Data Unification

Turn raw, incomplete, unclean, and disparate data into unified data

Organizations that use data to gain business insights are expected to grow at an average of more than 30% each year.

Siloed data? Confined timelines?

Data Unification
Customer Data Unification

Get Voxco Intelligence and create a 360𝆩 view of your customers.

Lack of a single source of truth can lead you to spend months in obtaining data for reports/analysis/models and increase reliance on the IT team for data extraction, not to forget the high costs of maintaining a team for providing data.

With Voxco Intelligence’s AI-infused data unification feature, you can easily gather data from multiple data sources, spot data discrepancies, and unify data to create a single source of truth.

Save up to

costs by automating report and data extraction

Customer Data Unification


Unify various data points you have and create a comprehensive view of your customers. Defragment customer stories and enable customer matching.Enable collaboration within workspace with a complete & cohesive view of data cross organization.

Data Unification
Data Unification


Apply predictive analytics to uncover hidden nuggets that you can then operationalize and gain real value from.Leverage embedded ML models to accelerate data processing, identify patterns, & gain insights.

Discover Opportunities

Leverage real-time insights to target communication, give customers a better overall experience, implement more targeted product development and see higher sales and increased loyalty.

Customer Data Unification

Integrate data & unlocks its true potential

Data unification connects every data wherever it lives creating a cohesive structure. With access to complete data all times you can use it improve business performance, deliver better customer experience, drive conversion.

Customer Data Unification

Personalize experiences

Deliver personalized customer experiences by understanding customers buying behavior, their preferences, future needs, etc.

Take the next best action 

Always be on top of the activity and manage the next actions by aligning your marketing and sales strategies with predictive analysis.

Customer Data Unification

Drive loyalty

Boost loyalty by recommending the right products or services at the right time with the knowledge of your customers’ history, interests, and pain points

Customer Data Unification

Empower your organization

Empower teams to collaborate with each other, become efficient, and deliver a loyalty-building customer experience.

What’s in for you?

Customer Data Unification


Leverage integrated data to create personalized customer Journeys. Monitor customer trajectory real-time in real-time and pivot go-to marketing strategies.

Customer Data Unification


Empower sales teams to close deals faster with prediction tools and the ability to configure, price, and quote deals. Emphasize team-wide insights to review sales strategies.

Customer Data Unification

Customer Support

Provide valuable support to customers using all the data collected in one place. Solve problems faster and extend an all-digital, end-to-end customer experience.


Data Unification allows you to connect data on your customers from multiple data sources to unlock the true potential of customer data. Siloed data results in disconnected customer experience. Siloed data can hide insights between departments which may result in multiple, inefficient decisions. 

You need a data unification platform that combines customer data across platforms in scale, regardless of its source. The platform should remove the friction between departments & create a cohesive view of customer data enabling every department to access the entire data.

A data unification platform removes any data discrepancies and integrates all customer data to create a consistent and single source of truth. 

  • Unified data allows you to collaborate with other departments and tap into the full potential of data to make better decisions to achieve the shared organization goal. 
  • Be it department level or organization level gain access to real-time insights. With a transparent view of customer data allow every department to access insights relevant to them. 
  • Instead of having your data spread out and spending more resources in bringing them together. Data unification allows scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency enabling businesses to accelerate data processing.

Data unification platform allows you to unlock all the data you have gathered over the years which has been scattered around in different departments. With access to all the data across your orgainzation you can now collaborate with teams, make better strategic decisons, serve customers a connected experience, and optimize busines operation. 

  • Unified data helps you view customer data at a single place, access it anytime and use it whenever you need it. 
  • Decentralized data makes workspace more efficient. 
  • Data unification with embedded AI & ML models helps you generate insights in real time using all customer data. 
  • With no breaks or barriers in data your software can unlock the hidden insight without any discrepancy.