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What is a customizable survey theme?

The way your survey looks is also important to attract your respondents’ attention. The surveys you design should be inline with your brand aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, survey theme is a feature that helps you to customize the way your survey looks. You can define colors, images, default themes, font and style to your surveys, questionnaires, polls.

The colors you choose for your brand do signify some emotional sense in the way people perceive your brand as. And to resonate your surveys and questionnaires to the same sense of emotion and attraction, survey theme customization helps you with it. You can have custom logos, stylesheets, fonts, and backgrounds to your survey pages. 

Adding the brand-centric customization to the surveys invokes the sense of trust and accountability in respondents, so they know that their opinions are being taken into consideration and served upon by the brand itself. Example, when a product-based company asks its customers to share their experience, a customized survey with the company logo and theme will be more interactive than a simple and plain looking one.

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Example of customizable survey theme

Let us take an example of IKEA and how it would design one of its feedback surveys.

Uses of customizable survey theme

Brands focus on customizing their surveys to resemble more to their brand colors because they want to make the research as personal as they can. Such use of resembling colors and layouts leave a positive effect on the respondents. 

Most online survey platforms enable the users to design their surveys with customizable features. These are easy to use and do not need any intervention of a web designer. Although, if such isn’t possible, you can also use customized CSS which lets you design your survey as you wish to.

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Advantages of customizable survey theme

  • Brand recall – using customized brand colors and themes in your survey helps your survey to resemble your brand. This makes it easier for the brands to associate your survey with your brand. 
  • Appealing – surveys look appealing when they are being consumed keeping in mind what the people will want to see. Using different colors, themes, fonts and styles makes the survey interesting and stand apart from any other simple generic survey. 
  • Reduced survey abandonment – with the survey being more appealing and closer to the brand value, respondents are less likely to leave the survey in between. 
  • Trust – with surveys that resonate the brand colors and theme, the respondents feel close to the brand and rest assured that the survey is being monitored by the brand itself.

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