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What are customizable report themes?

The purpose of conducting surveys is dedicated to studying a particular topic with respect to your organization. It can be gathering customer feedback on customer service, product/service review, advertisement feedback and the list goes on. This survey reports are shared internally as well as externally. Internally the survey reports can be shared with cross-functional teams like sales, marketing, customer support, finance, etc. When it comes to sharing survey reports externally, it involves the stakeholders, social media, potential customers, etc. And when you do, you want the survey reports to represent your brand as much as possible.

Customizable report themes allow you to personalize your survey reports by changing the colors and themes to resemble it more with your brand. Online survey reports can be customized to build brand credibility, identification and authenticity to the external world.

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Uses of customizing survey report themes

When you customize your survey report themes, you help the viewer identify your brand right away. The shareholders, customer investors start looking at survey results and reports keeping in mind your brand image, which helps them relate to your brand value easily. When you publish your reports, it can be identified by your brand externally, showcasing your organization’s efforts. Your reports available for public reference will resemble your brand helping people to recall your brand every time they go through.

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Advantages of customizing survey reports and themes

  • Brand identification and recall – when your survey reports resemble your brand colors and theme, it helps the viewers identify your brand straightaway and recall its value and qualities. 
  • Marketing your brand – sharing survey reports with external audiences gives you an opportunity to market your brand. And with customized survey reports, your brand gets promoted through the colors and themes, logo used. 
  • Authenticity – customized reports provide authenticity to the reports to brand level. When people see brand logos, they trust the reports and results of surveys believing there is a systematic study and research behind them.

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