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Unlike traditional dialers, VoIP predictive dialers streamline survey outreach by leveraging the internet for faster and more reliable connections. It adapts to call patterns, effectively optimizing the efficiency of your researchers. 

Embracing this dialer is survey research, which enhances operational efficiency, offering a more effective and responsive approach to data collection. 

What is a VoIP predictive dialer?

VoIP Predictive Dialers use internet connections to make calls instead of analog telephone connections. 


VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and is a method of delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. VoIP includes a category of hardware and software that facilitates calls to be made and received through the Internet.




A predictive dialer is a type of automated dialer that can make several automated outbound calls without the need for manual dialing by call center agents. 

This technology was designed to increase agents’ efficiency as it eliminates the need for manual dialing, allowing the agent to focus their energy wholly on their conversations with customers/respondents.

A VoIP predictive dialer is a technology that allows call centers to make automated calls over the Internet. With this dialer, there is no need for a phone line, carrier, or even a phone for that matter. 

All that an agent requires is a headset and an internet connection in order to tend to their calls. As this technology does not require too much infrastructure, dial sessions can be conducted virtually anywhere.

Who should use VoIP predictive dialer software?

Every business with a call center or a contact center can greatly benefit from employing predictive dialer software. However, predictive dialers are most commonly used in telemarketing, market research, and customer service follow-ups. 

Predictive dialers assign calls to those agents who are best qualified to answer the calls, which is another feature that every call center can benefit from.

Voxco’s predictive dialer can boost your productivity by 4X.

How does a VoIP predictive dialer work?

Predictive dialers mechanically dial multiple numbers at once based on factors such as the average call duration for the agent and the campaign’s pre-set ratio. The dialer notes all busy signals and out-of-service numbers on the list. 

The system is able to distinguish between when a call is sent to voicemail and when it is answered. Calls that connect will be automatically transferred to call center agents to talk to respondents.

How does a Predictive Dialer Work? 

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Why does your organization need a VoIP predictive dialer?

Increases Agent and Call Center Productivity

Predictive dialers eliminate the need for manual dialing, which allows agents to focus on tending to calls. This allows agents to answer or make many more calls in the same time frame, not only increasing agent productivity but call center productivity as a whole. 

Cuts Unnecessary Costs 

VoIP predictive dialers help call centers cut unnecessary costs by easily automating repetitive and mundane tasks such as dialing and call scheduling.

Affordable to Set-up

VoIP predictive dialers do not need expensive setups and will usually just require a steady internet connection and a device with predictive dialing software. These dialers are affordable and highly cost-effective as they reap many benefits for call centers.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

The main goal of most call centers is to improve customer experience (CX), and VoIP predictive dialers help you do just that. As predictive dialers increase the potential for call centers to make and receive a much larger volume of calls, fewer customers are kept waiting in queues for calls. 

Additionally, most predictive dialing software will have additional tools that help monitor and improve a call center’s performance, further improving customer service and CX.

How to choose the right dialer software?

See how seamlessly you can set up CATI surveys, switch to multiple dialing modes, and monitor interviewer activity with interactive and custom dashboards.

Why choose Voxco Dialer for your VoIP Predictive Dialer needs

1. Advanced Telephony Features

Voxco Dialer offers features such as call conferencing, call transfer, and audio playback, which increases flexibility and drastically boosts your call center performance.

2. Premium Support and Service

Voxco has decades of experience in CATI telephone survey systems and has a highly equipped team of professionals who are available to help meet your specific needs.

3. Greatly improves Calling Productivity

Voxco Dialer is versatile and dynamic and can seamlessly be incorporated into your call center to improve productivity by up to 50%. Additionally, Voxco Dialer continually adjusts the pace of calls to match the forecasted interviewer availability.

4. Offers Flexible Dialing Modes and Automated Call Detection

Voxco Dialer offers a 4-in-1 dialing solution to drastically improve the quality and speed of call connections. These modes are; preview, power, predictive, and hybrid. Furthermore, smart call detection filters bad connection so that only successful connections are dispatched.

5. Quality Control and Process Management

Voxco Dialer helps you monitor, measure, and improve the performance of call centers everywhere with features that facilitate live monitoring of calls and the recording of full or partial calls. Additionally, have access to the Dialer Dashboard, where you can create project performance reports or check on agent productivity. 

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Features of Voxco Dialer

The following are some of the many features offered by Voxco Dialer:

  • Automated dialing
  • Seamless integration with Voxco CATI
  • Automatic call detection
  • Extended interview capabilities, such as conference, transfer out, recording, and playback
  • Server virtualization support
  • Live audio/call monitoring
  • Whisper mode
  • Join mode
  • Visual customization of interviewer activity status
  • Access to powerful Voxco Dialer Dashboards

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