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What is text piping?

In a survey, there are multiple-choice questions from which the respondents will choose one option, and then there is a follow up question asking them to state the reason for choosing that particular option. Hence, in such questions, the survey creators need some sort of customization with regards to the chosen option and carrying it further to the next follow up question. 

Text piping is the best tool to enable this customization. With text piping, the survey creators can carry a word or text to the next question. The text will be the same as the respondents chose in the previous question. To define a text as piped text, the creators need to bind in with a code in their survey and save the text as piped text.

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Types of text piping

Piping through a variable:

A text can be carried forward to the next page using a piping variable. You will use a code syntax for questions which will have custom variables which will be carried through all the pages where the piped text needs to be displayed. 

Piping through question code:

When you want to pipe a text which is a question option, you can use question code syntax. When a respondent chooses an option from the question, the question will be replaced with the question code syntax.

Examples of text piping

Where to use text piping in your survey?

  • Question text – text piping can be used in corresponding questions where the text replaces the question code. Researchers use text piping here to make the questions more relevant and connected to the context in which they are asked. 
  • Answer options – piped text can be used in the answer options where the respondents choose one of the available answer options. Lets say a user is asked to select its preferred travel location and it chooses place A, this option can be piped as a text and passed on to the next follow up question. 
  • Logic – skip logic can be carried out through text piping. By setting a destination question, you can make the respondents pass the answer options of the source question and pass it as piped text to that question.

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Advantages of text piping

  • Text piping enables you to add some programming to your surveys. Based on the selection made, you can pass text as a variable to any question in the survey. 
  • With text being able to hop on to various locations, it allows text reusability, so you don’t have to frame multiple questions for each option choice.
  • With text piping, you can give the respondent a personalized experience while taking the survey.

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