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Nothing seems more impersonal than completing a survey from an organization that bears the logo of another organization. This can make the receiver lose faith in the brand and make them less likely to take the survey. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can create surveys with white-label survey software, wherein you can personalize the surveys with your own domain.

What are white-label surveys?

With white-label surveys, you can add the brand logo, URL, and other branded features to match your brand. When paired with a bespoke survey design, your organization will have a fully branded survey. 

Rather than emphasizing a third-party organization, these surveys focus on your brand and assure authenticity. With white-label capability, allow your brand’s personality to come through and create your surveys genuinely your own. 

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What can you do with white-label surveys?

White Label Surveys Matrix with Drop Down

With white-label survey software, you can create branded surveys. You can customize every detail of the survey, so there’s a continuity of brand personality even in the survey. 

Here are some features you should look for in an online survey tool with white-label functionality. 

1. URL customization

A custom URL is a network URL that is easy to remember and that you can share with your viewers. You can add your brand’s URL and custom domain to remove any trace of the vendor. An authentic URL can help you establish trust and boost response rates. 

2. Custom CSS

CSS customization allows you to make almost every alteration to the appearance of a website. You can adjust where you want to display pictures, the size of the header, and where the sidebar appears. You can modify the formatting of paragraphs, as well as the fonts, colors, and styles of text, links, and headings. 

3. Add brand logo

You may add your brand logo to show your trademark and authenticity. Potential customers will recognize your brand, encouraging them to give honest feedback. Adding a brand logo offers transparency and nurtures trust in customer-brand relationships. 

4. Surveys with interactive elements

Using interactive elements, you may avoid survey weariness. Advanced skip logic and branching ensure that only questions relevant to the respondents are displayed. 

5. Custom SSL

SSL is a type of security protocol. Protocols specify how algorithms should be implemented. A white-label survey provides every responder with a trustworthy atmosphere in which they may confidently reply to a survey.

6. Branded emails

Ensure that everyone is aware that it is you. To personalize your survey, customize the survey message and also use your brand’s logo, fonts, and other aspects. Make it unique for each respondent. Creating branded surveys will boost survey engagement rate and response rates over time.

7. Omnichannel distribution

Use omnichannel distribution to provide a consistent customer experience across all of the channels. Reach your audience through their preferred platform. Maintain brand tone consistency and integrity while contacting diverse consumer segments through multiple business channels.

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Benefits of white label surveys

Branded surveys help boost brand awareness and offer a customized survey experience. There are more benefits to creating customized surveys, some of which we have listed below. 

1. Offer software at reasonable prices

White label survey software offers an affordable solution for end-to-end survey customization that gives you a competitive advantage. 

This helps your service stand out and will also be important in creating strong relationships with potential customers. While you don’t have to worry about spending too much company budget on customizing surveys. 

2. Centralized management

You can quickly do away with complex multi-platform techniques by managing all information and users in one location. Keep your time and attention focused on your core business by taking an efficient approach.

3. Customer experience

Customers recognize and trust your brand. So, to assure legitimate responses, continue the lineage by utilizing white labeling in your surveys. Customers will feel more at ease providing honest comments and insights if they see a survey under your name on your website URL.

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A white-label survey allows you to ensure brand continuity even in your survey. Surveys are part of customer experience; with branded surveys, you can deliver a personalized survey experience.

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White Label Surveys Matrix with Drop Down

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