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We know how important email surveys are for businesses to gather valuable insights from customers and stakeholders, and our email survey software is designed to help you do just that, with ease and efficiency.

Our user-friendly software allows you to create, customize, and send surveys directly to your contacts via email, making it simple for you to collect feedback, opinions, and data from your target audience. 

Whether you want to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market research surveys, employee feedback surveys, or any other type of survey, our Email Survey tool is versatile and adaptable to your specific needs.

What is email survey software?

Email Surveys

It refers to a type of software that enables organizations or individuals to create, distribute, and collect responses for surveys or questionnaires via email. 

This type of software typically provides tools for designing and customizing surveys, managing email lists, sending out surveys to recipients via email, and collecting and analyzing survey responses.

This  may offer various features such as customizable survey templates, question branching or skip logic, multiple question types (e.g., multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scales), automated reminders, reporting and analytics, and integration with other software or platforms. 

It can be used for various purposes, such as market research, customer feedback, employee surveys, event evaluations, and more.

Organizations and individuals can use email survey software to conduct online surveys efficiently, gather valuable feedback or data, analyze results, and make informed decisions based on the collected data. 

Best survey software can be a cost-effective and convenient way to conduct surveys, as it eliminates the need for paper-based surveys and manual data entry, and allows for remote participation by respondents.

Features to look for while choosing a survey software for your email surveys

It enables users to create, send, and analyze surveys via email. Here are some common features of email survey apps:

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1. Survey creation: 

The best email survey software typically provides a user-friendly interface for creating surveys. Users can customize the survey questions, formats, and layouts to suit their needs. They can also add various question types such as multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scales, and more.

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2. Email campaign management:

It allows users to manage their email campaigns. This includes managing contact lists, segmenting recipients, scheduling email sends, and tracking email delivery and open rates.

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3. Survey distribution: 

Email survey software enables users to send surveys to their target audience via email. This may include sending surveys to specific contact lists or segments, as well as embedding survey links within email invitations.

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4. Email survey customization:

Email survey customization is a crucial feature of email survey software that allows users to tailor their surveys to their specific needs and preferences. This feature enables users to customize the look and feel of their surveys to match their brand identity, target audience, and survey goals. Use the brand domain and brand email address to build trust among the email recipient.

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5. Response collection: 

It allows users to collect survey responses from recipients. This may include tracking response rates, capturing responses in real time, and storing them securely.

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6. Data analysis: 

It typically provides tools for analyzing survey data. Users can generate reports and visualize data to gain insights from the survey responses. This may include features such as data filtering, cross-tabulation, and exporting data to other formats.

Why is email survey software significant?

It is a powerful tool that allows organizations to conduct surveys and collect data from their audience through email. It has significant importance in several areas, including:

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1. Market research:

This software  enables businesses to conduct market research to gather insights about their target market, customer preferences, buying behavior, and feedback on products or services. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions, develop marketing strategies, and improve products or services.

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5. Data collection and analysis: 

Email surveys provide a direct way for organizations to collect feedback from their customers. This feedback can be used to gauge customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and uncover customer needs and preferences. Customer feedback obtained through email surveys can help organizations enhance their customer service, retain customers, and build brand loyalty.

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3. Employee feedback:

Email surveys can also be used to collect feedback from employees, such as employee satisfaction surveys, performance evaluations, or feedback on company policies and practices. This feedback can help organizations understand employee perspectives, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about human resources and organizational development strategies.

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4. Product development: 

Email surveys can be used to collect feedback from potential customers about product ideas, prototypes, or features. This information can be used to refine product development strategies, identify product-market fit, and prioritize product features or improvements based on customer preferences.

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5. Data collection and analysis:  

Email survey software allows organizations to collect data from a large number of respondents quickly and efficiently. The data collected can be analyzed using various statistical and data analysis techniques to uncover trends, patterns, and insights that can inform decision-making and strategy development.

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6. Cost-effective and efficient: 

Email surveys are cost-effective compared to traditional paper surveys or other data collection methods. They eliminate the need for printing, mailing, and manual data entry, saving time and resources. Email survey software also enables organizations to automate survey administration, data collection, and analysis, making the process more efficient and streamlined.

