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It’s important to get feedback from the relevant stakeholders for the same. This is where knowing which survey questions to ask becomes important. Once you decide on the goals of your survey & the kind of insights you need, you can arrive at the kind of questions your survey should feature.

A powerful & flexible survey software should equip you with ample question types and formats to create any type of feedback survey. With Voxco, you get best-in-class question options to create all kinds of surveys such as Customer satisfaction surveys, Product experience surveys, employee experience surveys, NPS® surveys, Patient Experience surveys & practically any survey for different verticals such as insurance, banking etc.

Survey questions can either be open-ended or closed-ended. A  closed-ended question has a predefined list of answer choices, while an open-ended question allows respondents to submit an answer in their own words.

A mix of different survey question types yields desired data for market research

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