Voxco Survey Software is the ideal tool for market researchers. In this industry, researchers require their surveys to have the capacity to conduct intricate studies, as well as more simple studies. Voxco is a flexible survey platform that molds easily to market researchers needs. This is further indicated by Voxco’s long list of market research firms in their client roster.

Voxco Survey Software can be used by researchers doing studies in the academic space, as demonstrated by our many academically situated clients. The survey modes they most often use are online web-based surveys, phone-based (CATI) surveys, or a mix of both to maximize their reach. Academic researchers require survey software that is robust and has complex capabilities in order to get the level of data they require for their studies.

Please note that Voxco Survey Software is not an ideal solution for students looking to do research projects.

There are many reasons that your current survey software may not be working for you, perhaps it’s not flexible enough, the UI is too antiquated, or the customer support is unsatisfactory. Voxco is the chosen software for researchers that mean business! The tool is super flexible, with top notch UI and a support team that’ll treat your inquiries with care. Try Voxco.

Voxco Survey Software is modular and flexible by nature. In that regard, pricing for the software will vary depending on a client’s needs. Given our experience working within the industry, our software is priced fairly for most market research budgets. Please contact us for more information.

Voxco is a great survey software to run any type of survey, including employee engagement, customer satisfaction, or transition feedback. From the marketing department, the insights department, or human resources, the tool can be used to streamline your understanding of internal and external factors.

An effective survey software needs to be built to reach respondents wherever they are. That could mean on the phone, on the computer, in person, or on their mobile smartphone. That’s why Voxco has made it a priority to have seamless mobile rendering for surveys.

Conditional logical is programmed into a survey to automate different actions based on the respondents’ previous answer. For example: skip logic is when a response indicates that the following question will not be relevant to the respondent, so the survey skips that question, keeping the respondent engaged. Another example of this is branching logic, where a respondent is sent down a path within the survey that is deemed pertinent to them.

Voxco is a survey software provider, we work with clients across many industries – including market researchers. Our survey tools are built by market research experts, so our tools are very well suited to their needs. That being said, we are not a market research firm.

The data we get from conducting survey research is incredibly rich – and can lead to actionable steps for our organizations. That means that survey data analysis must be done correctly. Using a software with a built-in survey analysis tool will save time and money. Voxco Analytics is made to keep data analysis simple and complete with one-click cross tabs!

Voxco is a survey software provider for researchers. We unfortunately do not conduct paid surveys ourselves.

Patient satisfaction surveys are used to measure and assess the quality of health care provided. This type of research may also be referred to as “patient experience”. Health care providers of many types can employ tactics in order to survey their patients. This allows providers to gain a broader understanding of the patient experience using their services. Most survey modes are well-suited for this type of research, as respondents can be reached in a wide variety of ways.

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing or CATI refers to a type of survey that facilitates telephone-based survey interviews, through software. In most cases, the interviewer is reading from a computerized questionnaire and filling in the responses live, while the interview is taking place. This mode is best used in tandem with an integrated dialer. It is also possible to add on an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) system for automated surveys.

Computer-assisted web interviewing or CAWI is a survey type that is done online. For this type of survey, interviewees follow a script provided through a web-hosted questionnaire. In this survey mode, there is a huge capacity for customization through media, as well as statistical logic. The answers feed into the main server (SaaS or on-premises).

Computer-assisted personal interviewing or CAPI is also referred to as face-to-face, or mobile offline interviewing. For this style of interview, the interviewer reads the survey questions off a device (most likely a tablet) as they interview the respondent. This mode is restricted by its potential reach by the interviewers’ capabilities.