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Track Digital Services

Booking experience
Website experience
Mobile app experience
Loyalty program experience

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Track On-premise Services

Check-in Experience
Room Experience
Dining Experience
Hotel Experience
Amenities Experience
Check Out Experience
Post visit Experience

Collect and Integrate valuable guest feedback. Faster.

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Track guest journeys to get better business outcomes, such as high revenue, repeat purchase, low customer churn, and positive word of outcomes, such as high revenue, repeat purchase, low customer churn, and positive word of mouth.

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Gather data at every touch-point along the guest journey

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Discover what's driving customer retention and loyalty

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Improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase revenue

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Stay connected with customers. Know they feel about each aspect of your services and offerings- right from check-in till after they’ve left the premises

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Enhance brand recall with wholly customizable surveys

Save time & increase productivity

Completely customizable look and feel. - Responsive across multiple devices.

Dynamic dashboards bring data to life

Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

Secure portal to share results

Single click Visual analytics

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Improve guest experience, even before they check- in!

Reach every customer across channels with omnichannel surveys

Experience one integrated platform for phone, web & face to face surveys.

Choose hosting options as per your needs

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Go deep into data with analytics & dynamic dashboards

Create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance with easy drag & drop features.

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Hospitality Survey Software

The industry of Hospitality is ever-evolving. It is diverse- hotels, restaurants, travels, entertainment – with each sector enjoying remarkable growth. The priority in hospitality is to meet the demands of the growing Global Tourism. With new experiences and destinations to explore, consumers are expecting the best experience from the industry.

It is easy to travel and book hotels, or restaurants thanks to digital innovation. But even with technological advancements, the Hospitality industry is not immune to the changing demands of the consumers. As easy it is to book a hotel, it is easier to post about a bad experience from a hotel on social media. 

The hospitality industry requires leveraging holistic customer experience for their guests. What better way to do so if not by collecting actionable insight from guests themselves. The companies need a unified platform that helps integrate guest data about their experience and satisfaction for the employees to use during their interaction with the guests. 

This brings us to Hospitality Survey Software.

What is Hospitality Survey Software?

Hospitality Survey Software is your one-stop solution to receive insightful data from guests in order to create personalized experiences to

  • Meet their demands and expectation
  • Grow revenue
  • Entice them to return to your company for future travel

Your guest expects excellent service from you especially because they are paying for those services. Their demands may sound unreasonable sometimes but in the hospitality industry, it is your responsibility to make sure they remain happy until the last moment of their stay or time with your company. 

Hospitality Survey Software is the platform that offers you Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience Surveys with amazing functionalities to help you learn everything you need to ensure that your guests keep coming back. 

Why do you need Hospitality Survey Software?

Whether it is a hotel, lodging, or restaurant the success is driven by customer satisfaction. The platform helps you customize surveys in more than 250 languages across multiple digital devices. You can avoid the language barrier and focus on gaining knowledge about how your customers feel about your services. 

  • Hospitality Survey Software helps you stay in touch with the guest at every stage in their journey.
  • It helps you check in on their experience and understand how they feel about your services and offerings from the moment the beginning till after they have left. 
  • The platform helps you to learn their preference, changing desires, expectations, and demands; it helps you monitor their pulse.
  • Hospitality Survey Software helps you measure guest/ customer feedback to learn how you can optimize the experience.

What you can track with Hospitality Survey Software?

The platform helps you survey your guests on their experience and satisfaction during their time with you. It helps you to track

  • Digital Services: Booking, Website, App, and Loyalty Program experience
  • On-premise Services: Check-in, Room, Dining, Hotel, Amenities, Check-out and Post-visit experience

You can track the customer journey, collect and analyze data to ensure excellent business outcomes – high revenue, repeat guests/booking, and positive word-of-mouth. 

So, Hospitality Survey Software helps you

  • Obtain holistic insights through a unified platform
  • Increase sales with the knowledge obtained from the data

How can you utilize Hospitality Surveys?

Offline Survey Apps: Gather fresh data even when your guests are at a remote location without internet. You can use an offline feedback app to track customer experience during their stay.

An effective offline survey app allows you to gather customer feedback in the absence of the internet through a mobile device (iPad or Android tablets). The device automatically syncs with your survey platform when connected to the internet. 

SMS surveys: You can send an SMS survey to your guest after their check-out. You can attach a link guest survey and trigger an SMS survey at a time of your choice to collect feedback and rating. The guest can provide their review/ feedback and rating whenever it is convenient for them. 

You can use the Guest Satisfaction/ Experience survey to track metrics like CSAT, NPS®, and CES. 

Tracking NPS® can help you identify your loyal customers – promoters – who will publicize positive feedback about your brand. You can also identify your detractors, i.e., guests who are on the verge of leaving. You can use their feedback to improve and provide a better experience in order to convert detractors to promoters. 

With CSAT you can understand how much more you have to improve your services to satisfy your customers. 

CES can help you learn how much effort your guests have to make for their issue or request to resolve. 

Hospitality Survey Software offers features and tools to build interactive surveys. The tools include a wide range of question types, skip logic, media integration, customizable branding, responsive mobile surveys, etc. 

Benefits of Hospitality Survey Software

Gather feedback and Take actionGather feedback and Take action

As mentioned earlier you can use Offline Survey App and send SMS surveys to collect guest feedback. You need to analyze the feedback using your Analytics Tool offered by Hospitality Survey Software to identify trends, customer sentiments, segment guests, and understand their likes and dislikes. 

