Voxco launches 4 new features to enhance research capabilities and elevate CX

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Dynamic tools. Increased Automation. Enhanced Accuracy.

Actionable Insights Platform

Drive Growth & Fuel Experiences with Smart Insights

Gather data, measure sentiment, uncover insights, and act on them

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

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✓  GDPR & TCPA Compliant

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Voxco Insight home page insights platform
Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Join the 500+ clients in 40+ countries using Voxco’s Insights Platform

Enterprise Ready Insights Platform

Harness the power of integrated survey software, global panels & powerful analytics suite to drive satisfaction, foster loyalty and maximise growth.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights

Enhance experience management with an easy 4-step process enabled by Voxco Insights software.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

1 – Gather customer feedback 

Integrate customer feedback from multiple channels. Connect data from all your data sources and unify to create a single source of truth.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

2 – Measure satisfaction, sentiments, and behaviour

Get a 360 view of all interactions across touchpoints. Use text, image, behaviour & sentiment analytics to identify satisfied, unsatisfied, loyal & at-risk customers.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

3 – Act on high priority issues

Identify the biggest opportunities with maximum business impacts using enhanced AI models. Take action with real time role based alerts.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

4 – Uncover insights that drive decisions

Make sense of omnichannel experience data with predictive AI & ML models. Deep dive into key drivers of satisfaction, NPS, and CSAT.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Great experiences start with great research

Conduct sophisticated online, phone & face to face surveys with ease.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Collect Customer Feedback from online channels like social media, email, web surveys or pop-ups.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Use Voxco CATI with Cloud-based Dialer and Voxco IVR to improve productivity by 400%

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Conduct targeted panel research in a few hours with 10M+ B2B professionals.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Uncover insights faster & take better decisions

Elevate insights with predictive analytics to improve customer experience, boost loyalty & drive growth.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Single Source of Truth

Get a unified view of your customers and their interactions with you by integrating all your data sources. Combine unstructured & structured data to create rich customer profiles.

Customer 360
Data Unification

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Powerful Predictive Insights

Leverage predictive analytics to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty for every customer, even for those not providing feedback.

Predictive Analytics
Sentiment Analytics


Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Action- Induced

Never miss an insight – Combine AI and machine learning to predict underlying customer insights and recommend high-value actions.

Real Time Actions

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Automate Manual Tasks

Use workflows to calculate risk, create diligence reports and more. Improve efficiency, accuracy & security by eliminating manual errors. 

Automated Workflows
Credit Automation

Leverage omnichannel feedback to generate actionable insights and take action

Voxco Insights provides the ideal solutions for professionals who:

  • Want to learn about their customers’ needs & wants
  • Want to put the insights generated from feedback to use

Voxco helps organizations of all sizes make sense of customer feedback by gathering data and analyzing it using AI & ML to transform their engagement with markets, customers, and employees.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform
Voxco Intelligence Data Analytics Software

Go Beyond Data Collection

Unify omnichannel data to create a single view of your customer for everyone in your organization. 

Break down data into meaningful insights to analyze customer pain points and concerns. 

Learn the why behind your customer’s feedback to prioritize actions and create personalized experiences.

Connect Your Data and Make It Accessible and Useful

  • Enable sales and operations to understand and engage with their prospects.
  • Enable CX professionals to analyze customer sentiments to improve customer experience.
Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Ready to Use Insights Platform

Meet the ever changing expectations in real time.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform

Loved by survey researchers across the globe!

Integrate Voxco With Your Existing Ecosystem

Plug Voxco with your existing apps and softwares without any issues.

Voxco Insight home page insights platform


What is Voxco Insights?

Voxco Insights is an online insights platform that provides businesses with tools that help them gather customer feedback, generate insights from that feedback, and analytics that help them make data-driven solutions to achieve benefits like increased customer lifetime value, customer loyalty, higher revenue, lower customer churn, etc.

What types of tools does Voxco Insights comprise of?

Voxco Insights comprises of Voxco Research & Voxco Intelligence. Together, they make Voxco and insights provider. Voxco Research includes survey tools such as Voxco Online & Voxco Telephone as well as Voxco Audience- an online panel managing platform. Voxco Intelligence comprises an end-to-end data and analytics platform that gathers and analyzes siloed data to enable data-driven decisions.

What are the benefits of using Voxco Insights?

Voxco Insights can have many benefits for its users. Since it’s an insights platform, it can help businesses and CX professionals go customer-centric and boost their ROI. Here’s how:

  • It becomes easier to gather data
  • All the data sources can be integrated to create a 360 degree view of the customer
  • AI-driven analytics help assess future customer behavior and identify at-risk as well as loyal customers.
  • ML models can help predict risk, and detect frauds and anomalies
  • Visual dashboards help identify the most effective marketing metrics
  • It becomes easier to gather data and then make sense of that data with AI & ML

What solutions does Voxco Insights provide to businesses?

Some of the most significant solutions that Voxco Insights provides businesses include:

  • Customer 360:

The AI-infused analytics help gather customer data from the sources and channels to help create a single view of the customer.

  • Customer Churn:

With predictive analytics and ML-enabled segmentation models, businesses can quickly identify at-risk customers and takee appropriate actions to reduce customer churn.

  • Customer Loyalty:

With sentiment analytics and text analytics, it becomes easier to analyze customer behavior and take respective measures that help boost customer loyalty.

  • Risk/Fraud Prediction:

With risk prediction models, analysts can spot small errors and miscalculations the business and identify and correct fee, interchange, and interest anomalies to maximize revenue efficiency and boost financial performance.

What is an insights platform? 

A customer insights platform allows an organization to leverage data in order to deliver the best customer experience. Companies can gather data from multiple channels and analyze it using an insights platform to develop actionable and impactful solutions to make the customer journey smooth and seamless.

Why do you need insight software? 

Insight software helps organizations make key decisions by utilizing the customer data at their disposal. This helps organizations deliver optimal customer experiences which are key in forming long term relationships with the customers. 

What is the Insight platform used for?

Insights software is mostly used for gathering, storing and analyzing customer data to help organizations acquire new customers,  grow their existing customer base and help curate loyalty programs to boost customer retention.

What are the benefits of using an insights platform?

Key benefits of insights software are as follows:

  • Designing personalized campaigns for customers
  • Identifying key strengths and weaknesses
  • Reducing customer churn
  • Optimizing campaigns to deliver better results
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