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Project deadlines are getting shorter and budgets are getting tighter. And yet, your survey team is slowed down by a clunky, inflexible CATI survey system. Your system provider only gives poor and slow support. Your team’s productivity is less than what you need. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone – in the last 45 years Voxco has helped hundreds of companies with phone survey centers transition to a better and more flexible solution.

With advanced telephony features & integrated telephony system, conduct large scale inbound and outbound phone surveys with ease, improve ROI and reduce overall operational costs

Access Advanced features like Call monitoring, recording, playback

Call respondents instantly with one click

Enhance productivity by deciding cadence in advance

Supervisor can connect or takeover any call in real time

Set up automated pre-recorded call flow and improve efficiency

Access Power, Predictive, Preview and Hybrid modes.

Skill based smart omnichannel routing

Manage quotas based on agent history and performance with ease

Monitor interviewers in real time

Manage incoming customer queries efffectively

Intelligent answer machine detector to improve call time

Efficient call back queue management system for better customer experience

On-Premise/ Cloud Hosting

Choose hosting according to your requirements

Coach interviewers remotely at scale

Manage all outbound call projects

Access Secure CATI Platform

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See Voxco IVR Survey Software in action.

Powerful phone survey software

Survey organizations around the world have maximized their CATI software ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of Voxco’s CATI software.

Dynamic CATI survey design tools

Our telephone survey design tool is nearly limitless.

  • Easily create highly complex surveys with advanced question types and multiple conditions.
  • Let interviewers switch between multiple languages.
  • Make survey changes on the go without stopping fieldwork. Define sophisticated calling rules to manage your sampling requirements.
  • Voxco’s CATI systems make it easier to set up projects exactly the way you need them.
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Integrated telephony system

Unlike most other computer-assisted telephone interviewing software, Voxco CATI interviews can be seamlessly integrated with an entire telephony system of your choice.

  • Voxco Dialer offers automated, manual, or hybrid dialing modes to maximize dialing productivity.
  • Optimize interviewing resources by blending inbound and outbound calls, and improve response rates by using Voxco IVR to handle returned calls.
  • For US clients looking to comply with new FCC regulation,Voxco TCPA Connect offers multiple manual dialing environment scenarios that can be tailored to specific needs.

Powerful Analytics for CATI project

  • Monitor all interviewer activity in real time using live visual dashboards 
  • Customize dashboards to track metrics relevant to your organization
  • Track individual interviewer progress, generate custom alerts & provide immediate feedback
  • Generate in-depth organizational performance reports with one click
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Software transition services that minimize downtime

Our team works during off-hours and transitions interviewers and projects in batches to minimize downtime. We’re intimately familiar with competing software, and have fine-tuned our data transfer and survey replication processes to ensure data integrity. You literally have nothing to lose.

Sophisticated fieldwork management tools

In feature comparisons, Voxco CATI software comes out on top. Maximize response rates with fieldwork tools like time zone management, interviewer roles, and smoothing functions.

Manage high volume CATI research with advanced supervisor, interviewer and dialer features. Explore what Voxco CATI can do for you.

Supercharge your phone surveys with Voxco. Boost productivity by 400% or more with integrated telephony software.

Improve productivity with integrated telephony system

Survey organizations around the world have maximized their CATI software ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of Voxco’s CATI software.

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Why switch to Voxco?


Better productivity

New clients report major improvements to hourly talk times (as high as 52 minutes) and overall project and call efficiency with Voxco’s CATI software.


Powerful features

In feature comparisons, Voxco CATI beats the competition with call blending, in-call routing, IVR, flexible quota creation, and more.


Single-vendor advantage

Imagine maintaining only one provider and licensing/support agreement, and not having to rely on inter-system compatibility.


Large or small

Flexible survey software and pricing help us work with both the largest industry-leaders and the smallest phone survey centers.


Centralized and Omnichannel CATI interviewing

Manage phone surveys centrally (one platform integrated with online & face to face) for efficient sample management and results analysis.


Manual dialling compliance

Voxco TCPA Connect offers US survey call centers a distinct-manual dialling environment that’s actually productive.



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What is a CATI Survey Software?

