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Scale social research with omnichannel survey tools & powerful analytics

  • Overcome social research bottlenecks
  • Maximize social impact
Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research
Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research

Voxco is the leading insights platform that combines omnichannel software and powerful analytics for researchers. 

We empower social scientists and researchers worldwide with a robust and fully integrated insights platform to tackle the most sophisticated of research and data collection requirements.

With over 45 years of experience servicing the social research space, Voxco’s platform is both robust and flexible, supporting complex sampling strategies and sophisticated programming needs. Our social research software is built to manage data of varying volumes and complexity.

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Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research

Deliver meaningful and impactful change through data

Quantify and measure what truly matters with robust social research software

Gather omnichannel survey feedback

Voxco’s multimodal platform offers multiple survey methods which allow you to switch seamlessly from one mode to another in one centralized platform. Whether you’re gauging public opinion or studying demographic and psychographic cohorts, Voxco will help you get the data you need – fast.

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Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research

Visualize data like never before

Make data more meaningful and actionable through quick, effective cross-tabulations and customized reports and dashboards for your stakeholders. Conducting social research effectively requires a powerful solution, and with Voxco’s omnichannel platform at your disposal – you’re equipped to not only gather large volumes of data but quickly and efficiently analyze data for actionable insights.

Acquire actionable insights

Remote or off-the-grid locations, a target audience that isn’t always reachable, or millennials who are always online: no matter the research requirements, Voxco’s mobile offline software for social science research empowers you to uncover the insights you need – no internet necessary.

Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research
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Uncover insights that fuel growth

Data is good. Powerful analytical tools that can help you gain insights from your data are even better. Voxco gives you both a truly seamless omnichannel solution.

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Deliver more impact at-scale

Prioritize organizational initiatives and resources that further your cause with Voxco’s social research software

  • Listen to your audience through multiple feedback channels
  • Empower your teams with actionable insights
  • Identify improvement areas with AI-powered analytics
  • Anticipate social needs and prioritize causes
  • Optimize critical touchpoints
  • Drive change by acting on feedback and streamlining processes
Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research

Diagnose root causes

Analyze comments, feedback, reviews, and other text to understand the story behind quantitative results. Our text analytics analyze sentiments and allow you to drill down and read verbatims.

Increases Operational Efficiency

Build efficiency

Spend more time learning and less time managing data and reports. From insights reports to automated alerts, role-specific dashboards, and permission-based data access, everything runs on auto-pilot.

Voxco for Social Research Voxco for Social Research

Measure the impact 

Measure the impact of initiatives with real-time insights. Design and track A/B tests using customer experience metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Research Software

1. What is social research?

Social research helps you study various social phenomena such as social structure, attitudes, culture, beliefs, values, etc. It enables you to understand better human behavior and its relation to the social system and cultural phenomena. 

Social science research allows you to gain insights into a wide range of fields, such as sociology, political science, economics, psychology, and more. It helps a researcher identify social problems, such as inequality, poverty, discrimination, and racism.

Using survey software for social science research, you can gather, analyze, and interpret data to understand social structures and relationships. 

What are the benefits of leveraging social research software?

Social research helps you identify and learn the reasons behind human behavior, attitudes, values, and beliefs. Here are some benefits of social research software. 

  1. Reach a wider population: 

Social research software enables you to conduct research using various methods like surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The platform offers you multiple modes to reach a wider population across the world. 

  • Using online surveys, you can reach demonstrate and international audiences and survey them in their preferred language. 
  • The older generation often prefers phone over online surveys. So, leverage phone surveys to have a meaningful conversation and gather reliable insights. 
  • Read at-risk or marginalized population using offline surveys. Go out in the field and interview the audience using the flexibility of mobile-offline survey tools. 
  1. Evaluate and inform programs and public policies: 

Using software for social science research helps you gather the honest opinion of the target population on public policies and programs. It enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of the policies, programs, and interventions aimed at improving social conditions from their perspective. 

  1. Gathering insights for societal growth:

Social research can help you learn from diverse groups of people about human behavior and society. You can learn the impact of cultural beliefs on human attitudes and values. It can help you identify issues affecting society and social problems. Survey software for social science research can help you address these issues and make strategic decisions to advance society. 

3. How can software for social science research enhance research efficiency?

Social research software provides you with tools to conduct successful research surveys in minutes. You can create surveys and collect, analyze, and interpret data all in one platform. With survey software for social science research, you can make sense of your audiences’ feedback and identify themes and patterns without having to sift through the data manually. 

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