Survey Templates

Choose from a wide range of survey templates to help you get started on your research! We’re always updating this page with more templates, so keep checking in! Do keep in mind that these survey templates are here to serve as inspiration – both in terms of content and survey design, and can give you a small preview of what’s possible with Voxco’s omnichannel survey software.

Survey Template Library survey templates

Learn survey design with sample survey templates

Surveys are the perfect way to connect with your target audience. If you are not an expert at survey designing or are wondering what questions you should ask your audience, our sample survey templates can help you.


Get inspiration for your survey design. 

Enhance your survey design skills with sample templates. 

Ensure consistent survey design by using similar sample templates. 

Save time & get a head start on survey design. 

Learn how to customize surveys for different purposes. 

Customer Experience Templates

Assess the amount of engagement between businesses and their consumers and business partners. Measure customer engagement with solitary choice questions in order to improve interactions.

Enhance your Customer Experience with our CX survey templates! Better understand customer pain points and develop an enriching customer journey with Voxco.

Customer Experience Survey Templates

Employee Experience​ Templates

Employee experience survey questions enable you to assess your organization’s staff satisfaction levels and increase employee mood, morale, and productivity. Use this template to support your staff and HR strategy in order to foster a work culture that allows your firm to succeed from within.  

Reduce employee churn with our Employee Experience survey templates. Understand areas of concern within your organization and boost employee productivity!

Employee Experience Survey Templates

Market Research Templates

Market research can be useful in determining the efficiency of your marketing activities. Measure customer awareness and response to certain marketing campaigns and activities as well.

Learn key drivers behind market trends. Better understand your target audience with Voxco’s Market Research survey templates.

Market Research Survey Templates

Product Experience Templates

What is it about your products that draw customers to your brand – or drives them away? Discover how your consumers perceive and engage with your product or service. Gather insight into what your consumers enjoy and enhance your product or service.

Our product experience survey templates will help you understand customer preferences and develop a coherent product strategy!

Product Experience Survey Templates

Patient Experience Templates

Capture self-reported patient judgments of many touchpoints during their medical treatment experience with patient satisfaction questionnaires.

Better understand patient concerns with our patient experience survey templates. Perform better in mandated PX tests with Voxco!

Patient Experience Survey Templates

Survey Methodologies

Not sure which survey questions are right for your research? Our library of survey features can help!

Survey Methodologies Survey Templates

Survey Templates

Surveys are an excellent method to measure customer, employee, or even general public sentiment about your business. You can create a personalized survey template library that can boost your inflows and can be preserved for future use.

What Is a Survey Template?

A survey template is a pre-designed series of questions that you can use as inspiration to design your own surveys. 

Survey templates are designed in ways that give you an example of questions you can ask to collect feedback on a variety of issues, including customer satisfaction, quality of products and services, and employee engagement.

You can also have a personal question library in which you save commonly asked questions. A survey template library can improve your survey development experience.

Types of Survey Templates

There are many types of survey templates that are used by organizations for different purposes. Some of them are as follows:

1. Customer Engagement Surveys

This type of survey includes customer service, customer churn, retention, customer satisfaction, customer experience, and many more.

Customer surveys can give a basic understanding of how your consumers are feeling, especially whether they are satisfied with your brand & offerings. The cornerstone of any profitable organization is keeping consumers interested, as highly involved customers are more likely to buy and promote more, displaying loyalty.

2. Employee Engagement Surveys

It includes onboarding surveys, employee exit surveys, employee feedback surveys, eNPS®, well-being, and many more.

Employee Engagement Surveys are intended to test and analyze how committed and motivated your employees are to strive for excellence every day at work. It also helps you gauge the office environment. 

These surveys can provide information on employees’ ideas and attitudes regarding their jobs and the workforce’s health. You can also identify areas that are preventing your staff from functioning at their best.

By gradually improving your core engagement drivers, you will develop a more productive and efficient staff as well as a more lucrative organization.

3. Academic Surveys

These include student satisfaction surveys, course evaluation surveys, teacher evaluation surveys, student environment surveys, and many others.

Academic surveys are one of the finest ways to learn about the students and their parent’s perceptions of an educational institution’s efforts. A questionnaire created by industry specialists aids in the examination of parent/student comments on a course evaluation, curriculum development, training sessions, and so on.

