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Embrace Diversity: Multilingual Survey Solutions

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In an increasingly interconnected world, where communication knows no bounds, businesses need to expand their reach and transcend geographical borders. In such a market landscape where global expansion is paramount for business success, the need for a multilingual survey solution is more apparent. 

Multilingual survey software is a powerful capability that enables you to uncover meaningful insights from audiences globally. In this informational blog, we’ll explore how multilingual surveys are important in today’s multicultural and multilingual society.

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What do you mean by multilingual surveys?

A significant survey feature in today’s global business culture, multilingual surveys refer to surveys that allow the respondents to answer in their preferred languages. It refers to the data collection efforts in multiple languages to accommodate diverse audiences. Using automated survey translation software, you can design surveys in various languages to gather data on a global scale.

The survey has the first question asking the respondents to choose the language they want to answer the survey in. From various language options available, they can choose whichever language they feel comfortable with.

Most online survey tools provide a wide range of languages, from multi-byte languages like Japanese and Chinese to normal right-to-left languages like Hindi and Arabic.

What is the importance of multilingual surveys?

Here are three key factors that contribute to the growing popularity and significance of multilingual surveys:

1. Diverse audience: 

As you expand your business internationally, you will encounter a diverse audience with a diverse range of languages.

2. Cultural sensitivity: 

This capability allows you to adapt the survey content to various cultural contexts. 

3. Market expansion: 

It is essential to effectively communicate with potential customer in new markets in their native languages.

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Using multilingual surveys

Multilingual surveys have various languages from which respondents can choose to answer the survey. The prime use of multilingual surveys is to reach out to the global audience, providing them the convenience of answering the survey in their familiar/local language. 

Most of the survey platforms provide a multilingual feature. You can add the languages of your choice to your survey with a screener question. The Screener question is nothing but a question that asks respondents to choose their preferred language. 

Once the language is selected, you will need to translate the survey into another language. To do so, there are two options:

  • Auto-translate – using survey multilingual translation tools to automatically translate all the aspects of the survey, right from the questions to answers, progress bars, etc.
  • Manual translation – when you have limited languages made available, you can choose to manually translate the survey and its other aspects.

Advantages of multilingual surveys

Multilanguage surveys offer a range of advantages that empower you to reach target audience beyond geographical borders and gather insightful data. 

  • Multilingual surveys help you reach a global audience and allow them to take the survey in their local language. This enables you to get more reach and familiarity with your respondents and customers from all over the world. 
  • By removing language barriers, you can encourage survey participation and gather more accurate and detailed information. 
  • You can promote your brand through surveys using various languages. 
  • When respondents get to answer the survey in their language, it reduces the survey abandonment rates. 
  • Multilingual surveys also enhance respondent experience while answering your survey. They do not struggle to understand the language and hence feel it is easy to complete it.
  • With focused respondents, you gather good-quality data to draw meaningful insights.
  • It helps you identify untapped market opportunities by gathering data from diverse regions and adapting your strategies accordingly. 
  • Creating a multilingual survey is not a big deal when you have a survey translator tool in handy. You just have to make one study in one language, and the tool will automatically translate it into all the defined languages.

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Real-world application of multilingual survey software

Let’s look into some real-world examples of how you can effectively use multilingual surveys in market research to drive informed decision-making.

1. Global product launch: 

You can tailor your marketing strategies and product features based on feedback from a diverse audience. 

For example, a multinational company planning to launch a new product in multiple countries can use multilingual surveys to gauge customer interest, preference, and potential roadblocks.

2. Market entry strategy: 

The survey can help you gather insights into the unique demands, needs, and challenges of each new market, allowing you to adapt your market entry strategy for success. 

For example, a fashion brand planning to expand its services into new countries with different languages and cultures can benefit from gathering data on local customer preferences, competitors, and buying behavior using multilingual surveys.


In a divers world where the global market is at your fingertips, the power of multilingual insights cannot be overstated. It helps build a connection and foster a relationship between cultures and people, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that transcends borders.

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