Customer Behavior Analytics Solution

Analyze customer behavior & Enhance customer satisfaction

Get to know your customers to stop the drop-offs and grow your business with a sophisticated and intelligent customer behavior analytics.


on attribute, behavior, etc.,

to engage

Become more responsive to customers’ expectations by analyzing their every move with our powerful and scalable AI-infused customer behavior analytics solution.

20% - 30%

revenue boost from loyalty base.

7% - 15%

increase in active member base.

AI solution to track behavior at every step and execute powerful behavioral analytics

Gather accurate and reliable customer data to uncover customer behavior. Understand your customers to create a better experience with customer behavior analytics. 

Rich customer data 

  • Integrate every piece of customer data from various sources to create a 360° view of customers. 
  • Build an integrated view of the customer across their transactions, interactions, feedback, social, etc.

Defined customer

  • Slice and dice customer data to build dynamic segments of new and old customers to deliver personalized offers and improve the success rate. 
  • Automate intelligent scheduling workflows to segment customers in real-time as they engage with a company.

Acquisition analytics 

  • Tap into prospects and new customers and automatically segment them. 
  • Track and monitor different prospect segments to identify which segment is likely to respond to acquisition offers positively.

Predict churn and drive retention 

  • Leverage traditional and non-traditional data to build ML models to detect inactivity and predict potential churn. 
  • Build models to identify and understand drivers of churn. 
  • Develop models to analyze the efficacy of various churn and reactivation offers or campaigns.
Customer Data Unification

Loyalty analytics

  • Monitor customer behavior and build models to identify those interested in loyalty registration. 
  • Uncover hidden trends and patterns in customer behavior & identify high-value segments. 

Personalized recommendation 

  • Leverage predictive models to generate automated personalized promotions for each customer. 
  • Boost ARPU (average return per person) by identifying opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. 

Journey dashboard

  • Always be aware of your customer’s journey with consistent updates on valuable customer information. 
  • Enable your CX team to effectively measure the impact of your CX strategies, campaigns, and initiatives on customer behavior. 

In 30 days, Starbucks India experienced 

  • 12%  increment in revenue with targeted campaigns
  • 5% reduction in inactivity.

VITA overcame high churn among loyal customers & increased revenue by 5% with target-driven marketing.

Unlock visibility in customer behavior
with our consumer analytics solution

An AI-driven customer behavior analytics assist in understanding what drives customers’ to make their decision. Uncover actionable insights about customers to learn what actions to take and where to double down.

Understand customers

Our AI-infused customer behavior analytics integrates raw data from various channels and touchpoints to predict customer behavior and determine what experiences & actions influences their decision.

Segment customers

Cluster consumers into separate groups based on their needs, preference, and interests. Know more about what drives them to your products.

Take actions

Leverage our ML models to understand pain-points. With predictive analytics build empathic customer experience.

All the tools you need to improve efficiency

Empower your team with consumer behavioral analytics solution to optimize customer experience for better engagement, longer customer lifetime value, increased loyalty, and higher conversion.

Single source of truth: 

Gain a unified view of the customer and integrate with our advanced analytics to reinvent and modify customer experience at a personal level.

AI and ML capabilities: 

Leverage advanced analytics and ML to anticipate customer behavior and enhance customer experience by personalizing every touchpoint.

Engage in real-time: 

Monitor customer behavior data to maximize cross-sell and purchase frequency. Predict inactivity, improve satisfaction, and reduce churn.

Customizable dashboard: 

Build a shared dashboard to boost collaboration among teams. Or create a role-based dashboard and give access on a need-to-know basis.

Flexible hosting: 

Improve business performance and save cost by deciding the best hosting option for your firm – An on-premise or SaaS hosting solution.

Customer Data Unification

Best-in-class support: 

Our trained team is available 24 X 7 to help you onboard and walk you through the entire platform to enable you to use every functionality to its full potential.


Customer behavior analytics solution analyzes the buying habits, frequency, and other factors that influences customer’s buying behavior. It uncovers which products they need/prefer, how frequently they shop with your brand, and their preception towards you marketing strategies & customer support.

An AI-infused analytics solution helps you uncover customer-centric insights which puts you in the right path to deliver personalized experiences for each customer. 

Improve CX initiatives: Consumer behavioral analytics helps you understand the actions that will deliver the greatest impact on customer experience. By understanding the customer pain points you can make strategies to improves customer satisfaction with their experience. 

Discover opportunities for improvement: With AI & ML models conduct root cause analysis to see which interaction or touchpoint is resulting in a sub-par experience. Uncover opportunities for improvement and boost customer satisfaction, drive conversion, reduce churn, etc. 

Empower team with integrated data: A customer behavior analytics solution enables you to integrate customer data from all channels & touchpoints. It creates a 360 view of your customers thus ensuring that the entire organization gets a cohesive view each customer.

The analytics solution allows your organization to go beyond simple customer insights. It helps you to understand, explore, and predict what bets to take to drive positive customer behavior. 

Analyze behavioral data: Understand customer behavior across every channel, interaction, and touchpoints. Identify key drivers and measure engagements to see what’s stopping them from converting. 

Identify drivers for retention: Analyze what’s causing your loyal customers to convert & what’s causing passives or detractors to drop-off. See what effects customer behavior to identify where to double down.

Behavior analytics allows retail organizations to personalize customer experience and create recommendations based on purchase history. Behavior analytics helps leverage consumer behavior data effectively and improve the company’s cross-selling and upselling strategies.