You need to understand what is making your customers unhappy about your services and offerings. Use the knowledge and make decisions for required improvements and changes in the customer journey. Communicate with the guest about the action that’s being taken to resolve the issue. 

Hospitality Survey Software can help you close the feedback loop and track the actions taken on the feedback. 

Offer Rewards

With your Survey Software, you can learn what the guests like and prefer. You can monitor their purchase behavior and determine what they want from your company. Whether it is special services or dining offers you can use the data to offer them rewards that can entice them to return to your hotel or restaurant for future travel.

Understand Feedback Trends

Customer insight can help you figure out what attracts consumers to your company. The Dynamic Dashboard can help you understand which aspect of your business and their customer journey impacts their decision positively. 

Measure Employee Performance

In the Hospitality Industry, your employees are in constant contact with your guests. Your guests seek your staff to resolve their issues or request services. So, it is important to track whether your guests are happy with your employees or not. 

You can use the Hospitality Survey Software to track employee performance. You can make decisions based on the result to improve employee performance by coaching them on the required fields that they are lacking.

Why surveys are important in hospitality industry?

Here are some key reasons why surveys are important in hospitality industry. 

  1. Measure guest satisfaction: 

Guest survey software enables you to gather feedback on guests’ satisfaction with the services, product, and hotel/resturant overall. It helps you gather honest feedback from guests directly so you can understand what you can do to improve their satisfaction and meet their expectation. 

  1. Helps you stay up-to-date with negative experience: 

By gathering customer feedback in real-time you can track negative feedback before it causes churn. Hospitality survey tool can help you identify and resolve customer issues at the right time. Resolving the issue immediately can turn a negative experience into a positive one. 

  1. Guest survey software enablels you to gather offline feedback: 

Using mobile offline survey tool you can gather guests feedback in the absence of the internet. The tool enables you to reach customers anywhere and gather feedback on a mobile device. You can sync the data to your system immediately when connected to the internet. 

  1. Improves staff performance: 

In the hospitality industry the performance and behavior of your staff and employees reflect greatly upon customer experience. Gather guests viewpoints on staff performance to identify pain points and positive experiences. Identify where your staff needs more training and what they can replicate in their performance. 

  1. Improve guests retention and loyalty: 

Hospitality survey tool enables you to gather feedback across multiple touchpoints and analyze data in real-time. It helps you identify the driving factor of customer satisfaction. Increase customer retention and loyalty by meeting guests’ expectations. 

  1. Build brand reputation: 

Happy guests refer hotels to others to share the positive experience they had. Using surveys can help you ensure that you deliver positive experience consistently across all interactions. Word of mouth and customer reviews help attract new guests and improves brand reputation.

  1. Show you value guests’ opinion: 

Gathering feedback from guests shows that you value their experience and their opinion in shaping your business model. Listening to their opinions and following-up with them demonstrates that you care about what they think and feel. 

  1. Close customer feedback loop:

An efficient hospitality survey tool enables you to trigger automated emails once you receive NPS survey feedback. You can customize emails based on the three NPS respondent segment and engage respondents to deep dive into their concerns. This can help you close the loop on customer feedback at the right time with the right response. 

FAQs on Hospitality Survey Tools

  1. What are the benefits of hospitality survey software?

Here are some benefits of hospitality survey tools: 

  • Gathering guests feedback helps you identify areas of improvement in services and overall experience.
  • Soliciting customer opinion shows that you value their feedback, which increases their trust and brand image. 
  • Guest survey software provides you actionable insights based on guest feedback. It allows you to make informed decision about your business operations. 
  • Using a survey tool you can automate your survey process. This allows you to save time and increase productivity. 
  1. What are the use cases of hospitality survey tool?

You can use hospitality survey tools to create a variety of surveys, including: 

Guest satisfaction surveys: Evaluate various aspects of your business using during and post-stay surveys. 

Employee satisfaction surveys: Measure employee and staff satisfaction with the workplace culture and environment. 

Event surveys: Gather feedback on services provided by your hotel or restaurant on any event to evaluate it from guests perspective. 

  1. What features should you look for in a guest survey software?

When selecting a hospitality survey tool, look for the following features. 

  • Survey customization capabilities: The tool should allow you to add brand element in your survey and customize it as per your need. 
  • Multiple distribution channels: You should be able to send surveys over multiple online channels, as well as conduct offline or phone surveys. 
  • Real-time reporting: The software should update you on the survey progress and alert you when a respondent completes a survey. 
  • Advanced analysis: You should be able to analyze quantitative and qualitative data in seconds. 
  • Integration with existing system: The tools should easily integrate with your existing system. 
  1. How can hospitality survey software improve business operations?

Hospitality surveys provide valuable insights into customer behavior, sentiment, and areas for improvement. To get the best our hospitality survey tool and improve business operations, consider the following steps:

  • Gather real-time survey data by triggering surveys based on critical interactions, such as booking or check-out. 
  • Analyze survey data to identify trends in guest feedback. 
  • Respond to survey feedback to let customers in the know of what actions you are taking. 
  • Develop action plans to resolve issues and make changes in areas that need improvement. 
  • Track progress over time by gather feedback and ensure their efficiencies. 
  1. How is the survey data collected and analyzed by hospitality survey tool?

Hospitality survey software helps you collect survey feedback though various channels lik SMS, website, emails, social media, offline, or phone surveys. The software the unifies all the data and provides you a real-time report. The report offers visual representation of key trends, patterns, and areas of improvement. 

Moreover, the software also helps you gain deeper insights into guest feedback using text analysis and sentiment analysis. 

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