Customer 360°

Get a single, unified view of your customers

According to Gartner, poor data quality can cost you up to $14 million a year!

Enhance data quality – Switch to a complete 360° data solution

Voxco Intelligence’s Customer 360° breaks down data silos by pulling, analyzing & unifying data from all sources to form a single view of the customer.

Your customers interact with your brand in many different ways and for various reasons such as profile updates, order processes, support call tracking, website navigation, etc. 

Our Customer 360° platform helps you overcome the difficulty of accessing all the fragmented data and combining it to get a single view of your customers’ interactions.

Create Connected Experience

A comprehensive view of customer data to deliver experiences that retain, attract & grow the customer base.  Achieve endless possibilities with Customer 360.

Personalize experiences

Deliver personalized customer experiences by understanding customers buying behavior, their preferences, future needs, etc. 

Take the next best action 

Always be on top of the activity and manage the next actions by aligning your marketing and sales strategies with the predictive analytics capabilities in our customer 360 platform.

Drive loyalty

Boost loyalty by recommending the right products or services at the right time with the knowledge of your customers’ history, interests, and pain points.

Empower your organization

Empower teams to collaborate with each other, become efficient, and deliver a loyalty-building customer experience. 

Unique customer profile

Define your customers by selecting different parameters such as their interests, buying patterns, purchase preferences, etc.

Integrated view of the customer 

Get an integrated view of all your customers across transactions, interaction, feedback, social, etc.

Predictive analytics

Get a clear picture of customers’ behavior. Use the data collected to predict customer behavior and take actions such as cross-selling, up-selling, churning, etc.

Operational Insights for Each Department

With Customer 360 analytics, you empower your teams with the right tools they need to deliver the best customer experience. Empower customer experience teams to create customer-focsed operations.


Leverage integrated data to create personalized customer experience. Monitor customer trajectory in real-time and pivot go-to marketing strategies to ensure higher performance.


Empower sales teams to close deals faster with prediction tools and the ability to configure, price, and quote deals. Emphasize team-wide insights with Customer 360 analytics to review sales strategies.

Customer Support

Provide valuable support to customers using all the data collected across every interaction on every channel.
Solve problems faster and extend an all-digital, end-to-end customer engagement.

The Buyer’s Guide to Experience Management Platform

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Customer 360 Platform Features

  • Pre-built configurable connectors to all databases for data integration and synchronization
  • Scheduled batch and near-real-time updates from all source systems
  • A robust workflow-based master data management solution
  • Flexible user interface for data stewards to view and manage customer hierarchies
  • Extensive dashboards for cross-selling effectiveness, communication management, customer profitability, and other use cases
  • Machine learning models for cross-selling, up-sell, next-best-action, fraud triggers, etc.
  • A secure easy-to-use API framework for other applications to access the customer 360° and household data

Learn Better,
Grow Faster

By establishing a single source of truth, Customer 360° gives everyone in your organization the ability to make faster, better, and smarter decisions. 

Customer 360° integrates sensors, systems, and applications that are generating data every second to create a combined view of every customer.

By centralizing data across the organization, and simultaneously distributing it to every application or system, Customer 360° helps reveal new insights to build new revenue sources.

Customer engagement strategies to boost loyalty


Customer 360 is a capability that unites your entire organization on one integrated platform. The platform brings together customer data from IT, marketing, sales, customer support, product, & commerce departments to give every team a shared view of your customers. 

Customer 360 platform unites customer data, user profiles, historical data, and sessions under a unified umbrella. Thus, creating a single, transparent view across many departments.

Most often it is difficult to make customer-focused decisions because the key customer data is scattered across the different systems, out-of-date, or limited. Customer 360 platform solves these issues. 

  • The platform builds a single view of customers by including data on their purchase history, buying behavior, feedback forms, reviews, channel preference, call transcripts, etc. 
  • Additionally, the platform also automatically processes data and standardizes it to ensure that your teams have relevant data whenever they need it. 
  • Customer 360 enables different departments across your organization to access customer data in real-time and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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