What Makes us Unique

Uncover Insights Faster and Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Join the 500+ clients in 40+ countries using Voxco’s Insights Platform

ROI in 90 Days

Automate numerous manual processes such as data collection and advanced analytics to reduce costs and increase ROI. Prevent false positives and reduce losses in real-time with highly accurate fraud prediction tools and begin seeing improvements within 90 days of implementation.

No-code Data Tool

Complete all analytical activities without having to write a single line of code with our NoSQL database. Carry out any task with ease and without the need for external help.

Visual Dashboards

Uncover powerful insights using real-time dashboards that create a visual story of customer data to help uncover patterns and trends. Take prompt action and devise strategies beforehand. 

24x7 Professional Support

Receive 24×7 support from professionals who are here to help you build expertise, boost productivity, and ensure a seamless experience.

50+ Integrations

Voxco Intelligence has 50+ integrations, allowing you to integrate Voxco into your existing ecosystem and applications without any issues. 

Flexible Pricing

Voxco Intelligence offers flexible pricing options to all its clients.

Agile Data Journey

Derive value from data using an agile approach.

Fast Time to Market and Easy-to-Use

Create use cases within the initial 30-60 days with Voxco Intelligence’s intuitive and easy-to-use data platform. 

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

“Right knowledge at
the right hand.”


“The Voxco Intelligence team have extensive knowledge of the credit underwriting area and were able to provide valuable inputs throughout the engagement period.”


“Agile able to incorporate new findings fast and collaborative.”


Our Key Functions

Customer Loyalty

Create hyper-personalized customer experiences to improve customer relations and boosts satisfaction. Identify at-risk customers early in the customer journey and take proactive measures to prevent churn. 

Customer Segmentation

Create accurate customer micro-segments based on a range of demographic and behavioral parameters. Create hyper-personalized experiences that drive customer engagement and boost targeted customer acquisition.

Customer 360

Break down existing data silos to form a single view of truth. Create powerful customer segments and customer profiles to understand your customers better. Leverage predictive analytics to make predictions on customer behavior: improve cross-selling, up-selling, and prevent churn.

Customer Churn

Identify at-risk customers using an automated prediction-based churn model that facilitates prompt action to prevent attrition. Track churn prediction and loyalty program impacts with live dashboards to effectively optimize your churn management strategy based on data-driven predictions. 

Customer Engagement

Create personalized messages, marketing campaigns and offers based on customer data. Make your customers feel valued by delivering unique experiences that boost customer engagement.

Fraud Detection

Get a 360-degree view of risk exposures to identify fraud hot spots and predict fraud at all points of the user journey to reduce losses in real-time.

Why Choose Voxco Intelligence?

Client Stories

Take a look at some of our client stories to see how Voxco Intelligence helped them improve business outcomes.


Empowered by Voxco intelligence’s solutions, Starbucks was able to integrate its loyalty data on a single platform, create powerful targeted marketing tactics for customer micro-segments, and identify at-risk customers. Beyond boosting revenue generated through targeted campaigns by a significant 12%, Voxco’s solutions also enabled an increase in customer engagement by a remarkable 5%.  

Atria Convergence Technologies Limited (ACT)

ACT is a broadband telecom company in India that operates in a high-competition and high-growth industry. To combat its high rate of churn, ACT partnered with Voxco Intelligence. With Voxco, ACT was able to create a churn prediction model and identify key reasons for customer attrition. The insights delivered by Voxco Intelligences enabled ACT to optimize its churn management strategy and save 150K USD monthly.

Federal Bank Limited (Fedbank)

Federal Bank Limited partnered with Voxco Intelligence to unify data silos and automate processes with the goal of reducing turnaround time. The solutions offered by Voxco Intelligence enabled Fedbank to reduce turnaround time by 20% and increase accuracy in creating unique customer IDs by 95%. Fedbank began seeing an increase in ROI in less than 90 days of implementation. 

Toyota Financial Services India (TFSIN)

When TFSIN noticed a spike in churn rates across multiple customer segments, they realised they needed a retention model to make predictions on customer behaviour. With the help of Voxco Intelligence, TFSIN was able to develop a Credit Underwriting Model which resulted in a 1.5% – 3% reduction in predicted churn rates (60+ days past due) and 70% automated underwriting.