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During the US Midterm Elections, SCRI trusted Voxco to conduct close to 100 live polls involving over 3 million phone calls for NY Times Upshot

Voxco is the leading global provider of survey software and technology for social and academic research. We empower social scientists and researchers worldwide with a robust and fully integrated research platform to tackle the most sophisticated of research and data collection requirements.

With over 45 years of experience servicing the social research space, Voxco’s platform is both robust and flexible, supporting complex sampling strategies and sophisticated programming needs. Our solution is built to manage data of varying volumes and complexity.

Deliver meaningful and impactful change through data

Quantify and measure what truly matters

Voxco CATI mode with Cloud-Based Dialer

Launch social research projects of unprecedented scale easily with our unparalleled phone survey software

Together, The New York Times and SCRI embarked on a first-of-its-kind project to deliver polling results, live, as the data was being collected via phone calls. SCRI conducted the polls across key districts, while The New York Times presented the results to readers.

"No media organization has ever tried something like this, and we hope to set a new standard of transparency. You’ll see the poll results at the same time we do. You’ll see our exact assumptions about who will turn out, where we’re calling and whether someone is picking up. You’ll see what the results might have been had we made different choices”.

Nate Cohn, Domestic Correspondent, The Upshot at The New York Times

"We realized quickly that we needed everyone on a single platform. Luckily for us, Voxco has a solid roster of experienced call center clients that can deliver high-quality phone survey projects. It was also important for us to have researchers that were academically situated or adjacent, as well as some big centers with a large number of (interviewer) seats to help support us in making such a large volume of calls”

Meghann Crawford, Director of Data Management at SCR

Voxco Mobile Offline for Research

REACH (Research, Evaluation & Analysis for Community Health) is a research group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

Researchers at REACH undertook a project to investigate HIV and Hepatitis C risk among 600 injection drug users in rural Puerto Rico. The aim was to reduce the spread of these diseases & identify effective prevention strategies.

With the help of the face to face interviewing software, their field team could complete over 300 interviews and HIV/HCV tests in less than 2 months and begin analyses immediately after the final interview. From the REACH offices in Lincoln, NE, data insights could be quickly extracted & Actionable insights formed and addressed

“Voxco survey software is one of our favorite tech tools for community-based participatory research”.

Melissa Welch-Lazoritz, Project Director Injection Risk Networks in Rural Puerto Rico Project, REACH

The Voxco Research cloud™ advantage

Online, Phone and Face to Face survey modes to help you engage with respondents anytime and anywhere​

Voxco’s multimodal platform offers multiple survey methods which allow you to switch seamlessly from one mode to another in one centralized platform. Whether you’re gauging public opinion or studying demographic and psychographic cohorts, Voxco will help you get the data you need - fast.

Flexible & Secure

We have the most secure data hosting options available to fit your needs, no matter what they are: SaaS for storage on our secure, global cloud servers or on-premise for total data control, security, and flexibility. Voxco is trusted by some of the largest social research organizations in the world and has a proven track record dating back over 45 years.

Dashboards which visualize your data like never before

Make data more meaningful and actionable through quick, effective cross tabulations and customized reports and dashboards for your stakeholders. Conducting social research effectively requires a powerful solution, and with Voxco’s omnichannel platform at your disposal - you’re equipped to not only gather large volumes of data, but quickly and efficiently analyze data for actionable insights.

Acquire actionable data-driven insights which truly captures the voice of the people

Collect Feedback in any scenario

Remote or off the grid locations, a target audience which isn’t always reachable, Millennials who are always online: no matter the research requirements, Voxco empowers you to uncover the insights you need - no internet necessary.

Uncover data which fuels growth and drives meaningful change

Data is good. Powerful analytical tools that can help you gain insights from your data is even better. Voxco gives you both in a truly seamless omnichannel solution.

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Optimizing listener data collection via centralized, automated phone interviewing.

Sienna college

Siena College uses Voxco Survey Software for NYT Upshot Polls.

REACH (U. of Neb.-Lincoln)

Field interviewers establish secure connections in rural Puerto Rico with Voxco personal interviewing tools.