The Voxco
Research Cloud™:

The World's leading omnichannel survey software.

Conduct sophisticated online, phone & face to face surveys with ease.

Trusted by 450+ global clients in 40+ countries

Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

One Platform, All channels.

Reach Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Voxco Research Cloud™ maximizes ways for you to reach respondents. All modes are part of one centralized omnichannel survey software platform, so no matter how you survey respondents, the data stays in the same place (even on-premise!).

Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

Collect Customer Feedback from online channels like social media, email, web surveys or pop-ups.

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Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

Use Voxco CATI with Cloud-based Dialer and Voxco IVR to improve productivity by 400%

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Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

Analyze Survey data with live dashboards, in-depth reporting and perform complex statistical Analysis.

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Powerful Omnichannel Survey Software Solution

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See how Global Brands around the world use Voxco

Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

Siena College uses Voxco Survey Software for NY Times Upshot Polls ​ 3M Phone Calls | 96 Polls ​

People working in call center
Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

ReconMR raised productivity by 40 % & scaled to 5 call centers with Voxco

market research surveys
Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

D G Solutions grew their business by 4x in a single year!

Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

Frost & Sullivan conducted 100k surveys across 300 industries annually with Voxco

Create Engaging Surveys with No-Code interface

Engage your survey respondents with

+   Different Survey Question Types 

  Advanced Survey Branching 

+   Smart Survey Logic 

+   Aesthetic Themes

Voxco Research Cloud - Duplicate survey software

Meet respondents where they are with responsive surveys

Ensure great survey experience on every device. Connect with respondents across all channels to improve survey response rates. With Voxco, you can distribute surveys via

+   Email

+   Text 

+   Social Media platforms

+   Website pop-ups

+   Offline app

+   Online channels

Data analysis and reporting made easy

+   Save time & increase productivity

+   Dynamic dashboards bring data to life

+   Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

+   Secure portal to share results

+   Visual analytics in one click

Maximize NPS Insights

Level up your NPS Data insights analysis. Anticipate industry trends using NPS with our expert webinar

CX Insights from the Best Brands

See how Amazon, Uber and Apple enhance customer experience at scale

Enhance Member Experience

Supercharge your healthcare member experience program in 3 simple steps

Survey Solutions for your every need!

Empower your employees to make better decisions, faster. Discover data-driven actionable insights to boost employee satisfaction and maximize productivity.

Turn every touchpoint into a positive customer experience. Use smart insights to anticipate & embrace customer trends. Create a compelling customer experience.

Comprehensively measure, analyze and improve patient experience with our powerful survey software. Capture essential feedback to uncover the key drivers of patient experience.

Work at the scale and efficiency you need to meet diverse client needs. Seamlessly gather data, measure response & uncover insights to meet your sophisticated research requirements.

Create advanced surveys that capture high quality data from all channels. Get powerful scripting options & handle large data sets securely for maximal social impact.

Prioritize product features based on user feedback. Enhance user experience and reduce churn in the long run.

World’s leading brands trust Voxco for their survey needs!

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