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Voxco Online survey tools are built by researchers. We know that real insights come through asking the right questions and keeping respondents engaged. Our design features enable you to do just that.

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Survey design features

All the standard questions

Our web survey design tool includes all the basic question types you already know from standard web surveys: multiple choice, ranking, rating, drag and-drop, sliders, Likert scales, NPS questions, and others.

More advanced features

Do a whole lot more with advanced online survey design tools like multiple logic features, filters, randomization, skip conditions, and rotations.

Include multimedia

Easily include audio or video files in your web survey to play sound recordings or have respondents watch clips.

File upload function

Enrich your survey insights by giving respondents the ability to include pictures, videos, or recordings in their answers.

Flexible formatting & branding

Keep your respondents engaged through dynamic and varied surveys. Change the fonts, color, use different buttons, and include images. Or customize the whole interface to your own brand identity.

Easy survey scripting

No programming experience required – our powerful scripting tool is easy for virtually any survey designer to use, with an intuitive drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface.

Engaging survey functionalities

Automatic device detection

Don’t worry about what your survey will look like on different devices! Automatic mobile device detection technology adapts the survey display to each mobile device.

Multi-language capabilities

Multilingual studies are no problem – program your online survey in any Unicode-supported language.

Customized library

Create your own library of questions to use again and again. Recycle your web surveys any time.

Tailor messages to respondents

Use information from your database or from respondents’ answers to previous surveys to tailor the survey and messages to each individual participant.

Response flexibility.

Give participants the ability to pause the survey and finish answering later. When they come back to complete the online survey, they will pick up exactly where they left off.

Quality, safety and compliance

Smart quality control

Our data simulator lets you run a quick simulation to verify the logic and quality of your survey script.


Easily integrate your survey with other programs and systems like a panel portal. Or automate specific tasks like email distribution.

North American accessibility compliance

Voxco Online’s standard question types have been tested and is compliant with
section 508 of WCAG 2.0 in the US and AAA compliant with Canadian WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Privacy Act compliant hosting & access

Voxco offers on-site or SaaS hosting. Both solutions are compliant with international data hosting and access regulations that restrict US access to the personal data of non-US citizens. We offer the choice of servers in Canada, the US, APAC, or in France. Voxco hosting experts can help find the optimal solution for your organization.

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