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What is call center analytics software?

Call center analytics software is a platform which can track and measure important data about people and processes. These people include your agents, your customers and your prospects. Making phone calls generates a litany of data which is ripe for analytics:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention rate
  • Average handle time

This data can then be used to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction levels.

What can you use call center analytics software for?

Call center analytics software can be leveraged to drive growth and improve on many organizational processes.

Improving employee productivity

Voxco’s call center software provides analytics and dashboards which come in handy for agents as well as supervisors. Dashboards can provide agents with useful information about their caller, allowing them to deal with their queries quickly. Supervisors can use call center analytics software to monitor individual agent performance and jump in the middle of calls whenever required. Voxco also allows for recording and call playback, which can be used to coach new agents.

Improving survey research productivity

Call centers can be used for so much more than customer service or support. Telephony solutions like Voxco’s CATI and IVR software can be used not only to enhance call center productivity, but for improving survey research processes as well. 

Call center analytics can help identify if your target audience is responding positively to your phone surveys, and give detailed insights into how you can get better survey data.

Improving customer experience and service

Your call center is an extremely important touchpoint in a typical customer journey with your organization. Call center analytics software can help uncover actionable insights into helping improve customer experience and overall customer satisfaction with your brand. Customers can be approached after calls to participate in CES, CSAT or NPS Surveys. These surveys can shed light on how customers view different aspects of their experience with your brand, including your contact center.

Dashboards also allow your agents to personalize their callers’ experience, which improves customer satisfaction at this key touchpoint.

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Voxco Call Center Analytics software


Cross tabulate project results in table and histogram formats. Generate cross tables for each category of variable, and adjust with hierarchical breakdown by each variable category within the same table.

Detailed Call Results

Summarize the status of all agents/cases in ongoing projects. Set predefined filters to display only those results which warrant inspection. Filter cases selected for your report based on the agents assigned to the project.

Enhanced Reporting

Customize reports to your exact requirements! Create detailed reports and share them via a secure portal. Grant access to reports based on previously decided hierarchy. Visually pleasing reports that allow for quick insights.

Telephony by Voxco

Voxco CATI

CATI tools (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) are excellent for generating data and making a large volume of calls. Real time sync with Voxco’s dashboard provides live insights into caller responses and behavior. Optimize resources by blending inbound and outbound calls and integrate with Voxco IVR for handling returned calls.

Automatic Call Distributor

Efficiently handle incoming calls with Voxco’s Automatic Call Distributor, part of our telephony software suite. Route calls only to agents who are free and qualified to deal with the issue at hand.

Virtual Call Center Software

Bypass geographical limitations and manage your call center across the globe. Easily coach, manage and monitor work at home agents remotely. Powerful reporting and call center analytics software can help ensure high levels of productivity.

Voxco IVR and Cloud Dialer

Voxco’s Cloud dialer and IVR software seamlessly combines our ACD and CATI to ensure high calling productivity while not falling afoul of regulations.

Switch to Voxco Telephony System to improve your Call Center Productivity by 40% or more 

Voxco CATI

Powerful phone survey software with advanced telephony features for contact centers of call centers of all sizes

Voxco IVR

Automated interactive voice response survey software with auto call detector, advanced call routing system & manual TCPA compliance.

Voxco Dialer

Power, Predictive, Preview and Hybrid modes. Tailor your dialling method to each project.

Survey organizations around the world have maximized their phone survey ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of our CATI software.

Why choose Voxco Dialer for your VoIP Predictive Dialer needs

Premium Support and Service

Voxco has decades worth of experience in CATI telephone survey systems and has a highly equipped team of professionals that are available to help meet your specific needs.

Integrated Telephony System

Voxco lets you integrate Voxco CATI/IVR and Cloud-dialer with the telephony system of your choice for maximizing the productivity of your call center software. Blend inbound and outbound calls and improve call resolution rates by using our automated, manual, or hybrid dialing modes.

Advanced IVR Setting

With Voxco's advanced IVR settings, it becomes easy for a call center automation software to streamline various tasks such as putting custom on-hold music, generating automatic recap emails, or providing an efficient self-service option.

Insightful Analytics

Voxco’s best-in-class analytics can empower the call center automation software to transform customer feedback into actionable insights. Draft a visual story through that data to understand your customers well. Dive deeper into our analytics software, here.

Why Voxco


Reach callers for feedback and follow ups across any channel with Voxco. Our omnichannel platform allows you to seamlessly switch channels as per your callers’ preferences. Reach out for feedback (NPS, CSAT and CES surveys) after important interactions with your call center for valuable insights!

Survey capability

Leverage your call center analytics software for more than simply dealing with customer support and service requirements. Voxco allows researchers to conduct large scale surveys via call center software (Voxco IVR and CATI). Interview respondents from any demographic and combine data from other sources (online, face to face)

Flexible hosting

Client data privacy is important. Voxco gives you the option to store your data on your own premises or securely in the cloud.

TCPA compliant

Leverage four unique manual dialing modes and not worry about federal regulations!

Call Center Analytics Software FAQs

Call center analytics software can help you analyze and uncover insights from caller data you’ve gathered.

Call analysis and analytics is essentially the gathering, measurement and analysis of phone call data.

KPIs for call centers can include

  • Sales per agent
  • Average handle time
  • Active waiting calls
  • Cost per call
  • Customer satisfaction

Absolutely! Analytics can help determine many things about the topic at hand. Analytics can provide data which can help you make more informed and data driven decisions about your business growth.

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