Why Voxco?

Gather omnichannel feedback at scale

Create sophisticated surveys with drag and drop

Enterprise grade data privacy and security

Access 10 Mn+ respondents

Automate data analysis and reports

Trigger follow ups for 1 on 1 experience

Get global best-in-class 24/7 support

Why we are different? why voxco
Why we are different? why voxco
Why we are different? why voxco

Trusted by leading organizations

500+ Brands | Top 50 MR firms | 40+ Countries

Voxco makes research simple

Omnichannel research platform

Reach your audience anytime and anywhere via a channel of their choice. Use our Online, Offline, and Phone survey software to create personalized interactions at every step of the journey.

Proprietary telephony technology

Voxco CATI mode + Cloud-based Dialer + Voxco IVR

Voxco TCPA Connect offers US survey call centers a distinct-manual dialing environment that’s actually productive.

User-friendly interface

Our drag-and-drop survey builder reduces the need to script your surveys. Get 100+ question types plus apply advanced logic & piping to create interactive surveys that lead to maximum responses.

“Voxco Online provides, quite simply, the best value in the industry”

Why we are different? why voxco

“Since the last 12 years, Voxco has been with us in carrying out our online studies, whether it’s the gift studies or even our studies on client satisfaction.”

Why we are different? why voxco
Why we are different? why voxco

Flexible hosting choice

SaaS or On-premise!

Host data in the cloud for scalability or install on-premise for total control to ensure data privacy and security.

Enterprise-grade survey software

Host data in the Cloud for scalability or install on-premise for total control, to ensure data privacy and security. Our enterprise-grade platform supports advanced statistical and text analysis, powerful workflows, intuitive reporting, and world-class data security. It complies with the highest standards such as GDPR, TCPA, and SOC-2.

Professional services

Minimize onboarding time and transitions with our amazing support team. By customizing the platform to meet your needs and training users, we minimize downtime and prepare you to start your research faster.

“Since using the integrated Voxco platform, we have significantly increased our productivity and made the management of the thousands of songs that we process each year much more efficient.”

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“We’ve been avid users of the Voxco platform now for over 20 years. It gives us the flexibility to routinely enhance our survey toolkit and provides our clients with a more robust dataset and story to tell their clients.”

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What Makes Voxco Unique

Voxco is built for the non-technical members of your team. It complements the cutting-edge technology with the ease of use you expect from advanced software, thus empowering researchers to launch surveys with more confidence.

Why we are different? why voxco

Intuitive survey software

The ease of use and powerful scripting makes survey creation a breeze. Create simple, quirky, or complex surveys for any use case. Or simply upload your questionnaire from MS Word and customize it as you want. 

Why we are different? why voxco

Create your target audience

Access 10M+ respondents across different industries and use 90+ data & profiling points to create the right target audience for your research. Set your own quotas and add screening questions to hyper-target.

Why we are different? why voxco

Connect across multiple channels

Our integrated platform gives you more choice than online surveys to connect with your audience. Approach them face-to-face or via phone to offer a personalized experience. Use our multi-mode service to leverage Voxco Offline or Telephone with Voxco Online.

Why we are different? why voxco

Ensure data quality

Only gather reliable data from authentic sources to minimize the risk of skewed data. Voxco performs quality checks to deter bots, frauds, and bad actors from ruining data integrity.

Why we are different? why voxco

Eliminate human error

Automate data weighing and prep as soon as data enters the platform. Uncover trends and patterns using statistical analysis. Convert data into insights using text analysis.

Why we are different? why voxco

Become data-driven 

Use our interactive and configurable dashboard to generate actionable insights and deliver the right data to the right person at the right time. Maintain data transparency with an omnichannel platform to drive performance and confident decision-making. 

Trusted by leading organizations

500+ Brands | Top 50 MR firms | 40+ Countries

Founded over 45 years ago, Voxco has become the global leader in omnichannel survey software. Voxco aims to transform the world by unlocking the full potential of data and enabling researchers & professionals to be the changemakers.

Our values are the core of our business – 

Customer Focused

Growth Mindset Oriented



Transparency & Bias for action

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