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Boost agent productivity at your call center! Maximize agent productivity and enable your agents to attend more calls!

What is Auto Dialer Software?

Auto Dialer Software can automatically dial numbers from a preselected contact list. Once the call is answered, the auto dialer transfers the call to a free agent at a call center. Contact centers can integrate Auto Dialers with CATI and IVR tools to ensure high productivity levels, and play pre recorded messages. A few dialer technologies available for contact centers:

Predictive dialer
hybrid dialer
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Get better outcomes with Voxco’s Auto Dialer Software

Better agent performance
Improved customer satisfaction
Comprehensive Dashboards

Use Auto Dialer Software for more than just customer support

Voxco’s omnichannel platform can allow call centers to use auto dialers to conduct large scale surveys and feedback management. Leverage Voxco IVR and CATI software for research studies, product feedback and to improve customer experience with your brand. See how Siena College (SCRI) used Voxco’s telephony solutions to make more than 3 million calls to uncover real-time insights into House and Senate elections!

Auto Dialer software use case scenarios

Is it illegal to use Auto Dialer Software

Intrusive Auto Dialer Software can be termed illegal in many regions should the software not meet the interpretations about the same in local laws. Call centers should be judicious in their deployment of auto dialers to avoid any unnecessary backlash. With Voxco TCPA connect, you can avoid this situation entirely, and ensure your calling meets local and federal guidelines. 

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