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What is email address validation?

Text validation is set on survey questions that are open-ended and need descriptive answers form the respondents. The text validation or textbox validation does not allow the respondent to type textual answers outside of the limitations imposed on the textbox.

Email address questions one of the open-ended questions. This question also has a text validation to collect email addresses of the respondents. Email address questions can have required validation too, that makes it mandatory to answer and notifies the respondents if they miss it before submitting the survey. To keep up with the patients wellness and much more.

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Examples of email address validation

Email addresses have become the basic demographic information on the respondents. It is collected by businesses in the market to distribute their advertisements, offers, discounts, surveys and much more to the customers, in colleges to stay in touch with the students, in health departments to keep up with the patients’ wellness and much more.

Rules for email address validation

Any email address ever always has four parts as follows: 

  • Recipient name – the recipient name defines a person, organization, customer care or support, department, mailing list, that the email address belongs to. It can be as long as 64 characters in it which includes uppercase and lowercase alphabets, digits from 0-9 and special characters like ! # $ % & ‘ * + – / = ? ^ _ ` { | 

Special characters cannot appear at the end or beginning of an email address. 

  • Domain name – domain name defines a space on the internet which is owned and run by a specific email provider. It can be as long as 253 characters consisting of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, digits from 0-9, a hyphen -, a period .
  • @ symbol – @ symbol sits between the recipient name and domain name. 
  • Top-level domain – top level domain names come after domain names and are the highest level of domain name systems for the internet. Some of the top level domain names are .com, .net, .org

Examples of email addresses:


Why to use email address validation?

Organizations use email addresses to stay in touch with the customers and target audience. When a survey is conducted, most of them are interested in rewarding the respondents with exclusive offers or discounts. Here, the email address question may come handy.

Email address validation enables the respondents to correctly submit their email addresses in a defined format. In customer feedback surveys, customer emails can be a good resource to know more about the customer purchase behavior and history.

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Advantages of email address validation

  • Emails are a primary source of contact for businesses today. Gathering correct emails from respondents will help organizations stay in touch with the customers by getting to understand them more. 
  • Email address validation also makes sure that the respondent is giving a valid email address and ensures that the system is not at stake. It assures data accuracy and correctness.

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