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What is a customizable thank you page?

The survey you design needs to be as engaging in the end as it was in the start and throughout. People often pay immense attention to how they can glorify the survey experience, so the respondents do not leave it in the middle and actually stick to till the end. But the real impression happens in the end.

A customized thank you page is a page having any text, pictures, videos, URL or any type of informative content on your survey exit page. Once the respondent completes the survey and clicks on “Submit”, an exit page shows a certain message. Now, customizing this exit page is nothing but adding messages or text at the end of the survey so that it leaves a good impression of your brand on people. 

A thank you page will help you engage your audience and create good relationships with customers. This thank you page can be customized to inherit your brand’s logo, colors, theme and motto. Some of the content that you can embed on the exit page with a thank you message can be:

  • Some important instructions to be followed or good to know.
  • If it is a quiz, you can add quiz scores or related information.
  • A rewarded survey can have reward details in the end like a coupon code, etc.
  • Contact information is another content that can be added with a thank you message. So respondents know how to reach out to you.
  • A URL to your website.

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Example of thank you pages in survey

Use of customizable thank you pages

We know that the thank you page is displayed at the end of a survey when respondents submit the survey. It is a good opportunity to thank the respondents for investing their time and efforts in answering your survey. 

Apart from this message, you can also offer them a discount as a reward, or a suggestion, URL to your website or any latest news or blogs regarding your brand.

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Advantages of customizable thank you pages in surveys

  • Adding a thank you message should be looked at as an opportunity to interact more with your customers. Some might want to explore your website or need contact details. Identify your customer needs and mention those helps along with thank you message. 
  • Promoting new products or services through exit pages is a good marketing tactic. New product launches can be advertised to the people by adding the teaser or related information with the thank you message.
  • With a soft and empathetic thank you message, you can easily build sensible relation with respondents. Let them know you respect them for investing time in you and are grateful to serve them. 
  • You can add customized discounts and coupons in the end as a token for thank you.

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