Customer Segmentation

Segment Users & Create Unique Experiences

Group customers into segments to engage with them on a personal level one at a time. Reinforce your brand value by delivering what customers love.

Voxco Intelligence helps you redefine experience


Capture customer data

Voxco Intelligence’s customer segmentation analytics leverages the power of AI and ML to gather, structure, and analyze customer data. Transaction data, website data, survey data, and more, are all integrated and analyzed on a single platform so that useful insights can be derived.


Build cohorts

Customer segmentation solutions facilitate data-driven customer segmentation using technology that can gather, organize, and categorize customers into micro-segments based on their data.


Identify upsell opportunities

Customer segmentation does not only bring value to customers but also maximizes the value of each customer to a business. By enabling marketers to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of different customer segments, customer segmentation solutions enable effective targeting of unique wants and needs.


Personalize customer experience

Customer segmentation analytics involves gathering and categorizing customer data to create clusters of customers with homogeneous characteristics. By categorizing customers into micro-segments based on specific characteristics, businesses can cater to each segment in a way that is tailored to its unique needs and preferences, delivering a personalized experience that makes customers feel valued and appreciated.


Enhance engagement

By helping companies provide more personalized experiences, customer segmentation analytics enhances engagement as customers feel valued and appreciated. This leads to an increase in customer loyalty, and an increase overall ROI.


Maximize customer satisfaction

Voxco Intelligence’s customer segmentation solution helps companies understand their customers better, and reinvent their entire customer experience based on customer needs, wants, and behavior.

Data Driven Customer Segmentation


Demographic Data

Segmentation based on demographic data involves categorizing customers into groups based on shared demographic characteristics such as age, gender, income, education, occupation, etc. It helps identify potential markets as the analytics will reveal the demographic attributes of consumers who are purchasing more from you than others.


Geographic Data

This type of segmentation involves categorizing customers into groups based on the region they live or work in. It is based on the principle that people in a specific region will have similar desires and needs. This kind of segmentation is easy to implement and it also allows businesses to optimize campaign segmentation by helping create tailored brand messaging.


Historical Data

Another way in which customers can be segmented is by leveraging historical data. This could include data such as past purchases and search history.


Survey Data

Segmenting based on survey data involves using survey responses to categorize respondents into different groups. For instance, NPS survey responses can be used to categorize respondents into three key groups; promoters, passives, and detractors. This segmentation allows marketers to effectively target consumers in these different groups based on how happy or unhappy they are with their experience.

Proactively engage customers: Make it personal

Cluster customers into micro-segments based on demographics, geographic, historical data, survey data, and more.

Leverage data across all customer touchpoints and drive usage-based segmentation.

Integrate transaction data, app data, website data, survey data, and more.

Create detailed customer DNA maps to identify usage and customer preference patterns.

Analyze each segment to explore and pinpoint opportunities for upsell, usage enhancement, retention, engagement, etc.

One-to-one personalization for each customer segment and at an individual customer level.

Why Voxco Intelligence?


growth in revenue from loyal customers.


days to see ROI.

15 - 20%

increase in response rates of cross-sell campaigns.

Dynamic targeting for every use case

Voxco Intelligence empower organizations to deliver a highly personalized experience for every use case:


Build segments and target with personalized offers, incentives, products, etc. Improve purchase frequency and maximize the lifetime value of loyal customers.


Leverage store, geo, and customer level segmentation to enhance customer loyalty. Optimize customer experience with a customized loyalty program.

Financial Services: 

Dissolve data silos, build usage-based customer segments, develop strategies to optimize offers and services relevant to each customer. Drive engagement, increase loan approval, and minimize effort.

Target valuable customers at the right moment

Target by RFMC micro-segments: 

Automate user segmentation based on past behavior and probability of inactivity or usage enhancement. Identify the advocates and those at-risk of churning.

Deliver with AI and ML capabilities: 

Leverage advanced analytics and ML to anticipate customer behavior and enhance customer experience by personalizing every touchpoint.

Engage in real-time: 

Monitor customers in real-time to maximize cross-sell and purchase frequency. Predict inactivity, improve satisfaction, and reduce churn.

Customer Data Unification

Innovate customer experience: 

Gain a unified view of customers and integrate with our advanced analytics to reinvent and modify customer experience personally. 

Meet our Clients

Implementing a data lake to drive micro-segmentation, personalization, and retention through the power of data-driven insights.

Building and implementing retention model to reduce churn across different segments.

Driving a customer-centric strategy across the organization. 

Driving data integration and enabling geospatial analysis for effective decision making.