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Introduction to Automated Predictive Dialer

Customer Service has undergone a transformation to match the increasing demand of the customers and clients. Advanced technology has been introduced in the call center industry to streamline the workload and workflow. 

As a result, the new technology has impacted customer service and strengthened customer support. 

An Automated Predictive Dialer is a technology developed to aid the agents in the contact center to up their work pace.

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What is an Automated Predictive Dialer?

An Automated Predictive Dialer is a form of an automated dialer. The function of an Automated Predictive Dialer is to place phone calls for the agents before they become available. Designed to increase an agent’s productivity, the dialer helps to generate as many leads and conversions as possible.

The aim of an Automated Predictive Dialer is a high calling rate. And so, it tries to connect with as many contacts as possible. The Automated Predictive Dialer dials multiple phone numbers at once and connects the call that was answered to the next available agent. 

In case a call goes unanswered the dialer moves on to the next contact. When the call is answered it would connect the next available contact center agent to the customer. This leads to an increase in productivity. With the use of an Automated Predictive Dialer, time is used efficiently in talking to the customer.

How does an Automated Predictive Dialer work?

Unlike the traditional way of dialing the number manually, the Automated Predictive Dialer does all the work by itself. 

  • The dialer predicts the number of free agents before it starts dialing
  • The call center dialer goes through the list by calling contacts 
  • It configures the probability of calls connecting to a customer (rejects answering machine) 
  • The available agent is connected and the intended purpose of the call is accomplished
  • The dialer once again starts analyzing the predictive model while the agent is talking to the customer
  • The agent is connected again to accomplish the business goal

Four Factor that impacts on Automated Predictive Dialer


The pacing algorithm is a mathematical formula that the dialer uses in predicting the number of calls it should place in relation to the number of agents available. 

The algorithm helps in creating a balance between the number of outbound calls and the number of free agents. As a result, the balance leads to effective productivity. 

The algorithm also takes into consideration the number of agents available. This implies that the dialer increases the number of calls when more agents are available. In the case of fewer agents, it slows down the dialing and makes fewer calls. 

Abandon Rate:

A call center manager aims to ensure that the numbers of abandoned calls remain less while also reducing idle time for agents.

The Automated Predictive Dialer makes calls aggressively. However, in case too many calls are dialed before any agent is available it will stretch the time before a customer is connected to a live agent. The customer may have to hear an awkward silence before an agent is connected. This will result in the customer/client abandoning the call. 

Large Campaigns:

Automated Predictive Dialer is believed to be best suited for large campaigns. It operates better when the data is extensive. The dialer learns more from extensive statistical data and has more room to improve its prediction algorithm.


Automated Predictive Dialer can change its dialing speed based on the number of agents available. So, the dialer software requires data on live and idle agents and call details like average call duration. Such data makes it easy for the Automated Predictive Dialer to perform its algorithm and place calls.

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What are the Features of Automated Predictive Dialer?

What are the benefits of Automated Predictive Dialer?

The features of Automated Predictive Dialer produce several benefits. It leads to more productivity and effective customer service. Some of these benefits are mentioned as follows.

Enhanced Productivity:

The dialer connects the agent only when a human receives the call. Moreover, it makes calls one after another with accuracy. The dialer calls the next number right when the agent is about to complete the call. This reduces the time spent waiting for the call to connect.

CRM Integration:

Integration of Automated Predictive Dialer with CRM helps in keeping the information of the customers/clients seamless. The agent can access all the information they need when talking to the specific customer.

Increased Sales:

Connecting to a high number of prospects increases the chance of sales conversion. Moreover, the option of scheduling calls can make the customer/client feel that they are prioritized by the company. This puts the company in good light to the customer and leads to successful conversions.

Customer-friendly Calls:

The demographic feature such as filtering time-zone ensures that the customers are not bothered at inappropriate times. The calls are only made when it is appropriate for a better possibility of connecting with the client/customer.

Cloud Technology:

Cloud technology supporting the Automated Predictive Dialer makes it cost-efficient and saves time as well. Cloud technology also allows real-time updates which can be accessed from anywhere as long as the agent has an internet connection.

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With Voxco’s Dialer you can:

Automate Dialing: The time-consuming manual dialing can be shifted from the agents and customized for either full or partial automated modes. Voxco has a range of auto dialer software & call center dialers

Single-system efficiency: Voxco Cloud Dialer starts dialing contact numbers based on the calling rules set by you in the project design phase. 

Research-specific Dialing Algorithm: Voxco Dialer is based on intelligent, predictive calling algorithms designed for survey research. 

Adjust Call Rate: With Voxco Dialer you can dynamically adjust the call rate based on changes in your call center’s answer rates.

Survey Analytics

Voxco Survey Analytics involves a drag-and-drop function that allows you to create a crosstab. Crosstabs include automatic stat testing that applies color codes to cells where statistical significance is found.

Voxco survey analytics software, crosstabs can be turned into visual charts with one simple click. You can gain a deeper understanding of your survey results by applying dynamic filters to charts.

When ready to share, you can simply export to PowerPoint with the underlying data. Or, you can publish to the Key Findings Portal. 

Voxco survey analytics software comes with a key findings portal that enables you to securely share your most important findings with colleagues and clients.


An Automated Predictive Dialer is a form of an automatic dialer. It makes calls for agents before the agent becomes available. This helps in reducing idle time and increasing agent efficiency. Thus, an Automated Predictive Dialer is used to increase productivity and improve call center performance.

An Automated Predictive Dialer operates by using an algorithm to predict when an agent will be available and the call duration. The dialer then modifies its dialing rate based on the call answer time and availability of the agents.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act does not allow any telemarketing company that uses an autodialer to place calls which are uninvited. As mentioned, DNC numbers cannot be called. 

Hence, Automated Predictive Dialer is not illegal as long as it does not make restricted or uninvited calls.

The effectiveness of Automated Predictive Dialers depends on the size of the call center and the team of agents. However, Automated Predictive Dialers have delivered dramatic results. A study has shown that Automated Predictive Dialers can improve 200 to 300% of agent productivity.

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