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Drive Innovation & Growth with Powerful Insurance Customer Experience Software

Harness the true potential of data to redefine how you serve your customers. Cover your customer relationship for life at scale with a leading experience platform for insurance.

✓  ROI in < 90 days

✓  90% + automated underwriting. 

✓  10X faster data analysis

Voxco’s Insurance Customer Experience Software is a powerful & salable solution built for organizations of any size. 

Nurture valuable customer relationships, redesign the insurance experience, and optimize operation while securing data integrity. 

Leading Insurance Platform

With 45+ years of experience, Voxco is trusted by 500+ global brands for its Insurance Customer Experience Software.

Agile & Scalable Insurance Customer Experience Software: Reframe Experiences

For insurers it’s a must to create a trustful relationship with the customer. Ensuring data integrity boosts customers’ confidence & alleviates their fears regarding misuse of personal data. 

Voxco empowers insurance firms to enhance customer loyalty & improve the experience.


Have total control with On-premise Hosting: 

With On-premise hosting you can have complete control over the security of customers’ data making enforcing regulatory needs comparatively easier.

Flexible hosting 3

Engagement SaaS for Insurance: 

SaaS hosting is scalable and can build over according to growing business needs. It can also downsize to minimize the wastage of resources.


Enterprise-Grade Security:

Voxco meets the standards of data privacy & security compliance. We are GDPR compliant and Privacy Shield Certified.

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24X7 Professional Support: 

Our team offers on-demand services for all needs to help build your expertise and productivity.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience at Every Interaction

Evolve & redefine your insurance services with the shifting customer needs. Reinvent the offerings to ensure long-term success and make customers for life with our engagement software for insurance industry. 

market analysis

Gain a Holistic View of the Market

  • Gather customer feedback across the insurance lifecycle to understand how they feel about the offerings, agents, policies, etc., through the web, SMS, email, phone, or face-to-face surveys. 
  • Integrate all customer data to provide omnichannel access to customer information to the brokers, agents, insurers, or stakeholders. 
  • Leverage customer segmentation to see what matters most to different segments to deliver a targeted and consistent experience. 

Customer Experience | Customer 360 | Customer Segmentation

Generating insights quickly

Convert Data into Intelligence

  • Run data analysis with powerful analytics software and identify patterns & trends in data points. 
  • Perform statistical calculations and create engaging visual stories for insights with experience platform for insurance. 
  • Share survey reports through a secure portal and collaborate with other stakeholders to make informed business decisions. 

Advanced Analytics | Survey Reporting

Insurance Customer experience software Insurance Industry

Uncover Revenue Opportunites

  • Leverage AI & ML to uncover opportunities for improvement, and recommend tailored services. 
  • Enable insurance agents to identify risk profiles and automate credit underwriting with ML models. 
  • Determine the efficacy of tailored campaigns & programs before launching them. 

AI & ML tools | Credit Underwriting

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Create a Customer-Centric Approach

  • Leverage sentiment analytics to uncover key drivers to customer engagement and use the insights to enhance cross-selling and boost loyalty. 
  • Identify pain points and gaps in insurance customer experience from customers’ perspective to optimize operations and provide customer-centric experiences.  
  • Arm insurance agents with predictive analytics to receive recommended actions to drive retention and customer lifetime value.

Sentiment Analytics | Predictive Analytics | Customer Loyalty

Sales and Marketing teams

Empower Workforce & Increase Efficiencies

  • Understand agent’s experience by soliciting feedback to take the right actions to improve workplace relationships and productivity. 
  • Give insurance agents visibility on customer feedback to see their performance from the customer’s point of view and enable them to take the right action to improve performance & boost productivity. 
  • Alert agents in-real time with role-based dashboards to prioritize issues & simplify work complexity to drive efficiency and revenue. 

Employee Experience | Data Unification

How can Voxco Help

Insurance Customer experience software Insurance Industry

Voxco empowers India First life insurance in accelerating its digital-first strategy. 

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Insurance Customer experience software Insurance Industry

HFFC fuels the end-to-end data journey with Voxco Intelligence. 

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A major Financial Institute enhances employee engagement with Voxco Research. 

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Insurance Customer Experience Software

With technological advancement and changing market insurance firms are always looking to discover untapped business processes and retain more loyal customers. Investing in an Insurance customer experience software can help insurance firms build a loyal customer base, improve credit underwriting, drive sales, and enhance customer experience.

What is the use of insurance customer experience software?

An insurance customer experience software helps insurance companies gain a competitive advantage by helping them gather, analyze, and act on customers and employee feedback. The experience platform for insurance supports the firm with insightful data to improve customer experience along with the services offered.

How does insurance customer experience software help?

Experience software for insurance  helps you combine customer feedback with AI-enabled analytics which helps you personalize customer experience and build long-term relationship. 

  • Omnichannel platform helps you unify customer data across all channel enabling you to access a complete and consistent view of customer data.
  • With a coherent engagement platform for insurance ensure there is a consistent communication between customers and insurers without customers having to repeat themselves.  
  • Use segmentation surveys and AI/ML capabilities to find out how you can personalize services according to customer preference. 
  • Leverage predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs or painpoints and address them immediately.
  • Set up real-time alerts to send right feedback to the right agent. Embrace a culture of close-loop feedback to ensure customer queries are resolved effectively.

Why should you adopt an insurance customer experience software?

Insurance customer experience software enables you to

  • Understand your customers better, 
  • Build trust and long-term relationship,
  • Increase customer loyalty, 
  • Drive revenue growth.

With experience software for insurance you can gain a single view of customer data regardless of source. Leverage powerful AI & ML capabilities to anticipate customer behavior and address their needs at the right time. Deliver personalized experience at timely manner and drive customer lifetime value.