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What are Email Surveys?

Email Surveys

Email surveys are a type of web survey where surveys, or survey invitation links, are sent to the target audience over email. When a respondent clicks on the survey invitation link, they are redirected to a survey page where they can fill in their responses. Alternatively, some surveys are embedded directly into the email, where respondents can provide feedback on the mail itself. 

Email surveys are one of the most effective methods to collect survey data. It is easier to conduct than other survey methods, is more inexpensive, and can be used to reach a really large sample group.

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Strategies to Create an Effective Email Survey

These are some of the most common types of web surveys:

Reporting insights creatively

Have a Clear Subject Line

If you have a clear and simple subject line, respondents are more likely to open your mail and respond to your survey. Use a subject line that can convey the purpose of the email survey. For example, “your feedback makes us better”.

Customer reports

Mention the Survey Objective

It is important to explain what the data you are collecting will be used for. You can mention how their feedback will help you provide them with better services and will help make better decisions.

Organizing and identifying calls made easy

Mention the Average Time Taken to Complete the Survey

Most surveys do not take too long to complete, and by mentioning how many minutes it takes to complete the survey, respondents may be more willing to provide their feedback.

Helps develop customised products

Provide Incentive

In the survey invitation, it’s important to mention what’s in it for the respondent in order to incentivise them to take your survey. When respondents are given incentive, response rates increase significantly.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Thank the Respondent

Thanking the respondent for the feedback they provided is very important as respondents should be made aware that their feedback makes a difference, and that it was appreciated.

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Features to look for while Choosing a Survey Software for your Email Surveys

cloud dialer

Optimized for mobile

It is important to ensure your survey link is designed to work on all types of devices. A lot of people access their emails through their smartphones, so your survey should work seamlessly on mobile devices.

lead leakage

Embedded Email Surveys

When surveys are directly embedded into an email, instead of a survey invitation link, more respondents are likely to respond. This feature ensures respondents don’t have to click on a link to be redirected to the survey page, but can instead just respond to the survey on their email itself. This can reduce customer frustration and increase response rates. 

Survey research

Range of Survey Templates

Picking a software that offers multiple survey templates such as NPS, CSAT, and CES, allows you to effortlessly make and send surveys to your respondents.

call transfer

Scheduled Mails

Certain survey softwares will allow you to schedule outgoing emails so that they’re delivered automatically. After uploading an email list and choosing a date and time for when you want your survey to be sent, the email surveys will be automatically delivered.

forecasting for surveys

Code-Free Customization

Survey softwares that facilitates code-free customization will allow you to customize colours and logos on your email survey, without the need for design or development resources and coding knowledge.

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Advantages of Email Surveys

Comprehensive feature set

Access to Automation Tools

When integrated with survey research softwares, email surveys can be used with a sundry of tools such as marketing automation tools and mailing tools.

Better productivity

Easier and Quicker Process

Email surveys are a quick method to send out surveys and receive responses. They can also be scheduled to be sent out at specific intervals, so that repeat surveys can be distributed automatically. Additionally, Email surveys are easy to create and do not require specialised website or coding knowledge.

Analytics 1

Higher Response Rates

Email surveys provide higher response rates relative to other survey methods.

Premium service and support 2


Email surveys require very few resources, making it a very inexpensive and cost-effective method of surveying.

Disadvantages of Email Surveys

Limited Reach

Not everyone may have access to the web and these people will not be able to respond to your surveys. Additionally, some people may not have email ids which further limits respondent availability. Email surveys can only be sent to those in the target audience that have access to the web and have an email id.

Questionable Data Reliability

A disadvantage of most web survey methods is that the data collected through them may have questionable reliability. Due to the absence of an interviewer or moderator in web surveys, there’s a lack of moderation during data collection which can give rise to potentially unreliable data. 

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Great Research
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries