Vulnerabilities and Ethical Hacking

Voxco provides secure products to the marketplace and aims to keep customer data and systems safe. Our R&D teams and security partners are using the best tools of the trade to accomplish these objectives, from nightly automated vulnerability code scanning to 3rd party penetration testing. We also believe that by collaborating with white-hat security researchers we can identify additional potential weaknesses in our technology. At Voxco, we investigate all received vulnerability reports and implement fixes according to our Vulnerability Policy to protect our customers.

Voxco encourages responsible security research and vulnerability disclosure activities, but Voxco does not have a bounty program and does not offer compensation for the security research you may kindly provide to Voxco. We commit to:

1. Provide prompt acknowledgement of receipt of your vulnerability report and start tracking internally the report and resolution

2. Work closely with you to understand the nature of the issue and work on timelines for a possible fix

3. Notify you when requested when the vulnerability is resolved, so that it can be re-tested and confirmed as remediated.

4. Send a security advisory note to our clients if a breach is discovered, according to the local laws and regulations in each market