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What are Email Surveys?

Email Surveys

Email surveys are a type of web survey where surveys, or survey invitation links, are sent to the target audience over email. When a respondent clicks on the survey invitation link, they are redirected to a survey page where they can fill in their responses. Alternatively, some surveys are embedded directly into the email, where respondents can provide feedback on the mail itself. 

Email surveys are one of the most effective methods to collect survey data. It is easier to conduct than other survey methods, is more inexpensive, and can be used to reach a really large sample group.

Strategies to Create an Effective Email Survey

These are some of the most common types of web surveys:

Reporting insights creatively
Customer reports
Organizing and identifying calls made easy
Helps develop customised products
Improves Customer Satisfaction

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Features to look for while Choosing a Survey Software for your Email Surveys

cloud dialer
lead leakage
Survey research
call transfer
forecasting for surveys

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Advantages of Email Surveys

Comprehensive feature set
Better productivity
Analytics 1
Premium service and support 2

Disadvantages of Email Surveys

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