Call Center Management Software

What is a Call Center Management Software?

A call center management software is a type of technology catered specifically toward businesses (B2B) in order to help them effectively handle large volumes of customer interactions that take place through calls. It helps streamline interactions between customers and agents with the goal of providing a better customer experience. Call center management software is a one-stop solution to managing customer relationships by taking effective control over complete customer engagement and communication.

Call center management software systems to allow for the effortless management of all your business phone calls. They also allow voice-based communications to be carried out through the internet and they also automate processes involving the transferring and responding of customer calls. 

Additionally, call center management software can give you access to many features and help boost the productivity of your call center agents. The use of call center management software improves customer experience drastically by making it easier to reach customers, and more importantly, easier for them to reach you.

Companies of any size can benefit from the use of call center solutions to help streamline communication processes and deliver superior customer experiences.

What is call center management?

Call centers receive a high number of inbound calls from potential and active customers for query resolution, information or complaints. Call center management is the way through which businesses manage their call center calls. Call center management involves hiring agents, training the agents, distributing the call workload, automating the call routing or generating reports based on the call center KPIs like average call time.

Why should one invest in call center software?

Why Voxco for Call Center Management Software?

Voxco offers a series of tools to effectively assist businesses in all their call center management software needs.

Call Centre Management Software Voxco CATI

Voxco CATI: A Global Leader in Phone Interviewing Systems

Voxco’s Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, or CATI Survey Software, is a fully omnichannel platform that allows you to manage all telephone surveys from a single platform that optimizes multi-mode studies. Its seamless omnichannel integration increases engagement with respondents whether that be through call, offline, or online survey channels. This allows respondents to choose the mode of communication most convenient or accessible to them and widens the potential breadth of responses.

Why is Voxco Call Center Management Software perfect for CATI surveys?

Voxco has dynamic survey design tools for the creation of telephone surveys. Complex surveys employing advanced question types and multiple conditions can be created in the most effortless way. Voxco CATI allows you to make and alter engaging CATI surveys without halting fieldwork. Additionally, our interface allows interviewers to switch between different languages. The features Voxco offers are unparalleled, allowing you to maximize response rates with fieldwork tools such as:

  • Interviewer Roles
  • Zone management
  • Smoothing functions

Additionally, Voxco’s software allows you to launch CATI projects using our Integrated Phone Survey System. Voxco CATI can seamlessly be integrated with an entire telephony system of your choice: Voxco CATI mode can be combined with Voxco’s Cloud Dialer and Voxco IVR to create the most efficient phone survey system.

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Voxco Dialer

Voxco Call center Dialer further increases the productivity of your survey call center. It has enhanced call efficiency with automated dialing that reduces interviewer tasks. Our dialer offers manual, automated, or hybrid dialing modes in order to maximize dialing productivity. Additionally, it has extended interview capabilities, whether that be through recording, playback, conference, or transfer out, and can be seamlessly integrated with Voxco CATI. 

Why is Voxco Dialer a great addition along with the Call Center Management Software?

Voxco’s flexible and current technology includes PBX integration, and allows for call detection on sound and signal analysis. It also provides support with server visualization, VOIP, ISDN, and Analog line. 

Additionally, Voxco’s Dialer gives you greater quality control through advanced productivity monitoring and a sundry of listening and recording options.

  • Listening and recording options:

Allows for live audio monitoring enabling you to listen to ongoing interviews. For future listening, phone interviews can also be fully or partially recorded.  Voxco’s dialer also has a “join mode” that lets supervisors enter the conversation in conference with the interviewer and respondent. Additionally, the dialer has a “whisper mode” that can be used while monitoring so that the supervisor can speak with the interviewer without the respondent hearing their interaction.

  • Advanced Productivity Monitoring

Voxco’s dialer has powerful dashboards that can depict live statistics on lines, agents, and projects. According to your information needs, Voxco’s dialer has reporting capabilities on both CATI and Dialer metrics. Additionally, it has visual customization of interviewer activity status.

Inbound call center cvr

Voxco IVR: Interactive Voice Response System

Voxco’s interactive voice response system works with Voxco Cloud Dialer and can be used to handle incoming calls to your CATI survey center to route calls to your interviewers. It also helps you improve response rates and optimizes interviewing resources by merging inbound and outbound calls.

Why is Voxco Call Center Management Software perfect for IVR surveys?

Voxco IVR Survey Software‘s “privacy mode” can be used for sensitive questions: it transfers back to the respondent for self-completion, before transferring it back to the same agent who will not have access to view their private answers.

Voxco IVR can be used in 3 different modes, and these are:

  • Inbound, where respondents call your center.
  • Outbound, where the IVR, or dialer system, places calls to respondents.
  • Mixed, where it is either inbound or outbound and is used with our other survey modes.

Features to look for while choosing a call center management software

Call center management software adds exceptional values with advanced features. But which features should you focus on while selecting a call center management software?

  • Interactive Voice Response for an efficient self-service option 

Not every customer query requires a live agent’s assistance. Using automated pre-recorded messages, customers can get an option to either give their details, schedule callbacks, or solve their queries using a self-service option. IVR allows call centers to enhance productivity and reduce workloads and call queues. 

  • Screen Pop-ups with customer information 

Screen pop-ups provide customer engagement history and customer interaction information to the agent. This makes agents well equipped to handle customer queries. Voxco’s call center management software allows screen pop-ups for in-house as well as remote agents. 

  • Intelligent Routing for increased first call resolution 

Voxco’s smart routing system automatically routes the calls based on the agent’s history, skill sets, and experience thus improving customer satisfaction and reducing drop rates. 

  • Real-time Reporting

Supervisors should be able to track the agent’s live performance using a single dashboard. Real-time reporting allows supervisors to identify issues and rectify as soon as possible. 

  • Call Monitoring 

Along with reporting, supervisors should have an option to monitor the calls without disturbing respondent or agent experience.

Why select Voxco's Call Center Management Software?

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