4. Market Research Surveys

This form of the survey includes brand awareness surveys, market trends, competitor analysis,  post-test campaigns surveys, event registration and evaluation surveys, and many more.

Market research is an economical and efficient method of gathering information from your target audiences. It assists you to understand many characteristics of your target market, helping you to make better judgments. This encompasses everything from evaluating the appropriate price for your items to assessing the possible market size.

5. Industry Surveys

It includes surveys such as strategic planning surveys, supplier service evaluation surveys, project management surveys, consumer finances, etc.

Skillfully created survey templates that are tailored to certain sectors aid in the collection of detailed feedback or information from customers in a variety of industries, including event management, the hotel business, the fast food industry, and transportation, to mention a few. 

Through these survey templates, industry players can learn what’s working for them and what requires more attention from a customer standpoint.

6. Product / Service Experience Surveys

This type of survey includes new product surveys, product feedback surveys, price estimation surveys, product concept surveys, and many more. 

Product experience refers to how a customer interacts with a product or service based on its aesthetics, attractiveness, and any feelings it elicits. A product experience survey can assist marketers and researchers in determining what aspects of their product appeal (or do not appeal) to customers.

7. Patient / Healthcare Surveys

This type of survey includes patient experience surveys, appointment surveys, post-visit experience surveys, staff feedback surveys, and many more.

A patient/healthcare survey is a technique used to collect data on the behavior of a particular demographic of individuals in a given location. This type of survey assists healthcare professionals in better understanding how a community views health.

Now that you’ve learned the types of templates available for the survey template library. Let us learn about the benefits of survey templates.

Benefits of Survey Templates Library

Survey templates can prove really useful. Let us see through the following points.

  1. Get inspiration on how to design surveys. 
  2. Learn what questions can be asked. 
  3. Explore the question types that can be used in the survey. 
  4. Get a strong foothold on receiving responses.
  5. Time spent learning how to create surveys can be reduced.
  6. Discover innovative ways to create effective surveys.

Why should you use sample survey templates?

Using sample survey templates can enhance your survey design process and help you create a professional survey without any expert help. Below we mention some reasons why you should use sample questionnaire templates. 

  1. Sample templates can serve as a source of inspiration. It can give ideas about how you can structure your surveys, what question types to use, and how to word your questions. 
  2. Samples of survey templates demonstrate how you can utilize different types of questions to gather information on specific research subjects. It can help you learn how to customize your surveys to meet the unique need of your research. 
  3. Using similar templates helps you maintain design consistency. It ensures a cohesive look and feels when you can conduct multiple surveys for the same project. 
  4. Sample templates are designed by research experts. Using it as inspiration helps you ensure that your survey gathers quality data. 
  5. Sample survey templates help you get a head start in your survey design process by giving you a clear picture of how your survey should look like. 
  6. Using samples also helps you save the effort of creating a new survey from scratch.
  7. Using sample templates can also be a learning opportunity for new researchers. You can learn the rationale behind different question types and understand the best practices of survey design.


1. Why should you use surveys?

Surveys are a valuable data collection tool that enables you to engage with your target population and gather feedback from them directly. This research approach includes a structured process of collecting and analyzing data. The survey data helps you gain a better understanding of the audiences’ opinions, preferences, pain points, behaviors, and satisfaction.

Survey data helps you identify growth opportunities and make informed decisions. It helps you uncover what you must do increase satisfaction level of your target audience and boost brand growth. 

2. What are sample survey templates?

Sample survey templates are pre-designed survey questionnaires available in online survey tools. Sample questionnaires provide you a starting point to design your surveys. The sample templates demonstrates the questions types, response options, and survey flow your surveys should have based on the research goal. It is a source of learning and inspiration specially for those who are new at designing surveys. 

3. How would a sample survey template help my business?

A sample survey template can significantly benefit your business in several ways:

  1. Inspiration and ideas: You can use it as a source of ideas and inspiration on how to structure your survey and the types of questions to include. By examining different samples, you can adopt various approaches to suit your specific survey objectives.
  2. Customization guidance: It demonstrates how you can use different types of questions to gather specific data on a specific subject. It can guide you in how to customize your survey to meet unique research needs, such as adding or modifying questions, rearranging sections, or incorporating skip patterns.
  3. Learning opportunity: Exploring various sample survey templates can be a valuable learning experience, especially for new researchers. You can learn how to use structure your surveys and what question types to use. 

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