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Accelerated Insights, Intelligent Decisions.

Unlock the true potential of your customer data using predictive analytics and machine learning models. Elevate CX, boost loyalty, & drive growth.

✓ No-code data tool
✓ Visual dashboards
✓ 50+ Integrations
✓ Flexible pricing
✓ ROI in 90 Days

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Combined Excellence:

Marrying sophisticated survey capabilities with next-gen intelligence

Combine world-class survey data tools with a powerful no-code data analytics platform. Voxco amplifies your research capabilities, empowering you to generate data and spotlight insights. Elevate survey research, elevate experiences, and achieve excellence through predictive insights, advanced analytics, and real-time revelations.

Empower data, fuel insights, and redefine possibilities with Voxco Insights

Experience the power of an integrated data analytics platform for predictive precision, real-time analysis, and data unification.

Voxco Intelligence helps you discover untapped insights using predictive analytics and AI/ML models. Our pre-built model framework and digital lab construct dynamic dashboards and portals, driving rapid understanding, revealing hidden insights, and empowering impactful decisions.

  • Democratize Data across Departments 
  • Execute Advanced Analytics in Real-Time  
  • Extract Precise Predictions

Single Source of Truth

Get all your data in one single data lake in 30 days!

Bid farewell to lengthy data procurement and integration processes. Voxco Intelligence’s data lake ensures instant access without IT intervention. Business analysts and operations teams seize control with intuitive, no-code workflows.  

  • Eliminate data silos  
  • Create a 360 view of your customers
  • Filer duplicate data and identify fraudulent activity

DataLake | Data Integration | CX 360 | Data Mapping

Predictive analytics

Get a clear idea about what to focus on next.

 Deliver ROI by prioritizing high impact opportunities in real time. 

  • Use no-code, pre-designed advanced statistical analysis & AI ML models with few clicks 
  • Gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty for every customer, even for those not providing feedback.
  • Generate in-depth reports & visual models with role based access to empower teams with actionable insights 
  • Reduce time to action with real-time notifications of improvement opportunities delivered straight into your inbox 

Predictive Insights | AI & ML models | Automated Workflows

Data Analytics Software

Advanced Analytics

Understand the why behind every response

Using text analytics identify and prioritize the most pressing issues by analyzing underlying satisfaction drivers to understand customer sentiment and behavior.

  • Generate word clouds in real time to understand the most discussed topics
  • Gauge customer sentiment for every topic based on feedback collected from all channels 
  • Uncover trends and quantify recurring topics & prioritize actions based on high impact opportunities

Sentiment Analysis | Text Analytics | Customer Behavior Analytics

Real time actions

Reduce Time to Action with Real Time Insights

Our algorithms, meticulously crafted through deep feature engineering and tailored to your use case, underscore every aspect of Voxco Intelligence. Benefit from AI-powered insights that drive outcomes and refine strategies.

  • Prioritize high-impact opportunities in real time. 
  • Receive real-time notifications of improvement opportunities delivered straight to your inbox  
  • Set automated role-based alerts and create personalized reports using a user-friendly workflow builder

Real Time Actions | Alerts & Triggers | Role Based Access

An all-inclusive AI-driven Platform

Run world-class experience management programs or conduct sophisticated survey research with an AI-driven platform that is built for multiple use cases

Identify at-risk customers and take meaningful action toward retention. Understand customer behaviour & sentiments to develop context-specific cross-sell & up-sell offers.

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Group similar customers into segments to answer questions about behaviour. Gain deeper insights into each customer engagement, predict behaviour and identify opportunities for improvement​.

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Get a complete overview of omnichannel customer journeys. Understand the key drivers of customer behaviour across channels in real time.

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Improve customer lifetime value with efficient identification of cross sell & upsell opportunities using customer behaviour & frequency scoring.

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Get a complete overview of risk exposures, identify fraud hotspots & prevent false positives.

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Enhance fraud detection at every step of user journey. Improve business outcomes by identifying every single customer on your ecosystem.

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Create a unified view of all customers & share customer insights with all teams effortlessly. Get a complete view of customer’s activity across all touchpoints like transactions, customer support, social, etc. 

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Build personalized campaigns, messages & offers based on customer data to generate interest and re-engage them. Connect with customers & deliver experiences unique to them.​ 

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Automate prediction-based churn model to identify at-risk customers. Identify the channel, offers, and customer segments that you can tap on to enhance loyalty registration.​

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Reduce Revenue Loss by mitigating risk, avoiding operational disruptions & enhancing data security.

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