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What is reminder send out?

In reminder send out, an email is shared with the respondents to remind them to answer a survey. The reminder email is an effective way of following up with your target audience and plays a key role in convincing them to fill out your survey. You can schedule a reminder send out only after sharing a survey invitation email with your audience.

There are two kinds of reminder emails – manual and automated. While you can send a manual reminder email instantly to one or more respondents, the automated reminder emails are sent at a definite time period after scheduling invitation emails.

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Example of Reminder Send Out

You’ve sent an invitation email to your customers for a feedback survey. As some of them haven’t participated, so you’re sending them a reminder email. 

Here’s the content of the reminder email: 

Hi {first name}, 

As we want to gather your feedback about our products, we shared with you an invite to our (Survey_Link) last week. 

The survey won’t take much time of yours (will take about 5 mins only) and you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card after submitting your response.  

Your feedback is crucial as it will help us improve our products. 

Let us know in case of any queries. 

{Your Name}
{Designation – Company Name}

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Where is reminder send out used?

There are many people who just ignore the survey invitation emails that you’d sent. While some people ignore them intentionally, some are too busy to go through each mail in their inbox. When your target audience doesn’t revert to your survey invitation or ignore your request, it’s better to nudge them again to participate in the survey. In such scenarios, sending a reminder email can definitely help. Leveraging a reminder send out, many of those people are likely to answer your survey which boosts completion rates and contributes to better insights.  

Voxco makes it easy for you to send reminder emails. By empowering businesses to share reminders with their customers who haven’t taken the survey, Voxco’s reminder send out propels them to answer the survey, thereby streamlining the process of gathering customer feedback. This unique functionality is beneficial for universities to remind their students about participating in the course assessment surveys. 

What are the advantages of reminder send out?

High Response Rates: Leveraging reminder send out, you can convince your target audience to participate in your surveys. The reminder emails make respondents feel valued and they end up answering your survey. This contributes to high response rates. 

Data Accuracy: By sending reminder emails, this functionality plays a vital role in validating the email addresses of the participants. This further helps to ensure that the collected data is accurate and doesn’t require any changes.

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