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Automated Translations Automated Translations

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Multilingual Surveys for a Multicultural World

Let your surveys speak the language your audience prefers. Get higher engagement by earning their trust.

Automated Translations Automated Translations

Create one survey in multiple languages

Creating multiple surveys for different languages is inefficient. With Automated Translation, you can create multi-lingual surveys and share them with a global audience.

Automated Translations Automated Translations

Choose from 100+ languages

Choose from a range of 100+ languages. Also, create surveys in RTL languages, such as Urdu, Arabic, and more.

Automated Translations Automated Translations

Easy & fast translation with intuitive editor

With our simple language editor, you can select the languages you want to auto-translate the questions and message into.

Automated Translations Automated Translations

Analyze integrated data

Analyze the compiled data in an integrated dashboard no matter what language and gather global opinions without missing any insightful data.

How to translate surveys in Voxco Research

Translating your surveys into multiple languages can take a lot of time. Especially if it’s a long survey. 

With Automated Translation, you can translate online surveys in one click.

Automated Translations Automated Translations
  • Click on the General setting of the survey you want to translate. 

  • Select preferred languages in Internationalization. 

  • Start auto-translating survey questions and messages. 

  • Preview and ensure the translation is up to satisfaction.

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FAQs in Automated Translation

1. What is automated translation of surveys?

Automated survey translation is the process of translating surveys into multiple languages. This allows companies and organizations to reach a wider audience and gather feedback from people who speak different languages. 

A robust survey software should offer you the functionality of automated translations to enable you to translate surveys without needing outside help. 

2. What are the benefits of automated translation?

There are several benefits of using automated translations for surveys:

  1. Wider reach: Automated survey translation allows you to reach a wider audience as it helps you translate your survey into multiple languages. This can be useful if you are targeting a global audience.
  2. Time-saving: It can save you time and effort by quickly translating a large number of surveys.
  3. Cost-effective: Automated translation can be a more cost-effective solution compared to hiring human translators for the need to translate your survey into different languages..
  4. Improved data collection: Translating surveys makes it easier for respondents to offer their response in their own language. This can increase your response rate which can lead to more representative and accurate data. 

3. What are the use cases of automated translation?

There are many potential use cases for automated translations, including:

  1. Marketing research: Companies and organizations can use automated translation to gather feedback from their global consumers. They can dive into the market trends of other countries by gathering data in native language. 
  2. Employee satisfaction: Employers can use survey translation to gather feedback from employees working from different countries or employees who speak different language. It can help create an inclusive work culture. 
  3. Customer service: Companies can use it to gather feedback from customers across the world. A company in the U.S. can gather customer experience data from customer base on Malaysia. 
  4. Educational research: Researchers can use it to gather data from participants in different countries and across various languages.
  5. Nonprofit organizations: Nonprofit organizations can use survey translation to gather data from donors and volunteers across the world regardless of the language they speak.

4. Are there any limitations to using automated translation?

There are a few limitations to using automated survey translation. One limitation is that the translation may not be as accurate as a human translation. Additionally, automated translation may not take into account cultural differences and may not accurately translate idioms or slang. Finally, automated translation is not always able to handle complex sentence structures or questions with multiple parts.