives you total control over patient data with its on-premise hosting facility.

Comply with healthcare regulation 

You can now create engaging, multilingual non-HCAHPS web surveys with sophisticated logic to go beyond simplistic HCAHPS scores.

Integrated patient experience software

One integrated platform for phone, web & face-to-face healthcare surveys. 

Outreach calls, welcome calls, & patient satisfaction surveys are a breeze with our TCPA compliant Voxco dialer.

Create Patient-centered Experiences

Capture patient feedback

Gather how patients feel about the service, staff, doctors, hygiene, and more to determine the quality of the care with our experience platform for healthcare.

Integrate patient data 

From patient’s history to transactions & interactions, unify all fragmented data to create a complete view of individual patients without leaving our patient experience software.


With a 360 view of patients deploy advanced analytics, AI & ML to understand pain points in the patient experience and deliver an exceptional experience to retain them.


Our engagement platform for healthcare allows you to tailor healthcare approaches & communicate with patients to ensure that they receive personalized care that meets their needs to reduce re-admission for specific cases.

Capture employee experience 

Leverage engagement software for healthcare to solicit employee feedback to uncover key drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction to improve work culture and create a sense of belonging.

Reduce work-lag 

Equip teams with a unified view of patient data to enable them to find the information they need irrespective of their department & encourage collaboration.

Discover health risks 

Arm care providers with AI & ML to conduct root-cause diagnoses & predict risk scores to inform patients of potential genetic diseases and prevent other ailments.

Alert the caregivers 

Automate alerts on average or below average care quality to take proactive actions in real-time to drive change in the healthcare services.

Offer Breakthrough Patient Experience

Stay in touch with patients 

Use phone capabilities or face-to-face interview functionality to keep patients engaged. Conduct health risk assessment, follow-up call after discharge, or regular health check-up when patients are unable to visit the facility.

Drive operational improvement 

Adopt powerful analytics that provides recommended actions to deliver quality service and enhance patient experience at every point of their healthcare journey.

Voxco for Healthcare Industry HEALTH INDUSTRY

KIMS uses Image Analytics for cancer detection and improves diagnosis accuracy by 96%.

Voxco for Healthcare Industry HEALTH INDUSTRY

DG Solutions uses Voxco CATI to deliver target outreach programs to its patients & members.


What is patient experience software?

Patient experience software is a survey – analytics platform that enables healthcare organizations to gather patients’ feedback, understand their needs and gauge their satisfaction in order to improve the quality of care provided.

Why do you need a Patient Experience Software?

Experience software for healthcare such as Voxco’s helps you integrate the experiential data with the operational data and analyze them to uncover actionable insights. With the patients’ insight, you can optimize the healthcare operations to meet the needs of every patient and enhance the healthcare experience.

How does a patient experience software help a healthcare organization?

With intelligent patient experience software, you can not only gather feedback but also make sense of patients’ sentiments. You can monitor the quality of services offered and strive to improve it with reliable and accurate data. 

  • Collect feedback anytime – anywhere: Experience software for healthcare allows you to gather patient feedback via channels the patient prefers. You can use offline surveys to gather feedback at remote, internet-free locations, and send emails or SMS right after a session. 
  • Engage care providers: With an AI-led engagement platform for healthcare, give care providers access to patient data, set real-time alerts and send the right feedback to the right team for immediate action. 
  • Improve patient experience: With an in-depth view of patient experience take quick action to bridge the experience gap and close the loop to prevent patients from churning.