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Newsletter June 2021 10

Maximize NPS® Insights

Improving NPS® can have a huge impact on the top and the bottom line. Stay ahead of the curve with our expert-led webinar on how to leverage data science to maximize NPS® insights.


Engage Agents, Supervisors & Respondents

Nearly 90% of organizations worldwide have made it mandatory to work from home after the COVID-19 outbreak – adopting an effective WFH strategy can help businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Newsletter March 2021 01

How to become a member focused Healthplan?

With recent changes by CMS to star ratings, member experience has become even more important. Become member experience centric to stay ahead

Newsletter March 2021 04

Maximize Response Rates by Adapting to Respondent Preferences

Voxco and Rybbon hosted a webinar to guide you through the best practices for optimizing response rates for your surveys.

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