Retail Solution to re-imagine customer experience

An Augmented Intelligence platform built to discover opportunities & boost customers’ retail experience. 

Increase customer loyalty, grow revenue and improve business efficiency while reducing risk. 

Starbucks increased revenue by 12% with a data-driven loyalty strategy.

“I thank you and the Voxco Intelligence team for the partnership you have built with us and how you have worked hard, alongside us to help drive out business and brand objectives.”

Smriti Sekhsaria

Head of Loyalty & Digital,
Starbucks India

The Buyer’s Guide to Experience Management Platform

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Transform shoppers into brand advocates

Retail trends are complex with customer demands altering all the time. Customers demand a seamless and personalized experience from a brand. 

For retailers looking to increase customer satisfaction & boost sales, it is essential always to have a pulse on customers’ expectations and adapt to the market trends. 

Voxco Intelligence is an AI-infused analytics platform that utilizes the power of customer data. The platform analyzes vast customer data in seconds – from online sales, social media conversations, inventory sales, and more. 

You can gather, analyze and act on customer insights to 

  • Enhance customer experience,
  • Boost customer loyalty,
  • Identify profit opportunities,
  • Forecast demand and supply chain movement,
  • Offer personalized customer experience.

One-stop Solution to activate loyal customers with Voxco Intelligence

Revive Customer Experience

Nurture Customers at every interaction:

Capture customer data across all touchpoints – online & offline to design the retail experience from their perspective. Ensure a flawless onboarding experience by giving employees access to real-time customer insights. 

Retain customers and increase lifetime value: 

Retain and acquire customers with a hyper-personalized experience. Use the power of geospatial data to segment customers and reduce churn for the current and future potential. 

Convert browsers into buyers:

Build customer profiles based on usage & preference. Deliver tailored product recommendations & marketing messages that resonate with customers.

Customer Data Unification

Build long-term loyalty:

Connect sentiment with customer data across each touchpoint to develop loyal and trustful customer relationships. Understand how customers feel about their experience and what makes them tick.

Customer engagement strategies to boost loyalty

Keep track of Retail Inventory

Optimize retail planning: 

Make right pricing decisions and keep up with demands. Optimize your retail planning process by defining pricing, placement, promotion, and product lifecycles.

Predict & fulfill retail demand: 

Leverage AI-powered predictive model to anticipate market demand. Utilize demand forecasting, inventory management, and retail distribution management to maximize profitability. 

Store Analysis: 

Identify drivers of store performance and analyze store potential using customer, assortment, and catchment data. Help store managers identify the right assortment for their store and build store clusters that can be used to drive store-specific marketing actions.

Manage merchandise operations: 

Gain a sight of all the data from sales, marketing, financial, inventory, transaction, and more. Monitor supply-chain performance metrics and control every day operations across your retail business.

Create a customer-centric business

Arm employees with the right tools: 

Empower your employees with AI-powered analytics tools and encourage them to develop strategies that influence customers’ purchase decisions. Predict issues and resolve them before they escalate. 

Employees who delight customers: 

Enable employees to empathize with the customers. Equip employees with a sentiment analysis tool to help them learn what excites customers & how they react to promotions, messages, or offers.

Unified view of data:

Break data silos and ensure a flawless data flow across every team.  Utilize real-time updates on customer insights and streamline operations.

Empower employees to make decisions:

Combine customer feedback from multiple sources and use AI-powered tactics & suggestions to empower your employees to generate ideas that drive long-term customer satisfaction. 

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Why Voxco Intelligence?

Voxco Intelligence has supported multiple brands to improve customer loyalty, boost revenue and increase customer engagement.

Customer 360°: 

Easily connect all your data sources to model and visualize your customer data. Take an integrated view of the customer across their transactions, interactions, feedback, social, etc.

Predictive analytics: 

Advanced analytics to forecast unknown trends – from churn prediction to demand forecasting, inventory management, and more.

Sentiment analysis: 

Understand critical drivers of customer behavior to retain and attract more customers. 

Customer Data Unification

Customer loyalty analytics:

Understand the channel, offers, and customer segments to enhance loyalty registration with the help of our store, geo, and customer level segmentation and response models.

Target-driven marketing delivered a 5% increase in annual sales for VITA.

FAQs on Retail Solutions:

A retail solution is a kind software that is designed for retailers to improve their customers’ shopping experience. Such software comes equipped with a range of tools that allow retailers to provide their customers with a safe, innovative, and seamless shopping experience.

Some key functions of a retail solution are: 

  • Predictive Analytics: Certain retail solutions, such as Voxco’s Retail Solution, leverage the power of AI and ML to create predictive models that can be used to forecast and fulfill retail demand. 
  • Store Analysis: Retail solutions analyze all the data that has been collected, and can identify drivers of store performance. 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Retail solutions have various data analysis tools. One of these tools is a sentiment analysis tool that can analyze vast amounts of open-text customer feedback to identify the underlying emotion and sentiment of the text.

Key benefits of leveraging a retail solution include: 

  • Enhanced Data Quality: Retail solutions provide a single integrated view of all customer data, breaking down data silos and enhancing overall data quality. 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Retail solutions gather and analyze customer data, providing insights that facilitate better decision-making.