In summary, the email survey has significant significance in various areas such as market research, customer feedback, employee feedback, product development, data collection, and cost-effective and efficient survey administration. 

It empowers organizations to collect valuable insights, make informed decisions, and improve their products, services, and operations based on data-driven feedback obtained from their audience.

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Advantages and disadvantages of best email survey software

Email survey software offers several advantages and disadvantages, some of which are:


1. Cost-effective: It is typically less expensive than traditional survey methods such as telephone surveys or in-person interviews.

2. Easy to administer: It allows for easy and efficient distribution of survey questions to a large number of participants, and can be automated to send reminders to non-responders.

3. Faster data collection: It can quickly collect and collate data from respondents, allowing for timely analysis and reporting of results.

4. Flexibility: It allows for the customization of survey questions and design, making it easier to tailor the survey to specific research needs.

5. Higher response rate: The best email survey software allows for personalized communication with respondents, increasing the likelihood of a higher response rate.


1. Limited reach: It may not be effective for reaching certain demographic groups who may not use email regularly or may have strict spam filters in place.

2. Response bias: The self-selecting nature of email surveys may result in response bias, where only those who are highly motivated or interested in the topic will respond.

3. Limited question types: It may have limited question types compared to other survey methods, such as open-ended questions or interactive questions.

4. Limited control over the data collection environment: Email survey software cannot control the environment in which respondents complete the survey, potentially leading to distractions or interruptions.

5. Lack of personalization: It may be viewed as impersonal or spam-like by some respondents, leading to lower response rates.

Top and effective email survey softwares

Sure! Here are some popular email survey apps that you can use to create and send surveys via email:

1. Voxco:

Voxco is a survey software company that offers a range of survey solutions, including email surveys. Their email survey software allows you to create and send surveys to your email list, and track and analyze the responses. With Voxco’s email survey software, you can customize your surveys with a variety of question types, add images and videos, and personalize the survey invitation emails with your branding. You can also track your survey responses in real-time, and view detailed reports and analytics to gain insights into your data.

2. SurveyMonkey: 

SurveyMonkey is a widely used online survey platform that allows you to create, customize, and send surveys via email. It offers a wide range of survey templates, question types, and customization options, making it easy to create professional-looking surveys. You can track responses in real time and generate reports to analyze the results.

3. Typeform: 

Typeform is a visually appealing survey tool that lets you create interactive and engaging surveys via email. It offers a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions. Typeform also supports conditional logic, which allows you to show or hide questions based on previous responses.

4. SurveyGizmo: 

SurveyGizmo is a powerful survey tool that offers advanced features such as skip logic, piping, and custom scripting for creating complex surveys. It has a user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of customization options. SurveyGizmo also offers integrations with other tools, such as CRM systems and analytics platforms.

5. GetFeedback: 

GetFeedback is a survey app specifically designed for customer feedback and experience surveys. It allows you to create surveys with branded templates and offers features such as real-time analytics, sentiment analysis, and follow-up actions based on responses. GetFeedback also integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms

These are just a few examples of popular email survey apps available. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, you may find other options that suit your needs. Be sure to explore the features, pricing plans, and integrations of each app to determine which one is the best fit for your survey needs.


In conclusion, when choosing email survey software, it’s important to consider factors such as features, ease of use, delivery and response tracking, customization options, data analysis and reporting, integration capabilities, and pricing. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select the best email survey app that meets your needs and helps you gather valuable insights from your surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should you use email survey software? 

Email surveys are significantly easier to construct and administer than other types of surveys, such as online surveys. You don’t require a specialized website or software development experience to build and deliver customized surveys using an email survey platform.

2. What is the effectiveness of email surveys?

Email surveys have long been one of the greatest ways to do survey research since they provide greater response rates than most other approaches.

3. What is the most prevalent issue with email surveys?

Conducting email surveys may result in nonresponse error, which occurs when a potential participant refuses to participate or is hard to reach. Nonresponse might reduce the accuracy of the study and distort the outcomes.

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