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Improving Patient Experience with Voxco

Building and constantly  Improving Patient Experience (PX) at your healthcare facility is key to creating a loyal patient base.  This can involve making changes, be they large or small, to multiple aspects of your organization. We’ve compiled blogs, guides and videos that can help you identify the Patient Experience Surveys you need to conduct to achieve PX excellence.

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The case for Patient Engagement

The healthcare sector has undergone several transformations over the last decade. There’s an increased focus on creating a positive patient experience, which started with HCAHPS surveys. Patient engagement is an essential piece of the puzzle which makes up a great patient experience.

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More Patient Experience Articles 

Creating and consistently improving Patient Experience can be challenging! You need to take several aspects into account – mapping Patient journeys, identifying the right metrics for your needs, and even your healthcare staff’s employee experience.

For any organization in the healthcare sector looking to effectively deal with challenges of the modern age, it’s essential to enhance people’s experience of health services. These people are your patients, your primary caregivers and your auxiliary and admin staff.

We’ve compiled a guide to help your organization create and constantly improve patient experience, and ensure better patient outcomes. 

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Empower your Patient Experience with Voxco

Turn customer touchpoints into positive experiences using powerful logic-driven surveys
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Better Healthcare with Voxco

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Improving Patient Experience - A Glossary

What is Patient Experience?

Patient experience can be described as a person’s experience with their healthcare facility at multiple touchpoints, how their healthcare system treats them. To deliver truly patient-centered care, it is necessary for healthcare organizations to increase their focus on PX.
For a holistic Patient Experience, Healthcare organizations need to keep their employee experience in mind as well, as it can have a significant impact on employee as well as patient churn.

Why is Patient Experience important?

A positive Patient Experience can help healthcare organizations achieve

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Lower patient churn
  • Lower employee churn
  • Better brand value in the eyes of your patients
  • Increased profitability

What are Patient Experience Surveys?

Many Countries across the world have mandated programs and metrics for tracking PX at healthcare organizations. Hospitals often use these metrics as a barometer for improving patient experience. 

HCAHPS in the USA is one of the first nationalized survey instruments for gauging PX.
These surveys query respondents about several aspects of their experience with a healthcare facility. 

Another widely used survey that healthcare organizations need to perform well in are HEDIS surveys.  These help track the effectiveness, availability, and the overall experience of healthcare at a facility. 
HEDIS surveys also gauge health plans on many aspects, especially with their ease of use.

Performing well in these mandated surveys enable Healthcare organizations to get access to more lucrative healthcare plans. These surveys can be augmented with customized PX surveys to help understand patient experience at key touchpoints along your patient journey. They can also help identify organizational issues and allow healthcare facilities to quickly rectify them, and not risk their HEDIS or HCAHPS feedback. Taking patient feedback constantly is extremely handy for improving patient experience overall. 

Measuring and Improving Patient Experience - what should you track?

Patient experience be  tracked by a range of metrics – Patient Experience Surveys can be conducted at multiple touchpoints along the Patient Journey and along different channels of interaction.

Getting patient feedback is important, but it needs to be augmented by several other processes. Healthcare orga: 

  • Create an integrated measurement tool focused on multiple touchpoints
  • Benchmark Against leaders and competitors 
  • Keep updating the measurement methodology with time 

By conducting the right Patient Experience Survey at the ideal touchpoint, healthcare organizations can:

  • Understand Patient Behavioral patterns better
  • Validate whether the current Patient Experience program has led to improvements
  • Anticipate Patient behavior to set future goals

A few common metrics which can be used for Patient Experience : 

NPS® is one of the most widely used metrics that help to identify if your customers are promoters or detractors. It involves asking 2 questions to a customer

  • “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”
  • “Why did you give us that score”.

However, the latter question can be considered optional. Implementing NPS® surveys at key touchpoints can be instrumental in getting the right feedback for improving Patient Experience in a sustainable manner.

CSAT or Customer Satisfaction surveys help to measure a respondents (patients) satisfaction with a product or service. It’s easy to implement and usually shared just after an interaction with the Respondent (Patient).

The survey contains one question, such as “How satisfied were you with your experience?”
The survey scale can be 1 – 3, 1 – 5, or 1 – 10 and it can be determined after one touchpoint and can be measured along the entire patient journey.

CSAT score is represented as a percentage of satisfied patients.

A key aspect of improving Patient Experience is to gauge how much effort patients have to exert to get the services they need. 
Customer Effort Score (CES)
is another extremely popular metric that acknowledges the effort a respondent (can be patient or healthcare staff) had to expend for using your product/service. It involves a question with 5-7 answer choices and the respondents have to select one of them based on their experience.

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