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) is a telephone survey software that is guided by a questionnaire displayed on a computer screen. CATI survey software makes telephone interviewing easier to conduct as the interviewer enters the responses in real-time while they are talking to respondents. This allows researchers to obtain insights quicker as they don’t have to wait for the transcription or coding of responses. CATI survey software is also popular due to its remote site capabilities that allow interviewers to conduct surveys no matter where they are.

What are the Benefits of Using a CATI Survey Software?

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of using a CATI survey system:


Quicker Data Entry

Agents enter interviewee responses into the CATI platform as soon as it is obtained, making the data entry process much quicker. Additionally, the data is inputted in a structured format, eliminating the need for manual transcription and data entry.


Increased Agent Productivity:

CATI survey software takes care of sample distribution and routing instructions, allowing agents to focus on the interviews themselves.


Remote Site Supervision:

The CATI survey software provides remote supervision for home agents and therefore facilitates conducting interviews from multiple sites.


Multilingual Capabilities:

Some CATI survey software, such as Voxco’s, facilitate multilingual capabilities even within one study.


Seamless Omnichannel Integration:

Manages phone, online, and offline survey channels from a single integrated platform designed to optimize multi-mode studies.


Sophisticated Fieldwork Management Tools:

CATI survey software helps maximise your survey response rates with tools such as time zone management and smoothing functions.

Why is a CATI Survey Software Important?

CATI survey software has a lot of different benefits, some discussed above, that help create a seamless surveying experience. CATI platform can increase accuracy, provide increased management control, and improved productivity. Additionally, compared to other surveying methods, CATI phone survey facilitates more efficient data collection as respondent answers are inputted into the computer in real-time. This eliminates the time wasted in transcription and data entry.

What are the Major Features of a CATI Survey Software?

These are some of the major features of CATI survey software:


Call Management Functions:

CATI survey software must have call management functions such as smart call routing skills.


Sample Management Functions:

The CATI platform gives the ability to schedule and allocate telephone numbers to different interviewers.


Real-Time Field Supervision Functions:

CATI software allows for the live monitoring of call outcomes, response rates, and scheduling of interview appointments.


Access to Interviewer Tools:

Telephone survey software or CATI empowers interviewers with tools such as pop-up calender to set up interview appointments & options to add general comments across calls.

How does CATI software work?

CATI software is also called a telephone survey software because it is carried out by telephone. 

The working of a CATI phone survey is simple. Telephones are used to carry on the interviews/ surveys, which are guided by a questionnaire displayed on the interviewer’s computer screen. 

The inetrviewer fills the answers using the keyboard & mouse based on the precoded reposes displayed on the computer screen. 

The telephone survey software also manages the routing or logic of survey during the interview.

What are the advantages of a phone survey software?

There are several advantages of conducting CATI phone survey: 

CATI phone surveys reduce the time taken to conduct interviews/surveys. The telephone survey software records & saves the survey data immediately in your interface. 

The phone survey software also makes calls or recalls the list of numbers automatically. 

A CATI survey is conducted in the presence of a live agent. The live agent can solve a respondent’s issue regarding the survey questions to avoid wrong answers. Moreover, the CATI system is built to prevent errors during the survey & in the recording of the answers. Thus assuring data quality.  

A CATI survey can be monitored by the supervisors/managers. You can monitor the survey progress, the answers provided by the respondents, the incomplete answers, and more. You can also monitor the time taken for each interview to optimize the productivity & redesign the survey. 

A CATI system is built with smart time-zone management. The interviewers can conduct surveys anytime and anywhere around the world. 

CATI surveys are particularly beneficial to gather data from respondents who has access to phone but not a computer. 

What features should a CATI software have?

The CATI features you should look for when choosing a telephone survey software are as follows: 

Survey design tools: 

  • It should allow you to build highly complex survey with advanced survey logic or branching. 
  • The CATI system should allows you to switch languages. 
  • THe fieldwork should remain frictionales. It should enable you to make change during survey. 
  • Define calling rules to manage sample requirements. 

Integrated phone survey software: 

  • It should offer options for automated, manual, and hybrid dialing modes to maximize productivity. 
  • Inbound & outbound class to improve response rates. 

Powerful analytics: 

  • Real-time monitoring of interviewer’s activity using live dashboard. 
  • Track individual progress, generate alerts, and provide feedback.