Retail Customer Experience Solution for CX Excellence

Reinvent customer journey & transform the retail customer experience. 

Listen to customers’ voices, uncover insights, and take effective actions to gain customers for life.

No-code platform | 50+ integration | ROI in 21 days 


Drive loyalty, maximize customer lifetime value, and improve business efficiency with intelligent & scalable retail solutions.

Voxco’s retail customer experience solution is built for businesses to gather, analyze, and act on customers’ insight and redefine experience across the entire shopping journey.

Earn customers with superior experiences

Capture Voice of Customer:

Gather customer feedback with interactive surveys via their preferred channels with our engagement platform for retail. Bring customers’ voices inside the organization & uncover the key drivers to improve their experience.

Uncover Insights: 

Leverage AI & ML capabilities to generate real-time insights with incoming feedback. Anticipate customer behavior & identify what truly matters to your customers.

Deliver Exemplary Experience: 

Orchestrate shopping experience from the customer’s point of view using experience software for retail. Use AI-driven recommendations to deliver a targeted experience at the right moment & drive customer loyalty.

Happy Shoppers with Retail Customer Experience Solution

Understand your customers’ expectations: 
  • Build engaging surveys to capture customer feedback & understand their experience at different stages of the customer journey. 
  • Unify customer data from multiple sources to create a 360 view of customer experience with your brand.
Drive engagement & loyalty: 
  • Use NPS® , CX, CSAT, and more surveys to identify at-risk customers & take actions to re-engage them with targeted campaigns with our engagement platform for retail. 
  • Leverage predictive analytics to uncover opportunities to improve loyalty and cater to their expectation.
Optimize retail planning: 
  • Identify drivers of store performance and analyze store potential using customer, assortment, and catchment data. 
  • Monitor supply-chain performance metrics and control everyday operations across your retail business.
Build customer-centricity across organization: 
  • Leverage a role-based dashboard to empower employees to prioritize resolving critical issues & offer excellent service when it matters the most. 
  • Empower your employees with AI-powered analytics tools to have a pulse of customer experience to take preventive actions and cultivate customer relationships.
Foster employee-centric culture: 
  • Solicit employee feedback across the employee lifecycle with the Voice of Employee survey. 
  • Analyze employee experience & identify drivers of employee engagement to nurture happy employees.

Walmart used Voxco Research to improve its Grocery PickUp service.


Starbucks experiences a 12% revenue hike by implementing data-driven loyalty strategies.

One-stop Retail Customer Experience Solution

Flexible hosting 3
Flexible Hosting:  Voxco’s retail customer experience solution hosting options let you choose what is best for your business – on-site or SaaS.
Engaging Surveys: Create any type of survey with sophisticated logic, advanced question types, multi-language capability, and more.
Close the loop:  Insights through root cause analysis provide clarity on experience gaps. Reduce churn by quickly acting on customer feedback using our experience software for retail.
Average Handle Time
Real-time Insights:  Our engagement platform for retail delivers real-time insight from surveys. Get an early read on trends emerging in your study.
Customer 360: Break down data silos & get an integrated view of all your customers across transactions, interaction, feedback, social, etc.
Sentiment Analytics:  Analyze text feedback in real-time and classify the hidden sentiment into– positive, negative, and neutral.
Predictive Analytics:  Build predictive models to anticipate customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience.
Powerful dashboards
Role-based Dashboard:  Deliver relevant, real-time insights to the right people with role-based dashboards.

Customer Experience in Retail

Retail journey is about more than buying products. It’s about having the best experience and building a deep connection with the brand. 

Leading retailers create personalized & seamless customer experiences across every interaction and every channel. They do it by using customer data and AI. 

Retail customer experience solution is one such platform that combines the power of data and the capabilities of AI/ML to help you deliver a personalized shopping experience. 

What is a Retail Customer Experience Solution?

In the retail & e-commerce industry nurturing trust and building loyalty across every interaction is important. An engagement software for retail helps you understand how your customers feel and recommends the best action to boost customer satisfaction. 

A retail customer experience solution enables you to leverage data to anticipate customer needs and personalize the shopping experience. 

Why do you need a retail customer experience solution?

A retail business needs more than innovative products and low prices. They need a good experience to attract shoppers and retain customers for a lifetime. 

Using a retail customer experience solution you can collect customer feedback across every touchpoint and use it to offer personalized products. The personalized approach will help retailers to make customers feel important and drive brand loyalty. 

How do you improve the customer retail experience?

Whether it’s online shopping or in-store browsing, customers expect a personalized and connected experience. For retailers, it means all hands on deck. CX is a company-wide effort and so every team must have a complete view of customer data to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Invest in omnichannel engagement: 

Shoppers often start their journey on social media, then the app, then store, again the app, then the website for comparison, and then the app for purchase. With so many touchpoints and channels, you need to ensure the communication is relevant and consistent. 

With omnichannel, you can integrate all customer data and enhance the customer experience across all channels at all times. 

Personalize the entire journey: 

From communication to recommended products, personalize every aspect of the customer journey. 

Utilizing customer data and predictive models you can empower employees with recommendations on the next-best actions to capitalize on opportunities. 

Bridge experience gaps: 

Experience is a competitive advantage in a saturated market. Leverage an end-to-end insights platform to close the experience gap at the right moment and take proactive actions to increase customer satisfaction.

How does Voxco’s retail customer experience solution help?

Build engaging surveys to capture customer feedback & understand their experience at different stages of the customer journey.

Develop 360 view of customers by unifying survey data, inventory data, call transcript, and historical data. Democratize customer data to deliver the right insight to the right team.

Leverage ML models to identify drivers of store performance and analyze store potential using customer, assortment, and catchment data.

With predictive analytics, you can use the data to anticipate customer behavior and find opportunities for cross-selling & upselling.

Empower employees with a role-based dashboard  to prioritize resolving critical issues & offer excellent service when it matters the most.